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Chapter 35 – The Twinkling Eleanor

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 785
Editor(s): Robinxen

The Kingdom of Elugor’s Royal Capital.

From a window of the royal castle, three shadows could be seen peering toward the beautiful city below.

The three of them each had finely tailored clothing, from stunning silk, a crown, and even a tiara perched atop their heads.

“Despite the fact that it’s Spring, it is only one more social event. How absurd. It’s ridiculous that it didn’t get canceled even though every noble who came here was attacked in some way.”

The youngster murmured as he caressed the crown on top of his silvery, wolf-cut hair.

The boy’s name was Dios.
Dios Hazes Elugor Dina Pricia.
The Kingdom of Elugor’s first prince.

“Because that’s just what the Anti-Royal Faction wanted. If the people learned that the Spring had been abruptly canceled, panic would break out. It’s okay to postpone, but it would be foolish to cancel it.”

The answer came from another young man who looked exactly the opposite of the wild-looking Dios, wearing spectacles and exuding intelligence.

Similar to Dios, he also had a crown that reflected the moonlight, and he had silver, shoulder-length hair.

The boy’s name was Elias. Elias Hazes Elugor Dina Pricia.
The Kingdom of Elugor’s second prince.

“And why would the Anti-Royal Faction want that?”

Dios asked.

“Do you really think that the attacks this time were mere coincidences?” Elias asked.
“The Anti-Royal Faction likely intended to harm the royal family’s reputation among the nobles. It’s undeniably a blatant and vulgar tactic, but as long as it harms the royal family’s reputation, it was worth it.” Elias added.
“Okay, but you’re missing one thing.”
“What am I missing?”
“Demons were involved in the attacks. Do you honestly believe they can control Demons?”

Elias murmured, timidly pushing his glasses up with his fingers out of habit.

At the sight, Dios’ eyes grew weaker and he scratched the back of his head. He then shifted his gaze to the down below.

“There’s no way the Anti-Royal Faction have found a way to control Demons, right?”

Of course not…

Elias thought, clearing his throat at the preposterous notion.

“Good grief! Are you really having fun discussing such depressing subjects? Today’s the Spring! You ought to discuss more exciting things.”

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A young girl exclaimed, puffing out her cheeks.

The strands of silver hair, like her brothers’, fell to her waist, and the tiara that was placed on her head had a silvery sheen.

The girl’s name was Eleanor.
Eleanor Hazes Elugor Dina Pricia.
The Kingdom of Elugor’s first princess.

Dios and Elias both sighed.

“You sure are laid-back.”
“Brother Dios! That’s not something you should say to a lady!”
“Eli. Please do not change.” Elias said.
“Even you brother Elias?! Stop treating me like a child!”

Eleanor exclaimed, glaring at her brothers. They, in turn, had calm expressions.

“You’re still a child, Eleanor.”
“What are you saying, brother Dios? Are we not triplets? What is with all this talk of being a child? Don’t you agree brother Elias?”
“Brother Elias, please look at me…”
“God! I’ve had it up to here with the both of you!”

Eleanor exclaimed, stomping her heels to the ground.

Dios couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight.

“By! The! Way! Do you two remember?” Eleanor asked.
“Remember what?” Dios asked.
“That thing, Dios, that thing.”
“What? Oh… That thing, huh…”

Both Dios and Elias’s expressions turned gloomy. They’d been told by their father to find a potential wife this Spring1.

“A wife he said…”
“He sure did…”

Both of them sighed as they exchanged glances.

Their minds were filled with images of all the tea parties they had survived up to this point.

The only thing in the eyes of the women who would glance at them was ulterior motives.

Both of them were fed up with women and their parents trying to appeal to them.

“How come you’re suddenly acting meek? Royals frequently become engaged to ladies without being given the opportunity to choose. You should be appreciative of Father’s thoughtfulness.” Eleanor said.
“You’re right, but still…”
“It’s too sudden. Being told to find a wife and all…”

Eleanor just giggled in response to their forlorn remarks.

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“Well! It makes sense that you can’t find any acceptable women when you’ve got a perfect lady like me right here. It breaks my heart that I’m causing you to put off tying the knot!!! My sincere apologies!!!”

Eleanor burst out laughing while leaning back and resting her hands on her waist.

“I’m certain that the topic of conversation during this Spring will be none other than me2!! Hahahahah!!! Hohohohoho3!!! Hehe… cough cough!!!”

This one’s definitely an idiot.

The two brothers thought regretfully as they watched their sister.



  1. Robinxen: RIP our protagonist.
  2. Robinxen: Ah so that’s why she was mad at our young hero in the flashforward earlier in the arc.
  3. Robinxen: SHE DID THE LAUGH!
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