Chapter 41 – The Monochrome Girl

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 823
Editor(s): Robinxen

The Aldelight1 family attendants were waiting inside the royal castle in one of the rooms set aside for attendants. However, while Caper was present, his heart was not. His fingers tapping on the desk at regular intervals revealed his moderate annoyance.

A heavy puff of air escaped from Caper’s lungs as he sighed.

“Lady Seletina please be well…” Caper said.

The next thing you know, he began throwing a tantrum while ruffling his short chestnut-colored hair. At the recurring scene, the maid Elita sighed. It wasn’t the first time she’d observed this since they’d arrived.

“Sir Caper, how many times is this now? A true man is one who holds himself with dignity and patiently waits for their lord.”
“Do you really think I can keep a dignified appearance in this situation? Do you, pipsqueak? Did you see the lustful gazes of those so-called nobles drooling over Lady Seletina? Damn it… I can’t bear the thought of her being inside the den of those starved animals!”
“Who’re you calling a pipsqueak, huh?”
“Damn it… How it pains me that I am not at her side…!” Caper exclaimed, his body trembling.

His teeth were clenched to the utmost as his thoughts were consumed by the images of fat nobles’ fingers wrapping around Seletina’s hand.

“Enough with you. I’m sure that Lady Melia will push any creepy nobles away. Besides, Lady Seletina will eventually be engaged to one of those so-called nobles, so you should really work on that attitude of yours.”
“Lady Seletina… e-engaged…”

As Caper muttered that, a flood of cold sweat swept over him. His eyes became clouded with sorrow.

“I’ll have you know,” Elita said, her eyes glued to Caper, “that commoners and nobles don’t normally get together.”
“What are you trying to say, pipsqueak?”
“You like her, don’t you, Sir Caper?”
“AHHHHHHHHHH! Shut up! Shut up! Say no more! You damn pipsqueak! Shut your piehole!”
“A man’s jealousy is a tragic sight to behold.”
“AHHHHHH! Stop it! Damn you! Do you want to ruin me?!”
“Haha. You should be prepared to accept at least that much if you’re okay with calling a maiden a pipsqueak.”

Knock! Knock!

A knocking sound echoed among the clamor and struck Elita and Caper’s ears with unusual clarity. It was odd to have a visitor in a room reserved for attendants.


Caper gestured to the door with his chin, a frown still evident on his face. Elita approached the door and pulled the doorknob with an irritated attitude.

“Oh my, it would appear she is not here.”

The voice that followed echoed with the sound of a tuning fork being struck. The soprano voice wasn’t technically that high pitched, but it had a peculiar accent that seeped into the corners of one’s mind.

The girl, whose glossy plumage-colored hair flowed to her knees, sighed in disgust at Caper and Elita, like a child who’d just drawn the short stick.

She had abnormally white skin, which was covered with a jet-black ball-gown dress and accompanied by her plumage-colored hair. The only thing that stuck out nicely among the monochrome colors was her red eyes, which shone like jewels.

Elita thought the girl in front of her was beautiful, yet, at the same time, also scary.

If Seletina’s beauty was a blessing from the heavens, this woman’s beauty was like poison. It was a type of devilish beauty that would devour those who were enchanted by it.

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Elita sensed an inhuman aura radiating from the girl.

“There were some tracks so I assumed she’d still be here, but oh well… Excuse me, but would you care to entertain me? There’s something that I’d like to ask, would that be okay?” The monochrome girl asked with a smile.
“What is it? If we can, we’ll answer.” Caper said.

His mind was ringing the alarm that this girl was bad news.

“Tell me the name of your master.”
“Why do you ask?”
“I’ll ask once more. Tell me the name of your master.”

The command, delivered with a tuning fork-like tone, began to seep into Caper’s mind.

What a pleasant sound… He thought.

“It’s Lady Seletina.”

Nearly instinctively, Caper responded. The monochromatic girl’s eyes narrowed in delight.

“Seletina… So it’s Seletina. Fufu!”

The girl mumbled, the name Seletina buzzing in her mouth. It seemed as if she were calling out the name of a long-lost loved one.

“I apologize for disturbing you. I will be on my way. Thank you for your cooperation.”

The monochrome girl waved, flipped up her skirt, and slowly walked away with a light step. Caper and Elita just stared at the girl in disbelief.

“Hey… What was that just now?” Caper asked.
“I’m as lost as you are.”

They felt as if they’d just encountered something extraordinary. Elita and Caper could only look at the door in bewilderment.

Caper was utterly oblivious that he’d been forced to say his master’s name.


  1. Robinxen: Is it aldelight or adelight my brain is failing me now.

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