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[Vol. 1] Chapter 16 – Oricalcum Sword

One week later I visited the blacksmith Mohkan again.

Of course, without forgetting to put on my mask.

Mohkan is a dwarf and is called the legendary blacksmith for his skills.

When Kazuma reincarnated and came to Braham Mohkan was supposed to make him an Oricalcum sword.

Because I wrote that part I came to want it too and asked for it.

Still, ten white gold coins are expensive.

When I convert that into Japanese Yen it would be 10 million yen.

It’s not only expensive because of its rarity but also because of its superior performance.

By the way, how could Kazuma pay that much money?

Because I didn’t write about that, I don’t know it either. (TN: What the!? And no one complained? I don’t believe that.)

When I asked Pikaru to give me the money I felt disgusted but he gave it to me without complaining or saying anything at all.

Because I had other plans, too, I took 20 white gold coins, but was that a bad thing to do? (TN: casually taking out 162,300 Euro….)

Oh well, it’ll be all right with this year’s yield of the increased taxes, we had a good harvest after all.

I’m a villain anyway so I’m fine.

I again go to the liquor store and buy more of the “Hobbit Sake” for now.

Old man Mohkan was again grinding swords.

“Are you done with the thing I ordered?”

“Ah, it was Akatsuki after all. There, see, I have it. A ******* sword made out of Oricalcum.”

Ooh, It’s done, huh?

How should I say it, it’s very white.

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It seems much whiter compared to iron, steel and silver.

Moreover, it’s light.

It’s not a feeble lightness like that of plastic but rather a feeling of flexible, keen lightness.

I can swing it with one hand just fine.

“How is it? It’s light, am I right? Ordinary two-handed swords are meant to inflict damage with its weight, but this one is made to cut with its extreme sharpness. It depends on your skills, but if handled well it can cut through armour effortlessly.”

Amazing, it can cut that well?

Then this is totally like a Kitetsuken. (Cutting/killing iron sword lit.斬鉄剣)

Though it is said that even metal can be cut with this sharp Japanese sword when used by a master, but is it like that?

So I also have to polish my skills.

Still, how did the Hero Kazuma buy this sword?

Though I’ll come to use the Holy sword in the end, but until then I shall use Mohkan’s sword.

Because that sword has some special techniques ingrained in it I have to absolutely get it.

But I don’t think I can make that much money.

Well it can’t be helped, can it?

“Old man, I have a request.”

“Oh? What is it? Out with it.”

“Probably, approximately five years from now a man with a strange atmosphere around him with raven-black hair will come here. His name should be Kazuma. His age would be 17. If that guy comes here, would you present him a sword made out of the same Oricalcum?”

“Hey, hey, don’t say such absurd things! Do you think I give out such things so easily?”

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“Of course I’ll pay the money. Don’t tell him about me just say it’s a present from you.”

“Well, as long as I get the money I don’t have anything against it. But are you serious about this?”

“Yeah, I’ll pay half the sum now. If the man called Kazuma appears, contact me. At that time I will pay the remaining sum, all right?”

“Are you sure that guy will come after 5 years? It’s hard to believe, you know? Let’s say he really comes, what do I say to him?”

“Oh yeah, well, something along the lines of the potential of a hero sleeps in you, I know what I’m talking about, I’ve been working as a blacksmith for a long time after all, so take this.”

“The sleeping potential of a hero, you say?”


“Oh well, I don’t care, but are you able to pay? Together with the other costs, it would be 14 white gold coins, you know?”

14 million yen in Japanese Yen, is it?

My sense of money is becoming kind of strange, isn’t it?

But I am the strongest villain, Margrave Carlo de Medici.

I could care less about this kind of money. (TN: It hurts seeing this much money disappear. This is torture)

I took out the white gold coins from my pouch and handed them to Mohkan.

There were still six left.

“Who are you? For you to be able to pay this price so easily.”

“Don’t inquire any further about that. To contact me when Kazuma arrives hand in a request asking for Akatsuki to the adventurer’s guild. Understood everything?”

“I understood already, I don’t have to hear it again. When that Kazuma guy comes by I’ll make him a sword. Honestly, I still doubt it.”

Alright, with this Kazuma is able to obtain the sword.

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Like this I’ll also get automatically informed about Kazuma’s arrival, killing two birds with one stone.

