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Chapter 121 – Shaky Assembly Hall

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1180 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Thank you for protecting our leader,” a low and calm female voice expressed.

Seletina, still clutching Imitia, turned slowly in response to the sound of the voice.

“Who are you?”
“My name is Remilia. I am in charge of the treasury and also serve as the director for the Belbed Caravan. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Remilia, a visibly brilliant woman with pale green eyes, spoke these words and gracefully bowed. Her beautiful long dark blue hair was pulled back into a ponytail and shimmered enchantingly in the sunlight with each sway of her head.

Remilia was a member of the caravan that Seletina had never encountered before. It was possible that she had been recruited following Orthus’ demise.

Remilia’s slitted eyes shifted toward Woodback lying on the ground, her expression briefly clouded by a hint of sadness.

“We will handle him and the leader from here on. Thank you for stopping our leader’s reckless behavior.”
“That would be appreciated, thank you. Still, although the gate is now closed, it is still dangerous to be here. It’s not a place you should stay in for long.”
“I appreciate your concern. Certainly, once I’m finished with my business here I’ll retreat inside the city.”
“I see… In that case I leave them to you.”

Seletina said, passing Imitia over to Remilia. Imitia’s petite form was delicate and weightless, and the tall Remilia lifted her effortlessly. Her indigo colored eyes brimmed with relief underneath her glasses, which went to show just how much Remilia had been worried.

“Thank you so, so much, little warrior.”
“It’s fine. I didn’t do mu-”
“If you do not mind, could I please ask for your name?”
“My name…”

Seletina blanked out when she heard that.

Come to think of it, I still haven’t told them my name…

It wouldn’t be wise to go by Orthus. However, giving her real name within the Empire’s territory wasn’t without risks. The whereabouts of Zeeney’s henchmen remained uncertain, and it could prove problematic for Seletina if reinforcements were dispatched from the Empire.


Remilia appeared somewhat uncertain as she observed Seletina’s hesitancy to speak. However, it was surprisingly Lichter who extended assistance to the speechless Seletina.

“His name is Tieck. He’s my younger brother.”

Lichter announced, his tanned hand delicately caressing Seletina’s head. Although Seletina wasn’t exactly thrilled about being labeled as Lichter’s younger brother, she was grateful in knowing that Lichter handled the situation with tact.

Resolving firmly, Seletina chose to adopt the name Tieck for the time being. With a mischievous grin, she playfully shrugged off Lichter’s hand.

“So it’s Sir Tieck. And who might you be?”
“The name’s Lichter. Remember it, forget it, the choice is yours.”
“Sir Lichter it is then. I will, of course, remember it. Are you two Adventurers?”
“I guess you could say that.”

Lichter’s and Seletina’s gazes locked. It was as if Licker was asking, “That’s fine with you right?” to which Seletina nodded in return.

As adventurers, they could go by without having to reveal their identities and origins. And given their mercenary status, they were more likely to engage in battles if the need arose.

The Adventurers Tieck and Lichter. Getting a good look at them once more, Remilia felt more at ease around them, washing away her faint hint of skepticism, and bowed deeply for a second time.

“Sir Tieck and Sir Lichter, I’ll make sure to remember them. In due time, I shall repay this favor on behalf of the Belbed Caravan. If you come across any of our group members in Ulbdor, please do not hesitate to reach out. In that case, I’ll be bidding my farewell.”

With these words and a quick adjustment of her glasses, Remilia departed swiftly.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

“I bring a report regarding the breach of the south gate of Ulbdor,” gasped the guard, who had burst through the door as if driven by urgency.

A thread of tension gripped the impromptu council chambers, adorned with lavish furnishings.

Elvaro Kerculius, Ulbdor’s chief, and General Aubance, who had come a long way from the Empire’s capital, were both present. Etic Chanic, head of the Adventurer Association’s branch in Ulbdor, completed the gathering of notable figures. The room exuded a highly formal ambiance, befitting the assembly of such distinguished individuals.

General Aubance ruffled his hair, now showing signs of graying, and reprimanded the guard with a slightly dismissive gesture.

“Haven’t your parents taught you how to knock?! It’s precisely in emergencies that one must exercise caution.”
“General Aubance, let’s not quibble. Y-You, state your business, quickly.”

Elvaro said, silencing General Aubance with his commanding voice.

Having been burdened with the position of city chief at a young age, Aubance couldn’t contain his unease at the fact that his city was on the verge of being overrun. His right thumbnail bore the marks of excessive gnawing.

The guard eventually regained his composure and commenced speaking with clarity, his gaze fixed on the notepad in his hand.

“Some time ago, the south gate of Ulbdor was breached by Demons. We were compelled to engage in a defensive battle against a significant number of spider-type creatures. However, thanks to the Angel’s descent we managed to push them back. And with the help of Belbed Caravan’s Gigantian we were able to successfully seal the south gate.”
“An Angel?”

The assembly hall was understandably shaken by that statement. The case of Ulbdor’s downfall had been just a matter of time.

Plans were underway on how to secure essential resources, gather necessary personnel, and orchestrate a means of escape while using the lives of innocent citizens as decoys.

The unexpected turn of events caught everyone off guard, evoking a sense of relief.

“S-See that General Aubance! M-My men are beyond capable! I told you we’d turn it around! Ulbdor will not succumb! It won’t collapse!”

Elvaro exclaimed, sending spit everywhere and his eyes turning bloodshot.

Everyone had felt somewhat sorry for him because he’d refused to accept reality and no one had anticipated that his ridiculous notions about Ulbdor being impervious to defeat would actually hold any truth.

General Aubance spoke, shrugging his shoulders.

“You sure were right. Congratulations, Elvaro. Nevertheless, sadly, it’s merely a matter of time before they breach the defenses again. It would be prudent to utilize the time gained and secure our retreat sooner rather than later.”
“What?! You’re still saying that?! J-Just how much do you reckon I’ve toiled to amass my wealth and influence here?! I can’t just surrender!”
“Then are you prepared to perish alongside this city?!”

General Aubance’s gaze, that of a seasoned warrior, bore into the young Elvaro, akin to a frog entranced by a snake. Feeling the weight of the general’s intensity, Elvaro was left with no choice but to suppress the fiery retort that had been on the tip of his tongue.

“It seems like you’re finally ready to listen.” General Aubance chuckled, his wrinkles deepening. “Now then. Currently my biggest concern is with that so-called angel. You, guard, over there. Could you tell me more?”


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