Chapter 4 – Melia ul Gold Aldelight 1

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 750 words
Editor(s): Silva

The crimson dress’s sleeves flowed loosely.

Seletina ul Gold Aldelight donned a splendid dress that cost no less than ten gold coins and was woven by one of the finest weavers in the royal capital.

While gently dressing the young lady who appeared otherworldly, and was no less gorgeous than her outfit, her maid, Elita, inhaled deeply.

Elita delicately placed a glass tiara with inlaid jewels on Seletina’s head after the dress was in position. Elita’s body trembled as she stared in awe at the breathtaking, otherworldly beauty in front of her.

“I’m finished Lady Seletina. You look spectacular.”

Elita stated, inviting Seletina to look in the full-length mirror.

Like golden threads, Seletina’s hair flowed down.

Her beautiful deep blue eyes complemented her face, which was a masterpiece of the gods.

Her skin had a faint cherry-red blood tint and was as white as the first snowfall.

Despite being flamboyant, the crimson dress had a delicate pattern that accentuated Seletina’s charm even more.

Seletina gulped as she examined the glass tiara in the mirror while relishing the feel of it with her delicate, white fingers.

In contrast to Elita, whose eyes sparkled with delight, Seletina gave off the impression of a dog that was made to wear an item it disliked.

However, given that she had kept her memories as Orthus, it was no surprise that she detested such frilly attire. Even though she’d spent the last ten years as a girl and had gained the common sense of a woman, such fluttery, glittery, and sparkly outfits were still a long way from the warrior path she desired.

“Elita… You know I do not prefer such flamboyant outfits. Do you not think that this is far too flashy?”
“No such thing, Lady Seletina. It suits you very well. No one else, Lady Seletina, could, in my opinion, make this outfit and the tiara dazzle as brilliantly as you can.”

Putting her hands on Seletina’s shoulders as she continued to stare in the mirror, Elita said with heavy breaths.

The roughness of Elita’s breathing tickled the side of Seletina’s face, giving her a somewhat naughty sensation.

She does have a point, though…

Seletina raised her arms and spun around to get a better look of herself. The dress fit her nicely, and the figure she saw, reflected in the mirror, was stunning. Or, to be more accurate, Seletina’s celestial beauty could be matched with any outfit.

Even Seletina had to concede that the excessively flashy outfit complemented her nicely, so she exhaled a resigned sigh.

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“Now that the matter concerning your attire has been resolved, is there anything else you’d like to prepare?”

Elita enquired while beaming broadly. Seletina, in turn, gave her a murderous glare but ultimately remained silent.

“In that case, Lady Seletina, let us go. We wouldn’t want to ruin the birthday party by having the guest of honor arrive late, would we?”
“I suppose not.”

This day marked Seletina’s 10th birthday.

Only on her birthday would Seletina be willing to dress in such a way.

This was a joyous event for Seletina’s family, including Elita, her maid. Nevertheless, for Seletina, it was a dreadful day that moved her yet another step closer to the guillotine.

It signaled that her coming of age, or more specifically, marriage, was one year closer. It was typical for a duke’s daughter to get married in her early teens because of how quickly things moved in the noble world.

Seletina was aware that her mother, Melia, would likely arrange for her to be married in a few more years.

The very idea upset her.

However, Seletina had already made up her mind.

She’d decided that today was the day.

Her tenth birthday would be the day she announced to her family, including her strict mother, Melia, that she would become a knight.

The mere thought of the aftermath was enough to make Seletina’s knees buckle, but she didn’t care anymore. She’d been a good girl for the past ten years. She would finally choose to be selfish today.

Having said that, she was still terrified when she thought of her mother.

This horror was unlike anything she’d faced during her time as Orthus.

Seletina’s body trembled, not from the anticipation of the impending battle, but from stress and nervousness.

“I might die today…”

The quiet line came out of Seletina’s lips as she pictured her mother morphing into a frenzied deity. Fortunately, the sound didn’t reach anyone and soon vanished into nothing.

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