After that I chose an amour for the time I’ll be fighting as the mercenary Akatsuki.

The armour I chose placed great importance on agility and freedom of movement with just a Breast plate to protect the chest like Crescent Moon.

After long consideration, I decided against a helmet.

I paid up. handed Mohkan the Hobbit Sake I brought for him and left.

Next, I had to search for a house.

The mask aside sneaking out the sword and armour every time I had to leave the mansion is too troublesome.

Therefore I decided to rent a hideout for Akatsuki apart from Carlo’s mansion.

A remote place away from prying eyes where I can come and go whenever I want.

It can be on the small side, for now, it might be used for different things later so it can be expanded.

Because I didn’t really know where to find such a place I decided to go to the guild first and look for Crescent Moon.

When I entered the guild I saw Crescent Moon drinking alone in a corner.

It was an inconspicuous place at the edge of the guild but I was able to immediately find her because of her red mask.

“Yo, Car……Not, I mean Akatsuki. What’s the matter?”

“Actually I want to rent a hideout. I came to ask you if you might know of a good place.”

“Is that mansion no good?”

„Wouldn’t my identity be found out if I enter there with this appearance?”

“Ahaha, I don’t care either way. I think I know just the right place for you. I’ll guide you there for a gold coin.”

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You’ll charge me?

Well, it couldn’t be helped so I handed her the gold coin and proceeded to follow after Crescent Moon.

“What do you think about this area? Even though this place isn’t very popular the security isn’t bad.”

I see, it was a long, narrow alley branching of a busy street.

The people here only showed little worry.

“At the end of this street, there should be an unoccupied house. The owner is a granny I know. As long as you pay her money she won’t pry into your business. Do you want to meet her?”

She said that that grandma lives close by.

So I went to meet the old lady together with Crescent Moon.

“Oh my, isn’t that Crescent Moon? Long time, no see. What brings you here today?”

“Granny, you were searching for an inhabitant for the unoccupied house at the end of the street, right? I brought someone interested. This is Car……Akatsuki.”

“I’m Akatsuki. Nice to meet you.”

“Crescent Moon, that man wears a mask like you, right? I don’t even know his identity, how suspicious. Do you have money?”

“I guarantee I’ll pay well. Regarding that everything is alright.”

“Is that so, as long as you pay up properly I won’t complain.”

I didn’t even see the inside yet or heard any of the important matters.

“I am sorry, but could you show me the insides?”

“Aaiiyo, just wait a minute.”

After the old landlady got the keys for the house we went together to the unoccupied house.

The insides of the 2-story house were rather spacious.

On the first floor were a large living room with a fireplace, a kitchen, a toilet, a bath and two other rooms

It was a contemporary styled 2LDK house.

I give it a lot of points for having a bath.

Looks like water can be drawn from the well in the back.

On the second floor, there are three small rooms.

And additionally, there seemed to be another small room in the attic.

“This is good, isn’t it? How much is the rent?”

“How about two Yuroa gold coins a month? I will clean once a week.”

“Expensive, isn’t it? How about three gold coins for two months?”

“Don’t even think about it. I’ll make a loss that way. How about one gold coin and 40 silver coins a month?”

A rent of 180,000 yen with weekly cleaning, is it?

It’s cheaper than I thought honestly, but I squandered a lot of money today.

The cost of half a year would be 1,080,000 yen or 10 gold coins and 40 silver coins.

It’s inconvenient that one silver coin equals 2,000 yen next to the 100,000 yen of one gold coin.

So can’t you lower it a little more?

“How about, with weekly cleaning included, paying one Yuroa white gold coin for half a year? If it’s no good I’ll go search for a different place.”

“You got a good head on your shoulders, don’t you? I don’t dislike such people. That’s fine, can you pay right now?”

What a relief, there isn’t something like security deposit or key money in this world.

To be honest I worried about that.

I saved 40 silver coins or 80,000 yen.

I handed the old landlady one white gold coin.

With this, there were just 5 white gold coins remaining.

“Seems real. There doesn’t exist such a good imitation.”

“Granny, you told me you’d pay me, right? I brought a good customer so please pay the fee.”

“Hmpf, can’t be helped. Here you go.”

The old landlady handed over two gold coins to Crescent Moon.

“Hehe, I made a lot of profit today. It should be like that every day.”

Didn’t you make me pay you a while ago!

Do you get this much every day!?


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