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Chapter 28 – Report

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 813
Editor(s): Robinxen

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

King Gadius the Fourth caressed his beard while seated comfortably on his throne.

His heavy sighs served to emphasize the fatigue that was already clearly evident on his face. Even though he appeared imposing, wearing a crimson cloak and a sparkling crown, Gadius’ heart was troubled.

The reason for that was the Kingdom of Elugor’s endless troubles. The kingdom’s strength had dropped significantly following the Elugor Disaster. A lack of hands was seen in the agricultural and military fields because of the death of so many young individuals.

Even in these trying times, the Aldelight territory was still able to prosper, but it wasn’t enough. The kingdom was barely scraping by. It was in dire straits.

Additionally, the void left by the passing of the Kingdom’s hero, Orthus, had not yet been filled. A hero was a beacon of hope. A light that illuminated the future of the people with its existence.
There would probably not be another hero like Orthus within the next century. That was what pained the king the most.

“Your Majesty, a letter from Imitia Belbed has arrived.”
“Let me see.”

Gadius received the letter from the attendant with a spark of hope appearing in his eyes.

Imitia Belbed.

She was the head of the Great Belbed Caravan, a group well known to anybody who had at least once dealt with money, and she’d once had a good connection with the Kingdom of Elugor.

She was also a Wolfen, a Beastians subspecies that is exceptionally rare.

Gadius had extended an invitation to Imitia to this time’s event in an attempt to mend their relationship.

But when he finished reading the letter, a deep furrow appeared on his brow, and he sighed.

“Your Majesty, she…”
“She’s not coming. It can’t be helped.”
“That little vixen… Isn’t that woman being far too rude, Your Majesty? She may be the leader of the Great Belbed Caravan and possess the wealth sufficient to move a whole kingdom, but acting disrespectfully for more than a decade is simply unacceptable!”
“Do not say that. I understand where she’s coming from.”

Gadius replied while resting his hand on his brow and casting his gaze upwards. Simply put, it had been too dear to lose contact with the Great Belbed Caravan.

Gadius could still vividly recall the incident from ten years ago when Imitia had stormed the royal castle.

Imitia had cried at the time. She’d cried while clutching onto Gadius’ collar.

{Why did you kill Orthus?!} she’d said to him1.

Yet, Gadius hadn’t been able to answer. He’d remained silent, not denying that there was a method to save Orthus. He had just given Imitia excuses, claiming that this had been the only way. And that Orthus’ sacrifice had been a noble one. Which in turn had fueled Imitia’s wrath all the more.

Imitia’s beastly appearance, with her claws exposed and her fangs pointed at him, had left Gadius speechless.

Gadius had been aware that Imitia loved Orthus.
He was aware of how terrible the grief of losing a loved one was.

Imitia, unable to control her wrath, released Gadius’ collar, flashed him a vicious look, then turned around to leave and never came back.

The Great Belbed Caravan never again dealt with the Kingdom of Elugor after that incident.

Gadius was still troubled by that incident because it was one of the key reasons why the kingdom’s trade had been devastated.

Gadius let out a deep sigh once more.

“Let’s not think about this. Tonight is the night of the Spring. I can’t look exhausted in front of the nobles.”
“You’re correct. In that case, I’ll begin with the prepa…”

The sound of a door slamming interrupted the man just as he was about to finish his thought.

A chubby man, drenched in sweat, emerged and approached Gadius.

“Insolence! You’re in the presence of the King!”

The chubby man was immediately apprehended by the guards, but he persisted and shouted at Gadius.

“Your Majesty! I’d like to question your plans regarding the invitation to this particular event!”
“First calm down. If I remember correctly, you are Baron…”
“Baron Devia Elius Nifl.”
“So Baron Devia, what brings you here?”
“Are you truly blind to what’s been occurring?! On their way to the capital, every single invited noble has been attacked in some way or another! Demon and bandit attacks are just some to name a few! The attackers may vary, but it’s a fact that every noble has suffered the same fate!”
“Is this true?!”

Gadius exclaimed as he rose from his throne.

Is it truly all of the nobles?!

Shivers ran down Gadius’ spine.

What on earth is happening in the kingdom?

Gadius pondered while entirely disregarding Devia’s rant about how he had nearly died.

As a dreadful feeling rushed over Gadius, his blood began to run cold.



  1. Robinxen: Honestly I’m reading and watching so many of these reincarnated hero type things now that they’re blending together and I’m losing track of who is who.
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