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[Vol. 1] Chapter 14 – Crescent Moon

“Welcome back, Carlo-sama. Those people are?”

I put Mirea-san and Lucia-chan on White King and returned together with Crescent Moon to the mansion.

I asked the maid, Reina, who greeted us to call the butler, Pikaru, and the head maid, Melissa.

“So you were a feudal lord? I’m surprised.”

The masked mercenary, Crescent Moon, was dumbfounded and looked at me.

Looks like she knew that this was the estate of the feudal lord Carlo.

“Feu, feudal lord……?!”

After she heard that Mirea tensed up.

Did it surprise her?

“Sorry, I didn’t tell you, I’m the feudal lord Carlo de Medici. Melissa, please take care of those two. They are injured.”

I left Mirea-san and Lucia-chan, who were really grateful, with Melissa and went over to my office together with Crescent Moon.

As we entered the room Crescent Moon came closer to me.

“Hey, you’re the lord, right? You’ll hold your promise and pay up, right? You won’t say things like I don’t have money or I won’t pay now, right?”

I saw two round mountains as I lowered my gaze because she was that close.

What splendid roundness, those are the miracles the earth is made of.

I wondered whether they are pushed up or natural products.

I, who is a virgin, can’t distinguish between those things.

“Hey, are you listening?!”

Aah, I was preoccupied with those mountains so I didn’t hear it.

Why are you climbing that mountain? Because there’s a mountain there.

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“You, give me a break!”

“Carlo-sama, you called?”

Just when Crescent Moon started to get seriously angry, Pikaru entered.

“Pikaru, I’m sorry but could you bring me five Yuroa gold coins? For helping me take care of the villains which attacked me I promised her a reward.”

“Certainly, I shall promptly get it.”

After Pikaru lowered his head and left, Crescent Moon suddenly was in a good mood.

“If you pay up that’s good. But I’m surprised, feudal lord-sama. You’re willing to pay the exact price.”

“You said you were Crescent Moon? You’re working as a mercenary, right?”

“That’s right. I work as a lone mercenary. Like I said before I’m the famous “Crescent Moon Mercenary.”

“You’ll do anything as long as it is profitable?”

“Yeah, that’s right. If feudal lord-sama wants something to be done which can’t be told to other people I’ll do it. As long as the price is right, that is.”

Yeah, no matter how I look at it, it’s just like Akatsuki’s character.

Soon Pikaru came back with a small pouch.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting”

When I gave her the small pouch I received from Pikaru, Crescent Moon checked the gold coins inside.

Carlo isn’t such a stingy villain that he would hand over fake money.

“Pikaru, I want to have a talk with this person. Leave us alone for a while.”

“Is that really all right?”

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“You don’t have to worry. Tell the others not to enter here for a while.”


When Pikaru left Crescent Moon suddenly grew cautious.

“Listen, even if I said I’m a woman who would do anything for money, I won’t do that kind of stuff”

What kind of stuff?

Though Carlo is a villain, the person inside is a virgin so I won’t do anything.

Ah, there are no people inside of me. (TN: Badum tss.)

“I know, I don’t have such intentions. I wouldn’t do anything to inconvenience a woman.”

What would those inconvenient things be? I wonder when I will be free. (TN: of being a virgin, I guess)

Though I pretended to be tough, I fret about such philosophical problems inside.

“Is that so? Well, I guess. So, what do you want from me?”

“Yeah, do you know a man called “Akatsuki”? He’s a mercenary wearing a mask like you.”

“A mercenary called Akatsuki? He has the same mask as me? That guy smells like and imitation. I never heard of such a guy.”

Like I thought, you don’t know him, huh?

This Crescent Moon is an Akatsuki-like character then.

I wonder where I made a mistake, well, as long as those mountains are there, it’s fine.

Those mountains are really wonderful, someday I’d like to view that scenery more in detail.

Somehow I completely felt like a wanderer today. (TN: Mountain man lit.)

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“That’s fine, too. Crescent moon, I plan to enter a dungeon soon. At that time would you lend me a hand?”

“Will you pay the proper price? If so, then it would be my pleasure to go together. There’s no customer that pays as well as you.”

Crescent Moon answered joyfully.

It seems like she is thinking about the profit she would make.

“There’s something I want to ask about, is there a way for someone to register as an adventurer without getting noticed? My position is kind of annoying.”

“I see, it’s unavoidable to attract attention if someone like you registers as an adventurer. Hmm……”

While Crescent Moon thought she seemed troubled for a while.

“I got it, why don’t you wear a mask like me? If you use a fake name it should be fine. There are even mercenaries that do this. They don’t really check that in detail.”

I see, like this, I don’t have to worry about Pikaru finding out.

Besides, wearing a mask is very villain-like and isn’t it kind of cool, too?

“Good idea, let’s go with this. Good Idea, indeed. You have my thanks.” (TN: The second idea was in katakana)

“That’s good! If you can’t go, I won’t make any money either.”

Crescent moon laughed cheerfully.

She really likes money.

Let’s ask her later about why she wants to earn that much money and what she uses it for.

Also, the reason for her wearing a mask covering her real face.

Would she get angry if I ask unnecessary things?

Crescent Moon will accompany me when I register at the adventurer’s guild.

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Looks like she wants to introduce me to her favourite shop to buy masks.

It’s customer service, she said.

After Crescent Moon left head maid Melissa brought Mirea-san.

Her left hand was miserably covered in bandages.

Lucia who was exhausted seemed to have fallen asleep.

I was relieved.

“Carlo-sama, thank you for saving mine and my daughter’s life this time.”

Mirea-san deeply lowered her head and thanked me.

“Don’t mind it. I was just passing by coincidently. How’s the condition of your wounds?”

“Thank you, I had the doctor treat it. I’m relieved that I can soon move it around again like before.”

“That’s good. So, what do you intend to do after this? You said that you would go to your relatives, right?”

“That’s what I said, but, Carlo-sama”

Mirea looked at my face with an earnest expression.

“Would it be alright to employ me here? I’m hurt now, but I’m really good with housework. Of course, I will do my best until my wounds have cured. Lucia would help out too. Please employ me and Lucia.”

Ehm, that’s a little troubling.

I didn’t expect such a development.

Not knowing what to do I looked at Melissa.

“Carlo-sama, I think this would be advantageous. After having talked to them I could determine that both of them had a good personality and mind, what’s more, the situation they are in deserves sympathy. With just me and Reina we can’t perfectly care for Carlo-sama, so I thought about searching for a new maid anyway.”

“I see, if Melissa says so, then it should be fine. But there is one condition. Lucia-chan has to properly go to school. I’ll pay for it. She can help out in her free time. If you agree to that condition you can work here.”

“Ca, Carlo-sama, not only are we allowed to work here but Lucia can also go to school……Thank you very much. I will serve you with all my heart”

Oh, Mirea-san started to cry.

Looks like she was just that concerned, was she that happy that Lucia-chan could go to school?

Though this isn’t really villain-like, but child education is important.

Well, I’ll just act more like a villain from now on.

“Well then, Melissa, prepare a room for Mirea and Lucia and buy some necessities. Subtract the money spent from Mirea’s salary.”

“Thank you, Melissa-sama, please take care of us from now on.”

Because I’m a villain I’ll have it deducted from your salary.

(TN: Pff, like they would care about that lol)


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