Chapter 5 – Melia ul Gold Aldelight 2

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 886 words
Editor(s): Silva

Elita pushed open the massive double door, which had a detailed lion carving and was so tall that two adults standing on top of one another could barely fill it.

“After you, Lady Seletina.”

Seletina bowed and stepped onto the soft carpet laid behind the door after hearing her maid’s offer.

The interior of the room was a lavishly large area that was reminiscent of a dance hall. A long desk that stood out noticeably was positioned inside there. Seletina’s mother Melia, her father Balged, who was seated across from her, and her brother Yennis, who was seated right next to their father, all sat there in a classy fashion waiting for her.

Numerous attendants surrounded them, blending in with the background.

Balged’s face broke into a broad smile as soon as he noticed his daughter.

“Seletina, happy birthday. You are shining more than ever today. As your father, it fills me with pride.”
“Thank you, father.”

Pinching the hems of her dress, Seletina offered a tiny bow and gave Balged a courteous thank you.

Balged returned the approval by nodding, appearing satisfied.

Making his children shine as brightly as possible had always been Balged’s request for his children’s birthdays.

“To be completely honest, I wanted to celebrate the occasion by inviting every noble and member of the royal family I know. Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if we could have shown everyone our lovely daughter, Melia?”
“It certainly would have been. It’s her birthday, after all. However, having a celebration exclusively for the family is something I enjoy as well.”

Seletina’s gaze quickly grew darker as she saw her parents conversing joyfully.

Normally, a noble’s daughter’s birthday party would be celebrated by inviting a large number of prominent figures, but Seletina had vehemently declined such a party every year. She was not at ease with such nobility customs as she had lived her entire past life as a commoner. She also wasn’t very adept at or interested in engaging in pointless discussions with strangers.

She would exploit her vulnerability as an excuse to avoid these events every year, claiming that it would not be proper if the guest of honor were to get suddenly ill on the day of the event.

“Big parties are great, Seletina. Old men give you lots of gifts. What’s there not to love.”

As he said that, Yennis chuckled in a childish and mischievous manner. Unlike Seletina, every year he would thoroughly enjoy his birthday celebration. Seletina was a little envious of the gifts he received, but she would never be thrilled to receive gifts tailored for ladies. However, receiving weapons, as her brother frequently did, was a completely different story.

“Yennis, refrain from such crude remarks… Now then, Seletina, please, come sit. It’s your birthday. I’d like to get the party started.”

Seletina accepted her father’s invitation and sat down in the chair that Elita had prepared for her after giving a small nod.

Seletina had to maintain a ladylike demeanor at all times since she couldn’t forget that Melia was constantly watching her.

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As soon as Seletina sat down, numerous waiters entered the room through the back door carrying delicacies. A violin and a piano subsequently played in unison as if they had been waiting, filling the area with a beautiful melody. The table in front of Seletina suddenly filled with sumptuous foods. From the looks of it, it was about to be a full-course meal.

This is way too fancy for me…

The enormous chandelier hanging from the ceiling attracted a bitter glance from Seletina.

However, habit was a truly terrifying thing. Being the noble that she now was, Seletina masterfully used the cutlery that was placed in front of her to take a bite of the unintelligible delicacy.

Despite the guest of honor’s discomfort, the celebration went smoothly.

From the side, it appeared to be a tranquil scene, typical of any family.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

By the time the meat dish was served, Seletina’s father had already downed a number of cups and was in a generally amiable mood.

“Now that I think about it, Seletina, is there anything you’d like? You’ve always been this way, needing nothing. So come out with it. What can I give you as a present?”

It was as if Seletina had been struck by lightning at that very moment.

Now is the time… This is my only chance to say it.

Seletina’s chest was filled with a raging fire of resolve.

I’ll tell him I don’t want anything, but I’d like to be a knight instead. I’ll do it! I’ll tell him! I’ll tell him and get this weight off of my chest. 10 years. For 10 whole years, I’ve been hiding my dream. So now, I’ll speak.

“U-Um… I-It’s…”
“What is it? Is it hard to say? Don’t worry. Anything is fine. Try me.”

Anything… I took a vow! Say it, you dumbhead. Say it! Why should I be afraid of mother?!

“I… I…”

With beaming smiles, Seletina’s parents turned to face her.

On the other hand, her brother was preoccupied with devouring the meat.

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“I want to become a knight.”

Seletina’s mother, Melia, who was standing next to her, turned dismal as soon as the words left Seletina’s mouth.


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