Chapter 6 – Melia ul Gold Aldelight 3

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 884 words
Editor(s): Silva

Seletina felt as if her heart was about to burst out of her chest.

She didn’t feel like she was still alive.

Despite the fact that she was seated, the world around her appeared to be whirling and was swallowing her soul in a disordered vortex.

While her lips twitched slightly, her face remained stiff.

The violin and piano’s formerly lovely tune now sounded like distorted chaos.

Seletina was unable to see her mother seated next to her as the family fell silent.

A tingling feeling spread across Seletina’s skin, giving the impression that something ominous was seated next to her.

The dumbfounded Balged opened his mouth wide and erupted in a burst of bold laughter after a few beats.

“Haha. So you want to become a knight, Seletina? What a great wish. The soldiers’ morale will undoubtedly be at an all-time high if they see someone as beautiful as you rushing across the battlefield.”

Balged smacked his knee and laughed. Seletina’s confession must have come across to him as a joke or the inane babble of a young child.

“Father, is it possible for a girl—specifically, a noblewoman’s daughter—to become a knight? To begin with, Seletina’s weak!”

Yennis said while casually wiping the sauce off his mouth.

“Hahaha. True, Seletina’s body is frail, and although they are rare there are some female knights. It’s not wrong to dream. After all, it’s free.”

Balged let out a burst of hearty laughter and downed his wine cup in one go.

*He’s downed way too many cups… *

Seletina pondered as she observed her father’s bright crimson cheeks.

“It wasn’t amusing at all for a joke. Do you not agree, Seletina?”

As Melia’s voice rippled throughout the room, Seletina felt her blood run cold.

The icy voice swiftly washed away Balged’s intoxication, and Yennis straightened his back. A torrent of cold sweat suddenly covered Seletina as well.

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At the same time, a strange tension circulated through the attendants. They felt the same suspense whenever Seletina was about to receive a punishment for her actions.

It was impossible to tell if Melia’s cold tone was one of rage, grief, or dismay.


Balged looked at her fearfully.

“Seletina, you are about to make your societal debut as a proper duke’s daughter in four years. To become a first-class lady, there is still plenty that has to be drilled into you. You are already ten years old. I do not wish to hear such barbarous fantasies of becoming a knight coming out of your mouth, even as a joke.”

Melia sounded as though she were rejecting Seletina.

Seletina was speechless in the face of that merciless gaze.

She’d been prepared.

She had mentally prepared herself for her mother’s enraged and harsh words.

She didn’t anticipate, though, that seeing her mother utterly reject her dream would make her feel this sad.

Seletina had secretly hoped that despite her mother’s strictness, she would at least show a little compassion.

“Melia. It’s just a child’s dream. She was probably inspired by those sagas that the maid told her. It will pass. There is no reason to get upset over trivial matters.”

It’s not trivial.

Seletina did not wish to hear her father talk bad about her dream any further.

“It’s not trivial, nor is it a joke or a child’s hopeless dream!”

Seletina screamed.

As she stood up her chair loudly crashed to the ground.

The music from the piano and violin ceased as unrest spread among the attendants, leaving the room silent.

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Seletina’s teary, deep blue eyes stared daggers directly at her mother in the midst of the quiet.

Melia, on the other hand, was visibly upset.

“Seletina! A duke’s daughter should not cause such a ruckus at a supper!”
“As if I care! Please apologize for disrespecting my dream by calling it a barbaric fantasy, Mother!”
“And what is it if not a barbaric fantasy?! You’re the daughter of a duke and should act like one! Know your place!”
“I know my place! However, my dream is mine alone! I’m not saying I want to become one right now! All I’m asking is that you consider it!”
“There’s nothing to consider!”
“Could you be any more stubborn, Mother?! I just…”


A parched sound filled the air.

Seletina couldn’t comprehend what had just happened.

In the midst of the blazing inferno in her chest, a white space had appeared.

Nevertheless, everything made sense when she felt the stinging sensation on her cheek.

Her mother had hit her.


This left Seletina totally distraught.

Melia was strict and forced Seletina to go through rigorous training, but despite this, she’d never raised a hand against her daughter.

Seletina stroked her cheek.

There was no denying the stinging feeling.

“Seletina… I… I’m sorry… I don’t know what happened…”

Surprisingly, not even Melia could believe what she had just done. Melia shifted her gaze back and forth between her hand and Seletina.

How could I do this…

Melia thought, regretting what she had done.

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The next thing she saw was her daughter turning her back on her and running.

Seletina ignored her father, Balged, who tried to stop her as she left the room with large tears flowing down her cheeks.

“……. Seletina.”

Melia’s nearly penitent call for her daughter faded into the room.


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