Chapter 160 – Team D

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 0 words
Editor(s): Fire

—Urania’s POV

Lily’s planning something weird again. She’s hosting a… Magic Festival? Or something on the day off after the tests or so. There will be 8 games in total with four teams competing against each other, and the team that earns the most points at the end wins, she said. Lastly, the winners will be rewarded with a prize of their choice. Saying something so rash again, does she have anything planned if she ends up getting into trouble with this?

That being said, only the sorcerers of the student council are qualified for this event. While the members of the problematic first prince faction are sorcerers, they haven’t joined the student council; meanwhile, the people we don’t have a good grasp on yet who recently joined the student council aren’t sorcerers. With that in consideration, the class A student council members have been training with us for roughly three months, so I know that none of them will ask unreasonable requests from Lily.

The team distribution is already finished, I’m part of team D with Ethel, Kut, and Magnus. For the other teams: team A consists of Tebby, Kief, Suzy and Jassie; team B has Sola, Aura, Kiara, and Liev; and team C has Hermie, Mahara, Kerry, and Joaquin. According to Lily, the teams were divided in a way that they’re equal ability-wise.

「So I was thinking about leaving the obstacle race to Urania, but what do you think?」
「Nn? That’s all?」
「What else?」

The one that just talked to me was our team leader Ethel.1 This person acts overly familiar and casual even with Lily, but he seems to have the ability to draw people towards him, so he’s more fit to be a leader than Tebby or Hermie.

He’s also very attentive and observes other people’s training well. Due to that, he tends to neglect his own training, so some of those that joined in later like Hermie have already overtaken him in terms of power. He doesn’t seem to mind it himself, but it’d be nice if he could put a bit more effort into his own training.

「Ethel, Miss Urania is reserved unlike you.」
「Why do you make it sound like I’m talkative?」
「Aren’t you though? He’s talkative, right Miss Urania?」
「Nn, talks a lot.」

The one who called me taciturn was Magnus and the one that asked for my agreement was Kut. While it’s true that Ethel is quite talkative and a bit carefree for a son of a noble, I don’t think I’m reserved to be exact. It’s not that I don’t like talking, I only say what I need to say.

Kut, like Lily and I, is born a red folk, so Ethel often asks us about the daily life of a red folk. According to him; he wants to learn about it in advance because unlike Magnus, he’ll eventually lose his noble status.

Magnus seems to be curious as well, but he’s already engaged and has been arranged to marry into the branch family of the Marcella Household. Due to that, although he is curious and has yearned to be an adventurer, he’s a bit dejected by the fact that he can’t really go this path. In my opinion, it should be better when you have a choice other than being an adventurer. I don’t really understand how boys think.

「Nonetheless, Lily’s magic is amazing. Like, she did this in an instant.」
「The Spatial Expansion and Parallel Operation? Just how many spells does she have in this? I can’t even imagine.」

After saying 「Since you’re divided by teams, why don’t we have you train in separate training grounds as well?」 like it’s normal, she immediately expanded the space of the usual training area and divided it into five. Four for teams A to D and another one for the mages training for the tests.

Each of these five spaces are much bigger than the training ground, moreover, it’s specially made so that people can’t move between training areas without permission or so. Lily casually doing something absurd and unbelievable isn’t anything new, but this one surprised me just as much as the carriage did. I’m sure Lily doesn’t know just how few sorcerers there are that can do Spatial Expansion.

At the very least, I’ve heard that there are only four students this year with the dimension attribute including Lily. Among them, even Mahara who has joined Lily’s training for the longest time can only expand the space inside a bag to fit three monsters at most. Practically only Lily can expand the space inside a small pouch to be as spacious as the Iglesio Mansion training area.

「Let’s review. There are eight games and among them, only the relay and flag capture requires everybody to participate. Four are solo games. Urania will do the ‘Obstacle Race’, Kut ‘Target Shooting’, Magnus ‘Wall Demolition’, and me ‘Can Defense’. Are we good so far?」
「It’s good.」
「No issues.」

Out of the 8 games, Lily prepared two games requiring four participants, two requiring a pair, and four requiring only one representative. The teams were given a brief explanation of the games and are to assign members to games that fit their specialties.

What I’m joining is the obstacle race. As its name implies, it’s a contest on who can reach the goal the fastest while avoiding obstacles prepared by Lily. Regarding this, I’m confident that there’s no one faster than me. It’ll be a different story if Selena participated, but since she’s class D, she’s not joining this time. It’s a bit of a shame.

Kut will play target shooting, a contest where participants shoot magic at targets floating in the air. Since the targets are of certain hardness, both speed and power are needed.
Magnus’ wall demolition is a contest of who can destroy the wall provided by Lily the fastest. While it should only require pure power, since Lily is providing the walls, I don’t think that it’ll be that simple.

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The last one, can defense, is similar to the one that we usually do during training, according to Lily. However, the goal isn’t for the participants to fight each other but instead to defend one’s respective can against an attacker Lily prepared. Since Lily had a subtle smile when telling us that she’s providing the attacker, I have a really bad feeling about it.2 This one game I really don’t want to play, so I’m glad that Ethel volunteered.

「Next is to decide on the pairs for Pole Toppling and Fortress Defense. Kut and Magnus will do Pole Toppling and Urania and I will do Fortress Defense, does that sound good?」
「Nn, Kut and Magnus have strong offensive potential, but can the two of us really do defense?」

Pole Toppling, as its name implies, is a game where the team that toppled the most pillars spread over the field will win. Ethel aside, I can’t use magic with high offensive potential or wide area of effects, so I understand why I’m not assigned here. However, the Fortress Defense is like an enlarged version of Can Defense, with the participants defending a fort instead of a can. While it is true that mobility is needed to defend a wide area……

As I thought, I really don’t feel like participating in this game after seeing that smile of Lily’s.


  1. Lyly: Ethel likes using -chan, even on Lily, who’s practically one of the most respected in their year so far
  2. Lyly: Lol, Urania knows Lily too well

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