Chapter 162 – Opening Ceremony

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1125 words
Editor(s): Fire

『Challengers!! Do you want to go to the hot springs with Lady Lily!!?』

『Well heard!! Then fight for it! The First! Magic Mastery Festival is about to begin!!!』

Presently, 16 students are enthusiastically cheering in response to the girl exclaiming on the stage right before me, Sharl. Wait, how the heck did it end up like this!?

「Mr. Jason, why did it become such a big deal?」
「Well, in my opinion, that’s mostly your fault for not establishing any limitations for the reward, you know?」

Asking Jason who was next to me, it seems like this was the answer. While it’s true I didn’t establish any limitations to the prize, it appears that this caused a big dispute between the students of class A. Those that are red folk desired monetary rewards while those nobles that have some amount of riches wanted my magical tools. Those of high peerage that want a stronger connection with me wanted to invite me to their family’s territory during the vacation but as to be expected, touring the territory of four people is difficult even for me.

With my background in consideration, representatives from each team discussed with each other, which resulted in them asking me if it would be fine for the prize to be spending time with me in the last week of summer vacation at one of the most prominent hot spring resorts within the country. I then agreed, thinking that this should make things easier; and when I told Sharl, who was a class C member of the student council at that time, about it, this was the result.

Yup, this is definitely karma…… Completely my fault.1

『Now then, let us hear a word from this event’s organizer, Lady Lily. Lady Lily, if you may!』
「Ah, look, she’s calling you.」
「Haa…… Well, I’ll be off then.」

Being sent off by Jason’s wry smile, I stood next to Sharl on top of the stage. Before us are the four teams lined up respectively and behind them on the audience seats are the student council members, those that were recently allotted to class B and C.

Their faces are full of hope and anticipation, and their gazes are particularly focused on the former class B mages Liev and Joaquin. Well, I guess that should be a surprise. After all, I artificially made their talent for using magic blossom, which resulted in them being recognized, overtaking the sorcerers that didn’t join the student council, and rising to class A.

Naturally, I already told this possibility to the other student council members beforehand. That as long as they show character and effort, I’ll turn everyone in the student council into sorcerers before the end of the year. In a sense, this Magic Festival, no, was it Magic Mastery Festival? Would be a demonstration of this. Well, this is advertised as the first, but it’s a bit doubtful if we ever get a second one though.

『Ahh, ahh. Everyone, today we are blessed with a fair sky, perfect for some magic. Let us display the results of our daily efforts aplenty and fight righteously, so we can end this event safely with all smiles!』

Geez, the tension is already in full overdrive, no matter what I say, the only response I get are cheers. Just to be sure, I did warn them against injuries, but since I can heal them as long as they’re alive, it’s actually not much of an issue. If I had to say, anything would be fine as long as they don’t use carelessly unfair and despicable acts but that wouldn’t be an issue with regards to the student council.

『Now then, allow me to announce today’s program!
Event Number 1! Dash through the bridge of despair! Death Bridge Run!
Event Number 2! Defend against an unrelenting assault! Tentacle Guard!
Event Number 3! The pair’s bond is the key to victory! Fall Towers!
Event Number 4! Assault of a skyfallen emissary!? Garuda Shoot!
Event Number 5! The baton that ties together everyone’s bonds! Aim for the quickest goal! Dimension Run!
Event Number 6! The emissary from hell refuses to relent! Tentacle Wars!
Event Number 7! Blast through the approaching obstacles! Wall Break!
With that, this will be all 7 events. Well then, preparations will be necessary, so for every participant excluding those of the first event, please head to the waiting room.』

On Sharl’s instructions, each team headed to their respective waiting room I prepared.
Each waiting room is equipped with a large window, so the participants can also watch from there, but there are multiple camera-like magical tools set up all over the place, so they can also watch real-time on a monitor installed in the room.

Incidentally, this magical tool already has potential buyers from the Royal Castle and certain nobles through Ces’ connections, and 70% percent of the earnings will go directly to my wallet. The 20% will serve as Ces’ agency fee, while the remaining 10% will be sent to the Technical Magic Institution, the hangout of people that are sort of a grade up of this academy’s earth attribute students.2

By the way, there are also several projected monitors in the air, so no matter where you sit among the audience, you’ll be able to see the impressive footage. Seeing how the video is being projected midair, it really gives a feel of fantasy, which makes me feel like I’m one step closer to the world I’ve really wanted to see.

「Okay, let’s do this!」

Raising my voice, I put my hand on the ground and feed in magic power from there. With the sound of rumbling, the earth swells and pillars begin rising from the ground.
After reaching a certain height, the top of each pillar began to reach out and connect to each other, eventually making a bridge large enough to extend from one end of the training ground to another. This, indeed, is the stage for the first event, the Death Bridge itself.

「That should do it, then Miss Sharl, if you may?………… Miss Sharl?」
『Ah, yes. Pardon me. Now then, all participants of the first event, please head to your starting positions!』

Urging the astonished Sharl, she moves on with the program. The once-bustling audience is now completely silent, but if this is enough to shock you, you won’t last beyond this, you know?3


  1. Lyly: Kek, as usual, careless Lily
  2. Lyly: Possibly being more on the practical usage of magic? Like how earth attribute mages/sorcerers seem to me strongly connected to agriculture and the wine business (Jason)? Maybe even construction?
  3. Lyly: Kek, dis about to knock ya off yer boots baby

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