Chapter 161 – Celebration

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1164 words
Editor(s): Fire

The end of the week and the athletics festival is finally drawing near. However, before that is a very important event. Yep, what’s originally the main event for a student, the test proper.

The contents of the exams are different depending on the classes. For example, the exam for the fire attribute class is to cast the specified magic or magecraft while the exam for the water attribute class is to produce as much water as you can regardless of the method.

As before, the alchemy class exam is a presentation of a creation, though the exam for the students other than me seems to be the research of the magical tools I’ve presented. They said that just studying the magical tools I’ve made in my spare time would result in about 50 years of technological advancement. When I have some time in the future, I suppose I should try making a train or an automobile too.

Anyhow, today is the day the test results are announced. The ranking of the new students are posted in the corridor of the first year building. As usual, I was in the first place while Tebby was in second. Urania rose in rank and managed to get the eighth place. Urania excels on physical capabilities rather than magic, so she really did a good job here.

In the end, Glen wasn’t present in both his classes or the test proper, but he probably took an exam alone on the weekends, since he managed to score nineteenth place, cementing his place in class A. Incidentally, Milt took 18th place, and Liev and Joaquin now join us as magic users at 16th and 17th place respectively.

While I thought that the addition of new sorcerers might give the faculty a headache, it seems like it’s not that rare for mages to awaken to magic due to their joint training sessions with sorcerers here in the academy. It happens particularly often during attribute-based training, so there actually is meaning behind the seemingly illogical practice of training sorcerers and mages together.

Having said that, the faculty is currently having a headache due to other things. While only two students of class A changed, classes B and below went through a big reshuffling. All the members of the student council have greatly increased in power, and nearly all of them rose to class B and the upper ranks of class C.1

Half of the students of class B up until now were demoted to class C, while the other half even fell as far as class D. In other words, since nearly every student in classes other than A was reshuffled entirely, the faculty is busy coping with the situation. In particular, since many of the students that were in class B are children of high nobility, there’ve been a lot of complaints about the exam results being mistaken.

Well, all I can do is hope that they’ll do their best in this regard. To begin with, if only the faculty did a better job teaching, then this wouldn’t have happened regardless of my formation of the student council. This is simply the result of their own negligence and it’ll be a problem if they don’t come to accept that.


「And so, congratulations with the tests!」

Standing on a stage at the usual training area, I greeted the members of the student council. For the non-class A members, this will be the last activity with their participation before the holidays. It shouldn’t hurt for them to take a break from training for one day.
In contrast with the usual dreary training ground scenery, there’s a table with plenty of food and drinks.

「Today’s food and drinks are provided by our very own Iglesio household and the Frazer household respectively! Today let us drink and dine aplenty, and relieve ourselves from our daily troubles!」

The members’ cheers echo through the training grounds. Children of nobility they may be, they’re still at the age where they have a great appetite for food and play. While I wouldn’t say that their usual meals taste bad, the food I cook shouldn’t fall short in comparison. The drinks, supplied thanks to Jason’s direct contact with his household, are also of high quality.

「Miss Lily! I, I really can use magic now!」
「Miss, no, Lady Lily! We’re in class A now! Ahh, I’ve never been so excited about the end of the holidays!」

As I was walking around the venue set up with a standing buffet, Liev and Joaquin came up to me and expressed words of gratitude. I had them become sorcerers to even up the numbers for the athletics festival but it looks like they got happier than I expected.

They still have a long way to go in terms of magic control, and they’re pretty low on the rankings this time since magic is completely different from what they’ve been training for up until now; but in terms of magic power capacity and manipulation, they have enough to be adequate. As long as they continue training diligently, they’ll surely be capable sorcerers.

Ah, big sis!」
「Come on, Selena. Stop running.」
「Excuse me, Miss Lily. How is it? Have you gotten a drink yet?」

The next ones to come were Selena and Jason. Selena was running with a chicken drumstick on one hand and a glass of juice on the other, so I’m a bit anxious that she might drop either of them.

「Yes, thank you very much, Mr. Jason. Fruit water of this quality is quite hard to come by.」
「My parents would be glad to hear that.」

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The juice Jason provided is, without any bias, of the highest quality. It’s already this good with their juice, so I can’t even imagine how good their wine is. In fact, I received some of these as a souvenir for Ces and old man Kent this holiday, so I can’t wait to see their delight.

「Ah, Lily!」
「Urania, have you eaten yet?」
「Nn, eating.」
「Too bad for this time’s test.」
「Nn, was somewhat lacking in strength. Next time I’ll try a bit better.」

Urania generally uses magic to supplement her own physicality, so the scale and power of her magic are relatively subdued. Since the wind attribute test was one assessing those two exact variables, her rank was lower than what she expected. Just as we heard from “Fyne”, simply being strong isn’t good enough to be valued in this academy.

「Lily, could you help us with special training?」
「Sure, of course.」
「Nn, with Lily, I won’t lose next time, even against Tebby.」

Saying so, Urania pumped her fists adorably. I couldn’t help but see how her chest was squeezed by this motion, but I’ll keep that to myself.2


  1. Lyly: Lol, great upset indeed
  2. Lyly: Kek, eyes are up here, Lily

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