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Chapter 27 – Journey

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 629 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

While being accompanied by formidable soldiers, a magnificent jet-black carriage that was richly embellished with gold decorations made its way through the street.

The onlookers stopped and rolled their eyes at the enigmatic sight, but after a pause and a brief moment of assurance, they forgot all about it and continued with their lives.

It was not unusual to see such exquisite carriages of the nobility passing through the streets during this time of year when such a significant event was taking place.

Despite this, the Aldelight family’s jet-black carriage, which was on a higher plane from the carriages of other nobles, still managed to draw attention.

The white horse pulling it was magnificent and appeared majestic, almost like the ruler of all horses.

Even from a distance, one was left in wonder at the way the gold draped from the gorgeously adorned ebony body that it pulled.

Seletina was the one inside the carriage, her body rattling from the movement of the vehicle.

Seletina peered out the window to observe the dramatically increased pedestrian traffic.

The royal capital is close.

Her heart was racing as she thought.

“Seletina, you better put that in the back.”

Yennis, who was seated across Seletina and appeared to be sleepy, pointed at the object she was holding while yawning.

“I want to hold it for a bit more…”
“No can do. We’re close to the capital. They’ll think you’re some kind of weirdo.”

Seletina gave a dejected mutter. Balged then let out a hearty laugh.

“Seletina. You must first prove to Melia, the royal family, and the other nobility that you have grown into a respectable lady during your debut before you are permitted to become a knight, as I’m sure you remember.”
“I understand…”

Seletina said with a pout and gave Elita what she was holding.

The object in question was her treasured sword “Elyutinias”

Elita kindly accepted the slender sword.

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“My precious…”

Seletina said. Melia sighed as she looked at her dejected daughter as if she’d just parted with a loved one.

“How did she end up like that?”
“Haha. Even though it has been four years, I am still in disbelief that Melia has such an aptitude for the sword. Don’t you agree, Melia?”
“I certainly do. But it’s no surprise considering she was talented, to begin with. Her physique is the only thing that worries me.”

While teaching Seletina the sword over the past four years, Melia learned a lot of things about her.

The first was that the god of the swords favored Seletina.

Seletina had great talent lying inside her. Talent that one would not expect to find in such a delicate body.

Even a combat-tested veteran like Melia had been left speechless by Seletina’s prowess with the sword.

It was as if Ilyus, the God of Fate, himself had directed her to become a knight.

The second was that although Seletina had talent with the sword, she lacked one for battle.

Seletina had remained just as frail over the last four years. She was able to use a slender sword because she had grown taller, but she lacked any kind of muscle.

If Melia didn’t stop after five minutes of continuous exercise, Seletina would inevitably collapse due to physical exhaustion.

It was a horrible fate to be born with such talent and cursed with such a body1. Melia felt sorry for Seletina, not only as her mother but also as a fellow warrior.

Melia let out a deep sigh once more.

Her daughter was not only gifted with extraordinary skill, but also with an iron will.

Melia felt guilty for having held onto a faint hope that her daughter’s ambition of becoming a knight would eventually fade with time.


  1. Robinxen: I wonder if the bodies weakness is actually a staying point, or if it’s just a plot hook for something like her soul being too developed for the body and it’s struggling to support it. As she grows it’ll get better.
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