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[Vol. 1] Chapter 15 – Masked Mercenary

I went to the town, Braham.

We met at an inconspicuous place in the town.

When I arrived at the promised place Crescent Moon was already waiting there.

“I kept you waiting, Crescent Moon.”

“No, I arrived just a moment ago, too.”

After having exchanged some words I followed Crescent Moon and we entered a nearby shop.

Somehow Crescent Moon was really familiar with this shop.

“Welcome – -”

When I open the door and enter the shop, the heavy voice of a short, old man sitting within the shop greeted us.

In the shop, various masks were on display.

“There are plenty of kinds here, you don’t have to worry about the information leaking out. After all, I recommended the shop.”

Crescent Moon was right, there were so many kinds one could spend hours to count every single one.

“What kind of mask would be good? First of all, we have to cover that big scar of yours.”

That’s right, I have to cover the scar on my cheek.

For that, I would need a slightly bigger mask.

Because the full-faced ones look like Jason’s, I rejected them. (TN: It’s Jason form Friday the 13th))

There were also helmet types, like the ones used in American football, but because I would look like that useless third son of the end of the century, I rejected them. (TN: A reference to one of Hokuto no Shinken’s characters Jagi)

It has to be one that covers the upper half of my face till the nose, made out of metal and coloured silver after all.

The holes for the eyes need to have a sharp, villain like feeling to it.

There was just the right mask here.

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“Doesn’t this one look pretty good? Isn’t that fine?”

As Crescent Moon said so, we decided on that one.

The material it was made of was a silver alloy called Sterling silver.

It had some decorations making it stylish.

It was a little expensive with a price of 3 Yuroa gold coins but a villain has to care for his appearance, right?

I brought plenty of war funds so it’s okay.

It had a leather strap attached so that I could wear it on the spot and take it home.

Meaning I immediately put it on.

If you asked me why I immediately put it on, it’s because we are going to register at the adventurer’s guild after this.

So I, too, will be able to join the adventurer’s today.

I’m getting excited.

When I entered the guild building it seemed like a bar at first glance.

A large number of adventurers were talking noisily.

Deep inside were some counters where you had to report your finished quests apparently.

Most of the adventurers had a dubious, rough feel to them, like Pikaru told me.

“You can register there.”

I and Crescent Moon go to the counters in the back.

Some men sitting at a table across the room seemed to be familiar with Crescent Moon and called out to her.

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“Crescent Moon, pretty rare seeing you with a friend. Never saw his face here. But wearing a mask, huh?”

“Is he your new lover? Next time keep me company in bed as well”

Crescent Moon pressed on without paying any attention to those vulgar voices.

“This is the registration counter”

At the counter sat a very unmotivated looking Onee-san. (TN: older sister…)

“Does this person want to register? Then please fill in your name, preferred weapon, magic abilities, age and occupation on this formー”

Name. Name, huh?

I didn’t think about that.

I can’t write Carlo.

Let’s fill in the rest first.

It’s an iron rule to first fill in the things you are able to answer while taking an exam.

My preferred weapons would be two-handed swords like a ******* Sword, but I’m also fine with one-handed swords.

I’m most skilful in fire attribute magic.

Let’s keep it a secret that I completely lack control.

Let’s make me a little older, 25 years old.

My occupation is mercenary, I guess.

Last but not least the name.

Hmm, maybe, as a silver masked villain, something like “Hi〇mes”. (TN: Hilmes or Hirumesu from Arslan Senki)

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Though I don’t have any burns, but a scar on my cheek.

Then should I become “Fake Hil〇s”?

No, no, no, like I thought, that’s really bad.

This is so hard.

“Lord silver mask” would be adventurer-like, right?

Well, then, as a masked character and rival of the hero it has to be……”Ch〇r”? (TN: Char Aznable from Mobile Suit Gundam)

As I thought if we’re talking about masked characters he would be number one.

“Let’s see how skilled you really are Hero!” saying stuff like that.

But, as expected, that’s a little…

Then how about “Red Comet”? That’s a proper name, right? (TN: Char’s nom de guerre)

However, nothing on me is red and I don’t really want to say “I’m the Red Comet” myself.

