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Chapter 89 – Courageous Soldiers

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 889 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

The black arms of a Demon approached Seletina with a wildness reminiscent of a storm. The vicious claws, obsidian-like in appearance, were easily flicked away by the flash of the shimmering sword.

The Demon’s body tilted forward as its attack was deflected, throwing off its equilibrium. Seletina’s blue eyes glared at the falling Demon coldly, and in the blink of an eye, she severed the Demon’s head.

Another Demon’s head rolled onto the battlefield. By this point, Seletina had already killed eight Demons. She took a slight breath and shook off the sticky blood from her sword.

“My name is Seletina ul Gold Aldelight! Brave warriors of the Gildam Empire, hear my words!”

Seletina’s dignified voice resounded. Hearing her voice, the Empire’s soldiers all looked up. They resembled devout believers eagerly awaiting Seletina’s angelic proclamation.

“I will take care of this place! In the meantime, run to the gates of Leverence! Retreat as soon as possible!”

While uttering these words, Seletina continued to slay the demons one by one. A young soldier who stood beside her rushed to Seletina, his expression filled with grief.

“We cannot, dear Angel!” Before Seletina could even ask why, the young soldier swiftly pointed forward. “There are still a lot of kids in that carriage…!”

Following the soldier’s gaze, Seletina noticed a massive covered wagon with collapsed wheels. The horse tied to the wagon had multiple arrows piercing its neck and torso, struggling for breath.

It was in no condition to move the carriage.

“Why was the horse shot? And why wasn’t it killed by the Demons?”

Seletina pondered, but decided to put aside those thoughts. She had already asked the soldiers to retreat and had gotten a convincing answer in return.

The road to Leverence wasn’t far, and retreating would have increased their chances of survival. But the Imperial soldiers, in her eyes, would never turn their backs on the Demons.

These soldiers had devoted their lives to protecting the children. Abandoning them should have been an option. But it wasn’t an option they chose. Such a noble and courageous act. There was no need to dwell on it.

Seletina gripped her treasured sword, Elyutinias, in a central position and steadied herself.

“In that case, at least evacuate the wounded! I want only those who can still fight to stay!”
“Yes, Angel!”
“I’m not…”

Before she even finished her sentence, Seletina leapt into the midst of the demon horde like a raging storm. A gale burst forth. Electricity crackled. Elyutinias, tightly grasped by Seletina, resounded with a mighty roar.

One by one, the lifeless bodies were revealed, starting with those touched by the silver flash.

A cacophony of demon screams, akin to the tearing of silk, reverberated across the seemingly deserted meadow.

“Vanquish the Demons! Those who still hold their lives dear should fall back! I won’t repeat myself once more! Only those of you glad to welcome death should stay! There is no shame in wanting to retreat from this battlefield, nor will anyone blame you!”

Seletina’s voice echoed. Golden sparks blossomed on the battlefield. The onslaught of the raging storm showed no signs of ceasing.

The exquisitely honed sword, akin to a frigid razor blade running up its spine, continued relentlessly, without a moment’s pause.

A grand spectacle was unfolding, making every onlooker think that perhaps it was the Demons who were weak. Yet, that was far from the truth. just minutes ago, men and women, fully grown, had fallen victim to the relentless horde.

Outnumbered and outmatched. No matter how valiant Seletina’s efforts were, the demons seemed to multiply incessantly, their numbers showing no sign of diminishing.

However, Seletina’s fervor ignited a spark within the hearts of the Empire’s soldiers, granting them a modicum of bravery and composure.

“I-I’ll fight!”
“Me too!”
“The Angel is waiting for us!”
“If we run here, we’ll be no better than Lord Zeeney!”
“The spineless cowards can go home and suck on their mama’s t̲i̲t̲s̲! I’m staying”
“I’m not a coward! I’ll protect the children!”
“Men, follow the Angel!”

Someone shouted, breaking the stalemate, and every remaining soldier dove head first into the sea of Demons. Their faces reflected both fear and determination.

A faint smile tugged at the corners of Seletina’s mouth as the warriors hurried past her, thrusting their swords into the Demons.

“They’re a dependable bunch.”

Looking at the soldier’s backs, Seletina remembered her past comrades who had fought alongside her in previous trials.

“They’re definitely not ready to die yet.”

Yet, she was no different than them. People had the ability to lay down their lives for others. Even if it was for children whose names they did not even know. This served as a reminder that humans were, in fact, resilient beings.

Taking a deep breath, Seletina tightened her grip on Elyutinias, then exhaled sharply, resolution visible in her face.

The battle was far from over.

“I swear that I will do what I must and will fulfill my purpose with this body of mine.”

Gathering strength in her thighs, Seletina sprinted across the battlefield like an arrow shot from a drawn bow.

“Phew! Seems like the little princess’ not quite bad after all.”

On a grassy field, atop a slightly secluded hill, Lichter grinned ferociously, causing his mouth to twist and his tongue to involuntarily lick his lips.


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