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Chapter 90 – Reinforcements

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 705
Editor(s): Robinxen

Seletina swung her sword, her ears ringing from the impact.

Shortly after, a flash of silver followed. Sometimes the blade moved with a precision so sharp that it could cut steel, while other times it flowed like the pale moonlight illuminating the dark night.

The sword transformed endlessly, taking on a thousand different forms. Seletina’s sword, elusive as the evening mist, struck with furious precision against the looming threat.

The black claws, capable of easily piercing a maiden’s soft skin, fell short of reaching Seletina. Her blue eyes instantly captured the slim path leading to survival, and with a slight twist, she slid into that space, solidifying her chances of staying alive.

In this battlefield, one wrong step meant certain death. Despite her fragile body, Seletina moved effortlessly through the battlefield. To an observer, it was an unbelievable sight.

However, the shadow of death clinging to Seletina could never keep up with her incredible pace. Seletina swung her sword, severing another demon head, and then swiftly spun through the air, retreating from the scene.

Landing on the ground, she dropped to one knee, taking quick breaths to calm her racing heart. Sweat clung to her forehead, causing her hair to stick, and she squirmed slightly in the scorching heat.

Not much time had passed since the golden angel joined the battle. Thanks to her brave efforts, the number of demons had significantly dwindled. The Empire’s soldiers had also grown fewer in number, however their deaths helped those who were still alive push forward.

“Morale is high. We can do this. There’s no such thing as impossible!”

Seletina wiped the sweat off her cheeks, raising her fatigued body that was starting to slow down.

Since she received the crest on her neck that day, she had been in exceptional shape. However, given that her original condition was quite frail, she still had a time limit for her activities.

Yet, Seletina still believed that there was nothing impossible on this battlefield. However, that was without taking into consideration Seletina’s stamina.

“Angel, are you alright?”

The young soldier, the same one from earlier, rushed towards Seletina, who maintained a stern gaze on the battlefield. Covered in blood, his hand trembled with fear as he clutched his sword.

Seletina made an effort to conceal her own exhaustion.

“I’m fine. Thank you for worrying about me.”

Although the soldier caught a glimpse of her smile, he couldn’t stop trembling. Seletina remained oblivious to his state. The weariness on his face was so evident that it was apparent his smile was forced.

And then, it happened. The soldiers of the empire reverberated with a sense of dread.

Seletina’s eyes darted to witness the unfolding event, as if she had been struck by lightning. Simultaneously, a wave of fatigue washed over her, draining some of the strength from her body.


The simple word invaded her mind.

In the distance, across a plain, a horde of clawed Demons was approaching them. A rough visual estimate put their numbers at around a hundred, or perhaps even slightly less than two hundred.

The sight of their red eyes filled with murderous intent, advancing towards them and raising a cloud of dust, instilled a sense of despair.

Seletina involuntarily cleared her throat. She then smiled at the young soldier, easing the tension in her shoulders.

“Bring as many children with you as you can. I’ll lure them. In the meantime, run away.”

“How tedious…”

A voice resonated on the battlefield, sounding oddly casual. It resembled that of a young man who had forgotten what he wanted to buy while shopping, struggling to gather his thoughts.

The voice carried an air of effortlessness.

The owner of the voice had short, red-cropped hair and a sun-kissed, wheat-colored complexion. He wore white and silver light armor, crafted in the kingdom, with kukri knives hanging from his hips.

Lichter Willgame scratched his cheek and joined Seletina’s side, bowing respectfully.

“What a lovely day… or whatever it was… Or was it, beautiful? Hmph…”
“You don’t need to practice your formal greetings here. Get to the point, Lichter Willgame.”

Seletina admonished him sternly, in response, Lichter showed a wide smile.

“I heard you requested a one-man army, Milady.”


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