Ah~ troubling, this is troubling!

“Hurry up! Can’t you see the line behind you?”

While I was worrying myself to death, I got surprised by someone shouting at me from behind.

When I looked back I saw an angry guy looking like a high-schooler.

He had a very hot-blooded feel to him, the type I can’t deal with.

This is bad, if I don’t hurry up then…

What should I do, what should I do, what should I do?

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I hastily wrote something down.

I wrote “Akatsuki” (TN: Dawn)


I became Akatsuki, what should I do?

The identity of the mysterious masked mercenary “Akatsuki” is Carlo.

I don’t know about something like thaaat!

“Oookaay, Akatsuki-san, the documents are fiiiine. Please wait for 30 minutes for the registration documents to be processed.”

The unmotivated Onee-san received the documents.

The guy behind me after giving me a death stare walked towards the counter.

“Didn’t you say you were looking for a guy named Akatsuki? Is it fine to name yourself like that?”

Crescent Moon, please don’t ask me.

After approximately 30 minutes the adventurer card was finished.

It’s the birth of the marvellous masked mercenary, Akatsuki.

I already gave up.

“If I gain enough fame under the name Akatsuki the real one might hear about it and show up, right?”

“I see, so you thought about that.”

Though Crescent Moon looked at me with admiration, I feel like this will never happen.

Just my author’s intuition.

Once I was ready to try to dive into the dungeon I promised her to contact her.

After we left the guild Crescent Moon and I parted, leaving me to walk through the city alone.

The mysterious masked mercenary, Akatsuki.

I headed towards the blacksmith.

In fact, there was a legendary blacksmith in this town of Braham.

He’s the dwarven blacksmith who will forge the Hero’s sword in the future.

This is reliable because I wrote that.

On the way, I buy a special liquor called “Hobbit Sake” at the liquor store.

That blacksmith is stubborn, but he loves this liquor.

There’s no doubt about that either because I wrote it.

I asked a person for the way and arrived at my objective, the blacksmith.

There was a short man with a long beard hitting metal hard inside a hut.

This should be the legendary blacksmith, Mohkan.

“I’m looking for a man called Mohkan.”

“I’m Mohkan, what’s your business?”

“I want you to make a ******* Sword.”

“Sorry, but I have a lot on my hands right now. Come back later.”

This person is stubborn after all.

He isn’t likely to take over an order so lightly.

That’s where the liquor comes in.

“Here, it’s nothing special but please take it.”

“Hey, hey, isn’t that my all-time favourite? You’re giving that to me?”

“Yeah. Drinking it will make one forget their woes.”

“Thank you. So, what kind of sword was it that you wanted?”

Mufufu, one-hit K.O.

“A two-handed sword like a ******* sword, but I can use one-handed swords, too.”

“Hoh, that’s rare in this age. Are you also able to use magic?”

Right, in fact in this world it is mainstream to either use a one-handed sword and a shield or two-handed swords.

Because it’s extremely rare that a magical warrior would cast magic while wielding a sword at the same time.

One has to have at least one hand free to cast magic, after all, so one can’t hold a shield.

“So, what about the material? Bronze would be the cheapest after that would be iron. Steel is a high-quality product.”

“If I wanted stuff like that then I came to the wrong place. It has to be Oricalcum, right?”

“You. You know about that?”

The legendary metal, Oricalcum.

Alongside Mithril it’s a rare metal of the fantasy world.

It’s not only extremely hard but also has a superior toughness and it is known for its good compatibility with magic.

The Hero will also have an Oricalcum weapon made later on.

“I just heard some rumours. You have it, right?”

“I have it, but it’s expensive.”

“I don’t care. How much is it?”

“I’ll hand it over for 10 white gold coins”


The legendary white gold coin and even 10 pieces.

In other words, it’s 100 gold coins, converted in Japanese yen that would be 10 million yen.

I was surprised, but I desperately tried not to show it on my face.

This is a question of a man’s pride.

“I don’t care, make it. I’ll pay you 10 gold coins today for now.”

“Sure, that’s fine. It’ll take one week to complete so come pick it up by then. Don’t forget to pay the remaining money.”


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