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[Vol. 1] Chapter 13 – Seniors

I was on my way back from my magic lessons with Knopf.

Though I improved, my control of “Fireball” still isn’t good enough.

Originally I didn’t have any motoric skills.

While I was riding White King two women ran in my direction.

They seemed to be desperately running away from someone chasing them.

I went down from White King and called out to them.

“What’s the matter?”

“We are being chased, please help us!”

One of them seemed to be in her early 30 and the other one was a girl looking like an elementary school student. They looked like mother and daughter.

The mother like person’s left arm was covered in cut wounds.

Both of them were rather beautiful, though their bodies were covered in dirt, probably because they desperately ran away.

The girl’s knees were covered in blood. Seems like she fell on the way.

Then two men on horses arrived here.

Both of them had a dangerous atmosphere around them having their swords in their hands.

They seem like scoundrels.

“What’s with you? Hand over those two.”

“Don’t get in our way, if you do you’ll get hurt!”

They threatened me from their horses, probably because they were cautious of me who suddenly appeared.

If I had a sword this would be no problem, but I don’t have one right now.

The mother like-person took the girl’s hand and took cover in my shadow.

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“Are you listening? I told you to get out of the way!”

“You, that’s some good clothes. Let’s catch him and ask for ransom.”

What refreshing villains, I should learn from them.

But I’m the villain of all villains, Margrave Carlo de Medici.

I can’t be done in by those guys.

But unfortunately, I don’t have a sword right now.

The two men holding swords came closer on their horses.

Now, what should I do?

At that point, I remembered I practised magic today.

I call Reus in my mind.

I form the seals with one hand and form an image in my mind.

It’s the 160 km/h fireball I was practising just recently.


I cast the spell and swung my arm at the same time.

The fireball flew out with the same force as I imagined and then it grazed one of the villains and flew to somewhere.

This happened during practice as well, as I thought I got some problems with my control.

I wonder if this is the fastball’s fate as well.

“****, that guy’s a magician!”

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“Retreat! Hurry up!”

The villains who saw this ran away at full speed.

Yup, being quick to run is certainly villain-like.

I’ll study hard, seniors.

“Thank you very much”

When she had tears in her eyes while thanking me, I became embarrassed.

The only thing I did was throwing a fireball.

While I listened to their story I heard their names. The woman’s name was Mirea and the girl was her daughter Lucia.

As I thought, they were mother and daughter after all.

She lost her husband to illness and got attacked while she was traveling from the Ruan Kingdom to Braham to visit relatives.

They were kidnapped and their kidnappers seemed to have intended to sell them.

That was really villainous and atrocious, seniors.

“You’re injured, huh?”

“No, this isn’t a big deal.”

The wound on Mirea-san’s arm seemed to be shallow, but if left alone it will fester.

It’s possible that tetanus exists in this world.

Anyway, I decided to take those two people to the mansion.

Head Maid Melissa will surely be able to do something.

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It’s my Special move “Leaving it to someone else”.

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I put those two on White king and grabbed the reins from behind them.

I saw this in movies, but it’s actually pretty hard.

But this is more like a two-seat motorcycle.

Well, that widow is kind of, a little, you know.

Oh well, I can’t bring myself to do anything strange in front of one’s child.

Like this, we were on our way to return to the mansion, but then my seniors returned.

Good grief, you even brought your friends.

That attitude to never give up and that cowardice to not hesitate to attack a single person with a large group.

What charming ruffianism.

I’ll study hard, I admire you, seniors.

Seniors and their friends have a total number of 1, 2, 3,……Seven people.

I don’t really feel any danger because I could just hit them with a fireball and close off the road with a firewall, but that’s troublesome.

That’s rather flashy and I want to treat Mirea-san’s injuries as soon as possible.

“We’re surrounded, what should we do?”

Mirea-san and Lucia-chan are frightened.

Well, that’s to be expected. Being surrounded by bad guys like this is scary.

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Though White King’s speed can’t be compared to those horses, but I can’t do that with two more people here.

“Hey, that guy’s a magician. Don’t be careless.”

“That’s right, he suddenly threw a fireball a while ago. I splendidly avoided it, though, hehe.”

My two seniors tried to warn their friends since a while ago.

Senior didn’t avoid it, I missed, I’m sorry for my bad control.

“Hey, magician, hand those two over. If you do we’ll spare your life”

Exactly what a villain would say.

Even if I hand them over you’ll kill me nevertheless, that’s smart seniors.

The seven people surrounding us gradually came closer.

Mmm, what should I do? As I thought I have to do something with magic, but when I thought that someone suddenly called out from behind me.

“Hey, I’ll help you if you are in trouble. Although it depends on the money.”

When I turned back I saw a swordsman wearing a red mask on top of a horse.

For some reason, that person didn’t seem like one of senior’s friends.

Still, I’m sure I heard that line somewhere before.

“Hey, did you hear me? How much are you willing to pay for your and those women’s life? Depending on the price I’ll help you.”

Mmm, Where was it?…….




Ah, I got it!

Those were the lines of the mercenary “Akatsuki” (Dawn) an unidentified masked person and ally of Carlo who would do anything for money.

Whatever he says he adds his favourite sentence “But it depends on the money. “

“I’m the crescent moon mercenary. I, “The Masked Crescent Moon Mercenary”, am known for my strength. So, what will you do?”

Huh? They are both mercenaries and the mask is also the same, but the name is different.

By the way, there’s a bigger difference, but, oh well, it should be fine, right?

“You said you were Crescent Moon? I’m Carlo. If you drive them away I’ll say you five Yuroa gold coins”

Regarding the five Yuroa gold coins, in Japanese Yen that would be 500.000 yen. (TN:4.408 USD , 4.130 Euro)

If I paid that much he would definitely go for it if it was the character Akatsuki.

“Just driving them away for five gold coins? Don’t you want me to catch them or kill them or something?”

“Yeah, just driving them away is fine. Even if you kill them, I don’t really care, but the pay will stay the same.”

“That’s easy work, then. That’s not a lie, right? I’ll kill you if you say you can’t pay afterwards.”

“I didn’t lie. I’ll pay you later in my mansion, so please”

“Okay, got it! You bastards, this crescent moon will be your opponent!”

After the swordsman, Crescent moon, gave his name he drew his sword and faced the seniors.

Then one of my senior’s friends started to panic after hearing our conversation.

“This is bad, I’ve heard about the red masked mercenary called crescent moon. I heard rumours that as long as the amount of gold is right, she would do anything and even though she is a woman …… she’s supposed to be awfully strong.”

……Yeah, that’s right.

Akatsuki and Crescent moon, the names are different and Akatsuki is supposed to me a muscular macho man while Crescent moon is a woman.

Besides, she only wore a breast amour directly on her skin and two bulges could be made out. Splendid.

While I think was thinking about such Crescent moon was going around fighting, they are swaying together with her actions.

Meanwhile, the masked mercenary sent away my seniors in no time.

Why running away my seniors left the words “We’ll remember thiiiis!” properly, my senior’s really are the role model villains.

I should follow their example.

“I chased them away as promised. Give me the gold coins.”

“Like I said, I’ll pay you in my mansion. If you understand come.”


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