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[Vol. 1] Chapter 17 – Hideout

After having received the keys from the old landlady I first cleaned the hideout.

Crescent Moon muttered something like “Why did I say that” after having taken money from me and the old landlady, but I’m still fine.

After it looked somewhat clean I went to buy some necessities in the town.

First I had to buy furniture.

I got two beds, one for me and one for visitors, mine was a large double bed.

There might be someone sleeping with me in it in the future.

One should be prepared.

Additionally, I bought a desk, some chairs, a table, a shelf and so on.

I used a white gold coin to pay the cost of approximately five gold coins.

Only four of them remained.

Today I spend more than 15 white gold coins, that’s 15 million yen spend in one day.

Every time I think about that I feel seriously scared. (TN: Yeah, me too…)

I bought some everyday clothes for Akatsuki and then returned.

I got two sets of futon and pillows as well as curtains.

And also a black cloth to cover my blonde hair.

There wasn’t anyone to cook for so the amount of tableware was minimal.

After I brought in the furniture, it finally started to look like a home.

“Ahh~ Good work. Must have been rough for someone like you.”

I ignored Crescent Moon’s words.

“So, what are you going to do after this?”

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“I intended to look around the guild a little. I thought I might find a reasonable quest maybe.”

“Oh, your first job, huh? I’ll also go with you. Whether I help you or not depends on the money, though.”

There it is, her favorite phrase.

For the time being, I went to the guild together with Crescent Moon.

I bound the black cloth which I bought around my head in a bandana style and covered my hair.

I tried looking at the bulletin board in the Guildhall.

Seems like I can understand the letters of this world now too.

This is author correction, too, yup.

“I’d like to do a reasonable quest which ends after half a day.”

Because the extermination or capture of stray dogs doesn’t really sound adventurer-like even if it sounds easy, I’ll pass.

“Then how about this one? Car……Akatsuki.”

Someday that fellow will end up calling me by my real name.

Which one, which one?

“Suspicious people were spotted on the way toward castle town, Rue Ann, please patrol around that area, huh?”

“Through the reward is only 20 silver coins, it should be finished quickly, right?”

Because my purpose for doing this isn’t money, in particular, the reward doesn’t matter.

It certainly is a reasonable one.

“I’ll help you, too. How about one gold coin as payment?”

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Hey, hey, hey.

Your price is even higher than the reward of the quest!

One gold coin equals 50 silver coins.

“Does Akatsuki know where that is? I’ll teach you how to accept a quest and how to report back in. It’s tuition fee so it’s fine, right?”

You totally try to suck the money out of me.

I don’t know who of us is the villain here. (TN: Not you ^^)

I hopelessly took out a gold coin and threw it to Crescent Moon. She’s a character like that, after all.

“Thanks like always. That’s why I like you.”

This is different from a confession of love, right?

As is expected, even the virgin I am knows that.

After Crescent Moon told me how I went to the counter and accepted the quest.

It was such an easy process, tuition fee wasn’t even necessary. (TN: More carelessly spend money //sigh. It hurts)

Today I didn’t ride white king so I borrowed a horse from the guilds stable.

Crescent Moon seemed to have left her horse there, too.

“I think we’re there soon”

After we left Braham on horseback and rode for a while Crescent Moon started to speak.

Though there were some people going to and fro on the highway, there wasn’t even the shadow of a suspicious……Huh? !

Didn’t that man on the horse suddenly turn around after he saw me?

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It’s what I often saw on the news, the police “finding suspicious individuals during patrol duty”.

“Akatsuki, that man”

Looks like Crescent Moon noticed him, too.

I went before that man who suddenly turned around.

“Wh, what’s with you? Do you want something?”

“That guy’s……”

I see now, that guy is one of the friends my seniors have brought at that time.


The man whipped the horse and ran away.

“Crescent Moon, let’s pursue them. But don’t let him notice you.”

“Catching all of them in one go, huh. Sure but that’ll be one additional gold coin.”

“Understood, so don’t lose them. Oh yeah, you also can’t kill them today.”

“Got it, leave it to me.”

We follow after him at a moderate distance as to not lose sight of him.

After a few minutes, the man got off his horse in front of a big house before rushing in.

Through, it is simple it was a big house and felt out-of-place in such a desolate area.

When we reached the side of the house we got off our horses too, then we witnessed approximately 15 men coming out of the house one after another.

Most of them were just some shabby men, but there were some young ones among them and even some girls.

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And as expected, my seniors stood among them, too.

“Hey, you, you’re that magician’s companion, the mercenary Crescent Moon, aren’t you? What’s your business?”

One of my seniors, the thin one, started to talk to Crescent Moon.

I see, didn’t they recognize me because I’m wearing a mask and I didn’t use the same horse?

“Hey, Akatsuki, what should we do with those guys?”

Crescent Moon turned to me, completely ignoring that man.

“Like I told you before, capture them, and don’t kill them.”

“Eeeh, if it’s like this give me another gold coin.”

“Why? I just gave you one.”

“‘Cause it’s troublesome to catch them without killing them and their numbers aren’t low either, don’t you think?

“Aah, damn it, I got it already. There, another one.”

“Hehehe, I like you, Akatsuki.”

I’m not happy receiving such a confession.

“What did I hear? Catching us without killing us? Don’t joke around, you don’t have a magician today.”

Ehm Senior, I’m here, though.

We got surrounded by the men who grew excited.

I already drew my weapon.

Crescent Moon also pulled out her sword.

My seniors in front of us only had one-edged scimitars with a slender blade which was a little curved, but this wasn’t all today.

Crescent Moon held a short two-edged, thick, short Gladius in her left hand.

Fighting with a sword in both hands seems to be her original swordsmanship.

I also pulled out my sword.

The Oricalcum ******* Sword.

While grasping it with both hands I looked at the sword’s blade.

What fascinating innocent, translucent brightness. Just looking at it make it seem like it was breathing.

Aah, it was worth it having paid that high price.

“You, What are ya doin? Ya going to kiss it, huuh?”

Senior tried to threaten us.

Sorry senior, I was just fascinated by the sword.

Like this, you could call it a demonic sword.

“I’ll go on ahead, Akatsuki”

Crescent Moon who seemed a little worried was about to cut down a man.

Her flexible movements made her look like she’s dancing.

She dealt blows to the men standing close to her left and right wonderfully.

The rest of them was left for me to take care of.

My two seniors were among them, too.

Let’s practice, seniors.

Swinging the Oricalcum sword felt incredible.

It’s easy to even use it with just one hand.

The usability and my increased sword skills obtain through my author correction add up to an incredible combination.

If I’m not careful I might cut them down with this momentum.

Fufufu, this night, my blade wants to drink some blood.

It’s not night, though.

I dodged senior’s swords, which came slashing down one after the other, then jumped and slide a little.

This sword’s lightness made me even faster.

I guess F would be able to put up a good fight.

“Wh, what the heck, that guy’s actually strong!”

One of my shrewd seniors raised his voice.

Crescent Moon seemed surprised by my movements.

“Akatsuki, you’re actually able to do it. I didn’t know you had such skill.”

Oh yeah, it’s Crescent Moon’s first time seeing my sword skills, isn’t it?

Still, for Crescent Moon to have room to watch me in the middle of a fight.


I parried another thin senior’s sword and just knocked it out of his hand.

My senior who lost his weapon gets ready to escape immediately.

As is expected, my senior’s ability to adapt is high.


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