Chapter 39 – For Whom the Spring Is

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 508
Editor(s): Robinxen

“Why is a beautiful lady such as you crying?”

Seletina, who had been frozen in place, suddenly perked up when a violet-colored handkerchief entered her field of vision.

Seletina just then understood that she had been crying.

She brushed her cheeks, feeling the cool sensation of her tears on her fingers.

So I was crying.

Seletina politely declined the man’s handkerchief and withdrew her own from her pocket to dry her tears instead.

“This is my first social gathering so I was extremely moved. I appreciate your concern.”
“My goodness. Then I suppose that a dance is needed. What do you say?”

The courteous man, who was wearing an exquisite tailcoat, extended his hand to Seletina.

Seletina, in turn, showed a troubled smile.

“I…” Before Seletina could say anything else, Melia stepped in,
“If you’ll excuse me, this being her first social gathering, we must first make the rounds and greet the other guests. Once we’re done with that, she’ll gladly accept,” she said with a soft smile, declining the man’s invitation.
“I-Is that so. In that case, I will invite her later.”

The man murmured and then slithered away with a nervous smile.

“Please do.”

Till they could no longer see the man, Seletina and Melia maintained a smile on their faces.

Melia’s actions just now were by no means an uncommon sight for social gatherings attended by both the parents and children.

Social gatherings were places not only for socializing but for matchmaking as well.

In order to keep unsuitable suitors away and aid their children in finding a compatible partner, parents were allowed to meddle in their children’s interactions to a certain extent.

Melia was aware that the gentleman just now was the son of a Baron.

Although she had a smile on her face, her thoughts were as such, “How dare a mere Baron approach my lovely Seletina? Before I let her speak with you, I’ll take her around to see all of the more important nobles.”

The world of social circles was indeed a terrifying one.

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“Seletina, are you alright? Are you feeling sick?” Melia asked with a worried expression.
“I’m alright. I’ll be able to carry out my duty.” Seletina replied with a smile.
“Okay… In that case, Seletina, you should be careful.”
“Look around.”

Seletina looked around, following Melia’s guide. As she did, she felt her heart skip a beat. Gazes, Seletina was being penetrated by the countless ardent eyes of all the gentlemen in the dance hall. The whole hall was looking at her.

“Seletina, remember this. The star of tonight is none other than you.”

Melia said with a smile.

Look at my beautiful daughter. Melia thought with a smug, confident smile spread across her face.

I must do my duty. Seletina thought, clenching her small fists.

She was first a lady, then a knight.

That was her newfound conviction, and nobody else—not even Orthus—could lay claim to it.

Seletina took a step forward with her heels, her eyes narrowing as if she had made up her mind.


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