Chapter 148 – Punishment Time

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1155 words
Editor(s): Fire

What happened during this afterschool period was unbelievable but this did end up to be, in a sense, a significant time. Lately, I haven’t used any proper magic outside of class and the ones I can use in class are all just small-scale magic.

And just when I thought I could go a bit wild in this week’s training after a long while, Selena made her move. While I can’t praise her actions, she did play a big part in relieving my stress. I ended up nearly using up all my magic power from the large-scale magic and I’m extremely exhausted but in exchange, I feel the same soothing sensation after doing extreme exercise.

In conclusion, there’s no doubt that both Selena and I were born from that sacred mountain. Selena was born the night after I escaped from the bandits. After my escape, the bandits, refusing to learn their lesson, once again went to where the eggs were and carried the newborn Selena to their cabin.

After that, what happened is easy to guess. Those ropers back then were completely unrelated to the eggs, and the sacred mountain’s abnormality was, as expected, caused by our birth. And it seems that the creation of my existence wasn’t enough to exhaust the mana pooled up on the sacred mountain, so Selena was created as well.

「That’s why big sis is the [One who Fabricates] and I’m the [One that Produces]!」
「That’s why… What does that even mean?」
Ummm, what was it again? What I can create are only those that already exist in this world. Big sis, unlike me, can create new things. You don’t remember?」

I try to recall a bit. Come to mention it, I don’t remember ever failing when I created either magic or magical tools. In most cases, I was able to create things exactly as I imagined.

「I can do a lot, but since you’re on a higher level than I am, your creation is more amazing! As long as it not super weird, I think you can make anything!」
「By weird, you mean?」
Hmm, like animals that have no heart or head, or curse magic?」

What’s with those examples, little sis. Well, yeah, I can get that she probably means inexplicable creatures or disgusting stuff. Even I don’t have any intention of making something like that at all. Still, this power is extremely convenient. There’s nothing better than being able to make anything as you like. No wonder Ces and old man Kent were taken aback by the magical tools I made.

After a long exchange, the sound of a stomach’s gurgling was heard. The sun is already down and it’s completely dark now. It seems like we’ve talked for a pretty long time.

「Guess it’s time to go.」
Nn, yeah. I’m hungry.」

I stood up and reached my arm out to Selena. The two of us are nightmares that don’t require much food but since we habitually eat food, getting hungry is natural.

「Want to eat dinner with me?」
Mm~m~, it’s fine. He’s… probably waiting for me.」
I see. Don’t bother people too much, okay? And make sure to go to class tomorrow. And……」
Pft~, you’re like a mom.」
「I’m your big sister, right?」
Oh, yeah.」

Sharing this idle exchange, Selena and I went our own ways. Considering what happened next, I can’t help but think that Selena made the correct choice.1


「………… 」
「Mi~ss Urania?」
「I’m pretty hungry, you see……」

What waited for me as I arrived was Urania greeting me briefly before sniffing all around my body. While I could do nothing against it, I was suddenly dragged to the bedroom and, before I could realize it, my cloak was stripped off and Urania clung on to me really close.

She rubbed the back of her ears and the underside of her chin over my chest and belly, and when I tried to escape, Urania would use her physical advantage to pin me down on the bed. Thanks to that, although I’m back home, I haven’t even touched food yet.

「Urania, what is it?」
「I told you I’ll be late, didn’t I?」
「The scent of a different woman.」
「A scent similar to yours, but different. I’ll allow Sierra’s, but other than that, I’ll overwrite them.」

In other words, Urania is marking me right now. While I did embrace Selena, for her to be able to identify her scent after only that much contact, I guess they aren’t called dog ear-kin for nothing. Still, while Urania’s jealousy is adorable, her actions feel a bit too extreme.2

「Hey…… Can I at least have a meal first? We’ll have a proper talk about this afterwards, okay?」
Nn, can’t be helped.」
「I’m glad you understand.」

She didn’t understand at all. Having grown healthy, Urania is about a head taller than me now. That same Urania sat me on top of her lap and is currently feeding me. Scooping the food with a spoon and making me open wide like a child.

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Nn, delicious?」
「Yeah, it’s tasty. But… could you let me eat by myself?」
「…… Is that so.」

I don’t mind as long as she’s satisfied, but is this really that fun?

「Wait, Mn?」
「………… Mn.」

And then there was the dessert. While I’ve already resigned myself, thinking that Urania probably won’t stop at this point; perhaps getting bored, she, of all things, brought the spoon into her own mouth and told me to do mouth-to-mouth. It would have been better if she just forced it into me, but while Urania does have her arms locked tightly around my hips, she’s waiting for me to suck on her lips willingly.4

Despite nearly writhing in embarrassment, I suck on Urania’s lips. Chewed dessert travel back and forth from the two of us, being mixed around. I really want to finish eating quickly, but Urania isn’t allowing it, making it difficult for me to swallow the dessert.

There’s nothing left but mushy sweetness now. This dessert was a tart made with a strawberry-like fruit, but both the fruity acidity and the sweetness of the sugar used in the tart were all overwritten by Urania’s flavor, making them impossible to recognize.

In the end, