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[Vol. 1] Chapter 12 – Herbs

After having learned how to use fireball from the Cat-girl, Knopf, I had her teach me some more fire attribute magic.

First I learned the spell “Light”.

It’s a very basic spell to create fireballs to float in the air. But it has many uses for example when one stays in a dungeon for the night or as a substitute for heating if one controls the brightness and heat.

I can use it for a long time because it consumes little magical power and it’s convenient for moving around.

When I see the fireball flutter around so smoothly it makes me feel like some kind of ghost will pop out from somewhere.

(TN: Ya know, cause that kinda looks like a Will o wisp)

The next spell was the “Firewall” spell.

It’s a simple spell that only produces a firewall which burns at a high temperature, but it can continue to burn for a certain period of time even if you aren’t around it. If you use it well it can be effective for cutting off escape roads and enclosing your enemy.

It can be immediately put out by water magic.

The third one was the “Flame shield” spell.

It enables me to make an invisible shield made out of flames from my palm.

It can’t defend against physical damage like sword attacks unlike a common shield, but it reduces the damage of magic attacks by a fixed quantity.

However one has to be careful when one’s opponent is a water magic user because they can naturally make the shield disappear.

The last one was the “Fire Sword” spell.

It coats normal weapons like common swords in flames, adding a magic attribute to it and increasing the damage dealt by physical attacks.

Furthermore, it seems like it has quite the huge effect on the undead like zombies and skeletons.

It gets destroyed if one sets up a defence with water magic.

I seemed to have succeeded in everything which should be impossible for someone of the beginner level and I was looked on coldly again by the Cat-girl.

Well, if a person who tried their best to learn magic watched this they would get irritated.

But this is the author correction, I’m really sorry that I learned it so easily.

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In the end, all the magic spells I learned are extremely weak against water attribute magic.

It’s rather convenient if I think about the Hero Kazuma forming a contract with Undine, the water spirit of the four major spirits, enabling him to use water magic.

After finally being defeated by the hero I’ll reform myself and help him defeat the Demon king after all (planned) because I’m the villain Carlo de Medici.

I’ll boldly use nothing more than fire spells in the fight against the Hero, let’s resolve ourself to lose boldly.

Actually, there is one more, it’s Carlo’s unique spell which doesn’t belong to any of the 4 attributes. How could I forget about that?

Though it’s very convenient, oh well, I’ll steadily think about that later.

“Thank you, Knopf, I was able to learn magic thanks to you.”

“Good for you, right, Carlo-san? So, what are you going to do from now on?”

“Yeah, I’ll come over from time to time to learn magic so I’m in your care.”

“Don’t decide that on your own. Why did Carlo-san want to learn magic in the first place? Even though you’re a noble.”

“I thought I might go look around the dungeons a little.”

“Ah, so it was that, huh? If that’s the case I have a request, Carlo-san”

What Knopf said surprised me.

Her cat ears twitched in a worried way.

“It’s my first time seeing one of the four major spirits what’s more a Salamander’s child. Regarding my request, would it be fine to take me with you when you go into the dungeons? I want to look at Reus state after he matured.”

It’s convenient for the party to have a magician, but the researcher Knopf wants to go into the dungeon.

She can’t use any high-ranking spells of the four systems, but I appreciate it.

After all, I would have invited Knopf to be my ally anyway if I went to the dungeon.

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For that time it seems like Knopf registered as an adventurer in the adventurer’s guild already.

Adventurer Registration……What should I do?

I’ll definitely get caught by Pikaru right away if I do something big like that.

I left Knopf’s windmill and mounted White King.

On my way home towards the mansion, I came across a field with various plants growing on it.

When I took a look incidentally, I saw some familiar shrubs.

I looked down from White King. Isn’t that Thyme?

A kind of herb used in meat dishes.

Cultivating and using herbs in cooking was my mother’s hobby and because I was made to help her with it I am rather knowledgeable, too.

With those you’re able to accent the food’s flavour to make it shine, with some, you can even substitute certain things!

When I look around the vicinity in an excited manner I spotted a tree I recognize.

