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Chapter 115 – The Hero’s Thoughts

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Author: Tensei Mikami Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2269 characters
Translator: Jiro English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 836 words
Editor(s): Robinxen

Below, Lichter raged furiously. Running a pair of kukri knives across the battlefield in all directions, he slaughtered the small spiders while also engaging the giant spider.

His swordsmanship, wild and unrestrained like a beast, was at its best in a one-to-many match. Even Seletina was amazed at the way he sharpened his senses, captured the unseen, and devoured everything with his terrifyingly sharp instincts.

Seletina maneuvered her pure white wings awkwardly and began her slow descent. She landed softly, despite being uncomfortable with the unfamiliar feelings of floating and rising.

As she patted her chest with a sense of relief that her feet were on the ground, the feathers on her back eventually began to flicker and melt into the sky as particles of light.

In the midst of the bustle, Seletina slowly raised her downcast eyes and bit her beautiful lower lip.


The words rolled off her tongue and swirled in the void, disappearing. She knew the name of the Gigantian that she’d looked up at. She had talked with him on numerous occasions during her time as Orthus, a memory of her now distant past life…….

Though most of those had been over drinks. They had found themselves seated next to each other at a feast hosted by Imitia and had exchanged ale.

Seletina was always worried that the uninhibited and naughty Imitia might cause trouble.

Surprisingly, she discovered that he was a taciturn man, but his tongue loosened up when the drinks flowed, making him quite pleasant to be around. Swords and axes were different weapons, but they both held similar values as weapons, and during that time, they recognized each other as friends.

If her memory served her right, the last time Seletina saw him was a month before the Elugor Disaster occurred. She remembered saying, “See you soon,” and parting with a smile. Carrying the foolish Imitia, Woodback had tossed her into the vessel.

“Woodback.” Seletina said his name once more.

The huge friend reflected in Seletina’s deep blue eyes was swarmed with a large number of small spiders, creating a pool of blood.

Seletina felt her small chest tighten at the sight of her old friend, his shoulders heaving, and his flesh a mess all over.

“Eupho, Yopha, please help me.”

Seletina muttered and two black shadows sprung out from the stretching shadows at her feet. The twin dancers with their teal colored ponytails glided past the Gigantian’s feet, their face veils fluttering in the air.

Eupho and Yopha chanted a spell under their veils, dripping glowing holy water from small bottles, and drawing a magic circle at Woodback’s feet. The small spiders clung to the brothers as well, but they worked diligently without a hint of fear.

They were fast. The spiders’ movements were way too fast. In the world of the speed at which the small spiders lived, there was no way anyone could keep up with them.


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Their appearance, the sound of their voices, and the timing of their calls all matched perfectly. Eupho and Yopha nodded to each other and then vigorously thrust their hands on top of the huge magic circle they had created together. Then, they chanted the spell’s name loudly.

“Purifying Silver Rose! (Vatinia Gel Twinica)”

The soprano voices overlapped, and the atmosphere trembled. As they did so, the magic circle began to blink sharply in response to their hands. It emitted a cold silver light reminiscent of steel.

The light soon expanded and grew, and the next moment it exploded like a sea of fireworks. The burst of light, resembling a hailstorm or a burst of carbon dioxide, enveloped Woodback.

Suddenly, one after the other the small spiders began to repel from Woodback’s body, as if they were being shot off.

After the small spiders were shot off, they sizzled, bubbled, and melted like vampires being roasted by the sun. This was an Exorcism Circle. Or in other words Wide Area Magic. An effective spell to repel Low Rank Demons.

It was both effective and versatile, however it was certainly impressive to be able to draw such an elaborate formation in the middle of a battlefield.

Eupho and Yopha stepped into the silver formation, and Seletina followed suit. Although the repulsing small spiders were still swarming outside the circle, the Demons swarming around Woodback had already been wiped out.

Woodback scanned the situation with his sore body and his already crumpled, lightless eyes.

“This is… What… happened to me… Who are…”

Woodback managed to pull out a croaky voice as he coughed up the blood in his lungs. In response, Seletina took a step forward.

“Tell me Woodback,”
“How… do you… know… my name?”

Elyutinias gracefully appeared from within its scabbard at Seletina’s waist, leaming coolly. Once again, Seletina spoke, “Tell me Woodback, what should I do?”

The beautiful girl’s back exuded the aura of a powerful swordsman. Her deep blue eyes shimmered with tears.

“I won’t let anything important to me slip from my hands ever again.”


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