Chapter 159 – Holiday Plans

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1141 words
Editor(s): Fire

About three months since the opening, just when the class has started to settle in our new environment, the students once again started to become somewhat restless. This is because one of the two annual long vacations is drawing near and also because the first test since the academy opening is imminent.

This academy, or rather the large academies in this country where nobles attend, has two long annual vacations without exception. One of them is the winter break, which is the two month period when the territories are closed off due to the snow. Since the snow would interfere with the territories activities and would greatly decrease the interaction with travelling merchants, the proxies and lords that govern the lands compile their annual earnings report and prepare the policies and activities for the coming year during this period.

It may seem unrelated to the academy students at first glance but with them being children of nobility, these would include the possible future lords and proxies of the land. Rather, it’s not rare for recognized sorcerers to be entrusted with a whole town. In other words, winter is the perfect time for these children to receive education for their future from their fathers or the families that gave them their support.

On the other hand, summer has a month-long break. In contrast to winter, no one would rather go out of their way to work in such a hot time of the year, so many go on vacations.1 And since they’ll naturally bring their family with them, many of the students will leave the academy to go on a family vacation.

It’s also common for the apprentice sorcerers that are backed by nobles to be invited as future retainers. In other words, it’s to deepen the relations at their liberating summer destinations.

「What will you be doing, Lady Lily?」
「In our case, we plan to tag along with Lord Ces.」
「My, with the great sage of Leo? What a wonderful summer break that looks to be!」

While the other students are enjoying their vacation with the family, we’ve already planned on following around Ces. While I’d love to expect a vacation, it’s nearly impossible for Ces to take a break during summer, so we’ll basically be following him on his work.

Still, since Urania and I can act as babysitters, Adan, who’s usually left in the town of Gateskeep, is coming along with us. The truth is, while old man Kent was already informed about this, Adan has no idea about this at all, so I’m really looking forward to her surprised look.

Regarding the other students, some have their own vacation island, some are going to the villa they have at a famous resort area, and some have contracted with sorcerers that can freely manipulate ice for the entirety of the month.2 As expected of children from rich families.

「While I don’t mind the excitement, are you all ready for the tests?」

Everyone has only been talking about how they would spend the summer. Absolutely none of them has brought up the test that will right happen before the break. Is it fine that they don’t study? I’m really worried about this.

「What are you even talking about, Lily? The tests are obviously going to be easy to pass at this point.」
「True, true. After training under Lady Lily, the academy’s tests are nothing to worry about.」
「Agreed. After all, the coming tests aren’t written tests, but practical ones. Absolutely nothing to worry about.3

Each and every one of class A unanimously remarked that the test is nothing to worry about. Now that I think about it, considering the lesson contents and the details of the class sorting exam, they do have a point. Obviously, this time’s exam will likely be on a higher level compared to the class sorting exam but at the very least, none of the class A student council members are likely to be demoted to class B.

Naturally, the other student council members, particularly those from class C and D, have been training with monstrous enthusiasm. While they won’t reach class A due to them being incapable of using magic, they can rise to the better class B.

It’s unlikely that there would be changes to class A, a complete reshuffling will happen in classes B and below right after the summer break and I expect it to cause havoc. The gap between those in the student council and those that are not will simply be visible now. In preparation for that, I already called out to several faculty members, such as the class D advisor and the alchemy professors. The problem is, since there are only a few professors in this academy that aren’t attached to a faction, there were only a few professors I could call.

Speaking of problems, setting aside the test, them going to training in this lax condition is unacceptable. It’ll be impolite to the apprentice sorcerers that are being earnest in training and, most of all, accidents happen more easily when people are lax. If ever a magic power overload happens, then it’ll be a disaster. A magic overload from these students, who have increased their magic power and their total power as a result of our training, is something I don’t even want to imagine.

I’ll need to have them focus before the test starts. Now then, what to do.

「In that case, after the test, why don’t we hold a special event at the training grounds after class?」
「A special event?」
「Yes, an athletics festival…… No, why don’t we call it a magic festival?」

What I suggested was the familiar school cliche, an event consisting of numerous games. However, since it’ll be a contest of magic and not just athletics, I’m calling it the magic festival. If things go well, then we could probably hold this event annually after this.

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「Magic…… Festival?」
「Yes, that’s right. For the team to win first place, I will provide them a prize of their liking.」

Excluding me, the members of class A total to 14. Adding Liev and Joaquin from class B, I can divide the 16 of them into teams of four and have them compete. Naturally, the teams that will have Liev and Joaquin will be at a disadvantage as it is, so I’m considering having them use the prototype magical tool.

With that settled, preparations are going to be necessary. An obstacle race and shooting range would probably work well, but there’s definitely too few people for a cavalry battle. It’ll be great if I come up with some other good ideas.


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