Chapter 40 – The King and the Lady

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1115
Editor(s): Robinxen

Click! Clack!

Melia and Seletina strolled silently. A few steps behind them, Balged and Yennis followed. Not even viscounts, counts, or marquises dared to interrupt them.

The guys parted, just as Moses had parted the sea, making way for the ladies. They made every effort not to appear impolite, as that was what a gentleman’s pride was all about.

Compared to the Baron from before, this was a whole different dynamic.

But Seletina’s bewitching beauty and the pleasant scent she left behind her made all the gentlemen gulp down their saliva. There was not a single man in the venue who did not wish to talk to Seletina1.

Seletina walked. Her gaze was fixed on a single place, ignoring everything around her.

Clack, clack, clack, clack!


Seletina and Melia’s steps stopped.

They raised the hems of their dresses slightly, drew one leg back, and dropped their heads deeply. These two stunning women offered a picture-perfect portrayal of the traditional lady’s curtsy.

Following them, Balged took a half-step forward and spoke.

“It is a delight to see you, Your Majesty, Gadius Hazes Elugor Dina Pricia.”

The king, princes, and princess were all present.

Seletina, who was hidden in her father’s shadow, was shivering with extreme excitement at seeing the four of them.

Gadius the Fourth received Balged’s greeting with a smile on his face. Meanwhile, his gesture was enough to make Seletina’s eyes tear up again.

I must be dreaming. It’s a blessing that I am able to stand before him once more like this after reincarnating.

Seletina thought, fighting back her tears.

“You don’t have to be so formal Duke Aldelight. It’s springtime. Although it does not give you a pass on everything, it’ll be best if you’re a bit more carefree.”
“Thank you. I am truly grateful for your kindness.”
“You’ve always been a stuffy one, haven’t you? It’s okay to let yourself go a bit. That aside…”

Gadius said, his gaze shifting to Seletina.

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As soon as Seletina noticed this she shuddered.

“That pretty lady over there must be your daughter, no? I believe tonight is her debut. Would you care to raise your head?”

Gadius asked. Seletina slowly raised her head in response to his request.

Her and Gadius eyes met once more.


A spark flared deep within Seletina’s eyes.

She was able to restrain her raging emotions, but it did not stop her heart from racing with excitement.

I’m going to cry.

Those were Seletina’s true feelings. The welling tears could be seen climbing inside her deep blue eyes. Despite this, Seletina did not cry.

I cannot cry. I cried just now, didn’t I?

Seletina’s pride as a lady would not allow her to shed any more tears.

Seletina spoke timidly.

“It is a pleasure to meet you. I am the Aldelight Family’s oldest daughter. My name is Seletina ul Gold Aldelight. I am incredibly appreciative that I had the opportunity to meet with you, Your Majesty, on this great occasion.”

Seletina said, her heart about to burst out of her chest. Her equilibrium was completely out of whack as well.

Despite this, she was able to express herself because of her mother’s rigorous education.

“Seletina. A lovely name that compliments your beauty. It suits you. Did you pick it for her, Lady Melia?”

Gadius asked and Melia looked at him with a smile.

“I did. Your judgment is immaculate as always, Your Majesty.”
“Lady Melia, you’ve become quite lovely as well. You’ve changed a great deal since the first time I saw you.”
“Your Majesty, is it really appropriate to talk about those times? Back then, I was a young girl who couldn’t tell the difference between left and right…”

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Melia spoke in an embarrassed tone, her cheeks flushing. Gadius smiled and spoke,

“By the way, Seletina.”
“Yes, what is it, Your Majesty?”

Why were you crying… No.

Gadius gulped down his words.

It is rude to ask the reason behind a lady’s tears.

Gadius shook his head and continued to speak,

“Would you mind dancing with my sons?”

Gadius asked, pushing Dios and Elias forward.

“If they are okay with me, then of course,” Seletina said with a smile.
“Thank you. My sons will be very happy.” Gadius said, snickering. “Kids sure are great, don’t you agree, Duke Aldelight?”
“They certainly are.”
“I should be grateful that he created such a future for us.”
“He?” Balged asked.
“My sworn friend, Orthus.”

The moment Seletina heard the name, Orthus, escape the king’s mouth, her entire body tensed up.

He should be grateful? Did the king really say that? Did he really thank me?

“The Hero, Orthus… It truly is thanks to his and the other warrior’s sacrifices, that we were blessed with children like this.”
“You’re right. But I nevertheless squandered his extraordinary talent and life for such a pointless endeavor as war. I continue to wonder what he is thinking right now in heaven. I truly am thankful to him, but it wouldn’t be strange if he held a grudge against me.”

There’s no such thing!

Seletina thought, her throat clutching up.

Has he really been bothering himself over such a matter?!

“As your sword, the hero defended our kingdom and Your Majesty. I think it’s because he was able to accomplish this that he was able to pass away peacefully.”
“I’d like to believe that as well.”

“{I am a sword. This body serves as a weapon to expel evil, and this heart beats so that I can protect the king. Even after this body dies, this heart will become a sword that will forever guard and protect the king.}” Seletina said.

Her bell-like voice rang deep inside Gadius’ ears.

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Gadius knew those words well. It was a passage from his last exchange with Orthus. The memories of that time vividly circled in Gadius’ mind as Seletina spoke.

“Where did you hear that?”
“Your Majesty, I don’t believe the Hero Orthus holds anything against you. I am certain that, even in heaven, he still wishes you well.” Seletina said with a smile, “One of our maids enjoys heroic tales, so I took the liberty and used some of the remarks I’ve heard her say. I apologize for my audacity.”
“Heroic tales, huh… To think that they’d mention even that. Nonetheless, I believe you to be right, Seletina. If I keep dwelling on the past, Orthus won’t be able to rest in peace. Thank you.”
“I do not deserve it,” Seletina said, bowing deeply.

Heroic tales, huh…

Gadius pondered.

I’m quite sure that conversation was just between me and Orthus…

Gadius stroked his beard, but no particular thought occurred to him, so he dropped the issue.



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