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Sword, Tiara & High Heels Chapter 120

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 907 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Imitia…” Seletina’s gaze locked onto her. Imitia’s appearance had not diverged from Seletina’s last memory of her.

Imitia was petite, resembling Seletina, and she still had a hint of girlish innocence about her. Her short gray hair retained its youthful allure, her trademark straight-cut bangs were the same as always.

A Beastian’s youth was known to last longer than that of a pure-breed human. This was mostly due to the strong life force filling the Beastians’ blood. Yet, it had been fourteen years.

Fourteen years had passed yet Seletina’s friend still hadn’t changed a bit. Seletina’s eyes welled with an ineffable blend of nostalgia and pent-up sentiment.

Suppressing the surge of emotions, Seletina managed to swallow hard, releasing a trembling breath as she fought to regain her composure.

“Step aside! I’ll heal him! I’ll- I’ll-!”

Imitia, plagued by an absence of Mana, swayed unsteadily as she reached out for Woodback’s enormous body. The depletion of Mana posed a perilous predicament. Nevertheless, Imitia persevered, taking out her wand and beginning to cast Healing Magic.

The tip of her wand emitted a feeble glow. A testament to her lack of Mana.

“St- Please stop!” Seletina interjected, her hand hesitating momentarily before resting upon Imitia’s shoulder. She’d decided to speak politely due to not having met Imitia in this life.

Imitia recoiled, shaking off the hand placed upon her, her gaze piercing Seletina with a vehement intensity.

“Don’t butt in!” She yelled, tears glistening in her eyes.

A hint of trepidation fluttered within Seletina at the hostility in Imitia’s gaze. There was an aura of intimidation in Imitia’s stare that Seletina had never sensed before, not during her days as Orthus.

A feeling of loneliness gripped Seletina’s small heart, a sensation of being adrift as the sole entity transformed by the passage of time.

“Using any more Mana will put you in danger!”

Imitia bore dark circles beneath her eyes, her breathing labored, and a sheen of sweat rolled down her face. Everyone could see she was in no good shape. The depletion of her Mana was apparent.

Seletina could not endure the sight of her friend endangering herself, which was why she interfered.

“Lower your wand. Continuing will prove fatal.”
“Like I give a damn! He’s my family! I must save him!”
“Enough, Imitia Belbed! Don’t you have a place you have to return to?!”

Seletina’s words took on an unexpectedly firm tone, carrying an undertone of reprimand.

Imitia’s gaze wavered slightly in response. Many members of her family were waiting for her back at the caravan. Woodback wasn’t the only one who needed her protection. Imitia had a place she needed to go back to.

Yet, Imitia’s grasp on her wand tightened even more.

“What are you-”
“Let me do as I please. I am aware… that you saved Woodback, even Ulbdor, and I’m grateful. However, this is non-negotiable.”
“You realize the weight of your actions, don’t you?!”
“I do…”

Imitia said starting right at Seletina. Her eyes shimmered with the welling tears. The droplets escaped, as if overflowing from a cup as they traced a slow path down Imitia’s cheeks.

“But I just can’t bear it…” Imitia said, her voice resonating with fragility akin to that of a young child. “I refuse to stand by helplessly as I watch those dear to me perish… The thing that happened fourteen years ago was more than enough!”

Imitia’s tears streamed down endlessly.

In her right hand, Imitia clutched the wand, while in her left, she held onto a locket hanging from her neck. The memories of the Elugor Disaster from fourteen years ago resurfaced vividly in both Imitia and Seletina’s minds.

Imitia’s anguished plea stabbed at Seletina’s heart, inflicting a searing pain.

It was Seletina who had departed this world without uttering a word, leaving her friends behind. Seletina had waged innumerable battles, and had witnessed people die countless times. Yet, she couldn’t begin to imagine the weight of the sorrow that was etched into Imitia’s soul.

For Seletina did not know what the disaster meant for Imitia, or just whose picture was hidden away inside the locket. As someone who had once left this world without a trace, Seletina was not certain that she had the right to stop Imitia.

Both as a friend, and a comrade…

Seletina was gripped with a potent sense of helplessness, a formidable obstacle. Words flowed from her cherry-red lips, laden with determination

“Even so I must stop you.”
“What are you-”
“I’m sorry.”

Seletina said as she swiftly drew Elyutinias. Her actions seemed like a blur to the untrained eye.

Seletina held back her strength, delicately extending her feelings to every nook and cranny of her blade. She held back just so that she could sever Imitia’s determination.


The back of Seletina’s sword severed Imitia’s consciousness and her body slumped against Seletina’s chest.


Seletina let go of her sword and embraced Imitia tightly, much like a parent embracing their child.

“I’m sorry.” Seletina murmured.

The ocean of emotions coursing through her was apparent in her expression. Grief. Anger. Guilt.

“Was that really okay? Didn’t you come to see her?” Lichter’s unmistakable merry voice tickled her ears.
Without turning, Seletina responded, “There was no other choice. It had to be done…”
“I see.”

Imitia, nestled in a shallow slumber against Seletina’s chest, continued to shed tears. Seletina gazed at the sky. The serene blue sky now seemed somewhat dazzling to her.


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