That was the Sage tree.

If you have this you can even make sausages!

Furthermore, if you look closely at the grass growing around here you can spot Italian parsley and basil in there.

This field seems to be a Herb garden.

To me who is frustrated with this world’s flavour of the dishes this is a gold mine.

But isn’t this too convenient, me coming across a field which incidentally grows all kinds of herbs and it’s just the right season?

Is this a kind of author correction, too?

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Before I even noticed it time flew by while I was absorbed in picking up those herbs.

In that time I’ve become very hungry.

I haven’t eaten lunch either.

I’ve decided to come back here with White King and entrust the task of earnestly harvest them to someone else.

Melissa and Reina greeted me as I arrived at the mansion.

I seemed to have worried them because I took my time to return.

I also was somehow able to deceive Pikaru.

So I was saved from a sermon.

Anyway, when I told her that I felt hungry Melissa immediately cooked some rice.

I heard the menu was something like grilled salted fish or bird meat.

Here it comes again, the saltiness.

“Melissa, I’ll cook lunch. Inform the kitchen”

“Absolutely not, a gentleman entering the kitchen! Pikaru-sama will get angry again if you do something like that.”

“If you keep it a secret it should be fine. There’s a dish I want to make.”

Today there are herbs.

I’ll have Melissa and Reina learn how to use them.

Even though Melissa was unwilling she approved of it somehow after I begged.

Excellent, now I can enjoy a wider variety of dishes.

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“Still, is Carlo-sama able to cook?”

Reina asked curiously.

Well, she has a point. A nobleman wouldn’t cook himself.

I can’t just say, “because I had to help my mother, I can”, though.

“When I was outside there were dishes I found delicious, so I memorized the recipes.”

Was I able to deceive her?

When I entered the kitchen I first prepared the bird.

I opened up the chicken’s thighs and cut them into easy to eat pieces.

Then I seasoned it with salt and pepper and let it steep so that the flavour can be absorbed.

Meanwhile, I bake some bread before crushing it into bread crumbs.

I also grind the cheese into fine cheese powder.

I put the cheese powder, salt and pepper, finely chopped up basil leaves and the bread crumbs together and mix them with some olive oil.

I put the chicken thighs on top of an iron plate covered in olive oil and spread the bread crumb mix on the chicken’s skin.

Besides that, I place some peeled potatoes next to it. It has to stay in the oven approximately 30 minutes.

Unlike a gas oven ,it’s difficult to heat this oven.

With this, I somehow managed to complete grilled, fragrant spice chicken with bread crumb coating.

(TN: This is torture … Now I’m hungry 鶏もも肉の香草パン粉焼き T_T)

“Carlo-sama, how skilled! It doesn’t look like this is your first time cooking at all.”

“It looks delicious as well. What a nice fragrance.”

Both Melissa and Reina were surprised at my skill.

It turned out pretty delicious, huh?

“There’s also a share for you. Anyway, I’m hungry so let’s eat here together as it is.”

“That, such a thing like eating together with Carlo-sama. We shall receive it later so-”

“I don’t care. If this precious food cools down it will taste bad. This is an order, let’s eat together.”

This is one of villain Carlo’s outbursts of selfishness. (TN: heeeh~ oh really?)

A meal eaten alone isn’t as delicious.

Moreover, I wanted to see those two’s expression when they eat this.

“Okay then, let’s dig in.”

“Though I might lack manners, I shall eat. Reina, eat some, too.”

“Yes, well then, I’ll have some.”

Like this, we ate together at the small desk, inside the kitchen.

“This is very delicious! It’s fragrant and……”

“The meat is very juicy and those herbs on top of it have a really nice fragrance.”

Yep, yep, I’m content that you are that pleased.

Using cheese powder and the basil I picked up made it delicious.

I did a good job if I do say so myself.

“This can also be applied to pig and cow meat. I’ll teach you some other things later so make this from now on.”

“Certainly. I’m rather happy that my repertoire of dishes has increased~.”

With this I made one step forward towards improved eating habits.


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