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Chapter 116 – Easy Victory

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 936 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Woodback was slightly dismayed when he was asked what to do.

This girl had suddenly appeared in front of him like a comet, and her voice was filled with sadness, anger, and determination. Her tone itself wasn’t strong, but her voice was certainly filled with a strong will that couldn’t be put away half-heartedly.

Woodback was blinded in both eyes, and there was no way to recover his sight or recognize the girl. Nevertheless, he felt an inexpressible sense of nostalgia and security from her.

It was as if a weapon re-hammered at a blacksmith’s shop had returned to his hand, and the winds of his homeland had filled his stomach. He felt an inexplicable trust toward this unfamiliar girl.

“Help us…”

Seletina simply listened to Woodback’s words, which he squeezed out of his mouth. In the distance, the sound of Lichter and the giant spider rampaging incessantly roared.

Woodback staggered to his feet and grabbed his axe, which was covered in blood and rust.

“Small strong warrior, whose name I do not know… I want to seal that gate. Will you guide me, now that I have lost my light?”

Seletina looked back. She understood that a Gigantian would be needed to forcefully seal the robust and huge stone gate.

“Understood. We’ll take the lead. Follow us.”
“You have my thanks.”
“Can you move?”
“Of course. A Gigantian’s toughness is not just for show.”
“I can see that. Don’t be reckless.”

Seletina cautioned and swung Elyutinias producing a sharp sound. It’s as if she was telling Woodback to follow the sword’s lead.

“LICHTER!” Seletina’s beautiful voice roared over the battlefield. Lichter heard this but did not offer a single response.

The beast crawling around at the feet of the giant spider vigilantly watched for the moment to make the killing blow.

“I’m leaving that one to you! Keep it busy!”

Instead of a reply, Lichter’s kukri knives sliced off one of the spider’s robust black legs. The leg glowed with a black and mysterious light as it fell into the abyss, spinning in a circle.

Seletina smiled thinly at the display, seeming saying, “I got it.” Knowing it was just like him to respond with a blow rather than words.

“Eupho. Yopha. Take the right and left.”

Seletina looked at the dancers on either side of her, who looked the same, and they nodded quietly.

At the same time, the silver light surrounding Woodback and the surrounding area began to play faintly. The magic circle turned into particles of light and melted into the blue of the sky.

“Let’s go Woodback. We’re making it back alive!”

Seletina said with a chilling mutter that lightly shook Woodback’s eardrums. The small spiders rushed toward them like an avalanche, as if there were no longer any barriers to stop them.

◆ ◆ ◆ ◆ ◆

There was a golden angel, the scarlet berserker, and the shadow black twins. Only four people showed up, yet those four were enough to completely turn the tide of the battlefield.

The golden angel’s movements were a form of art, with light steps that seemed to capture a scene from the social scene effortlessly.

The flash of her sword, wielded by simply surrendering oneself to the flow of the current, was so pleasant to behold that some even abandoned all thought and became mesmerized by the sight of it.

The gold color scraped through the mere threat of the Demons like a mist, and in the blink of an eye, fireworks of fresh blood burst forth.

On the other hand, the scarlet color moved like a muddy stream. Unhindered by swordsmanship or tactics, the twin pairs of kukri knives howled as they did what their instincts wanted them to do, just as they wanted to do it.

If the gold angel was likened to a classical orchestra, then the scarlet berserker would be cheerful Latin music.

Full of energy, powerful, yet free.

His amazing physical abilities made the berserker’s movement seem cruel and greedy, and his ferocious fangs repeatedly punctured and gouged the body of a giant spider more than ten times his own size.

It was a thrilling sight to see how he conquered stiffness with a technique that could not be called a technique, kicking away small spiders and turning the giant spider over and over again.

Similarly, the black colors were no less bewitching. So much so, that they even surpassed the swiftness of the golden angel as they danced on the battlefield.

With each step, they left a yellow glowing trail, calling forth magic in response to their dance.

Under the veil covering their mouths, the female-like figures seemed to be spinning some kind of incantation. Their low, feminine tones were captivating to listen to, with a certain color and luster to it.

They held knives in their hands, taking away lives one after another, never missing a moment when the enemies were distracted by their Light Magic. Their method could be more accurately described as stealing lives rather than killing.

These three groups consisted of Seletina ul Gold Aldelight, Lichter Willgame, Eupho and Yopha.

It was no small feat for them to temporarily overrun a battlefield of this magnitude.

A girl who inherited the soul of a great hero, a knight with the talent of a future hero, and Gold Rank Adventurers, one of the best mercenaries in this world, were working together.

The soldiers of Ulbdor, who had no knowledge of these individuals, were stunned. It was as if they were dreaming, facing a real angel. Reality, salvation, and fiction were all mixed up in their minds.


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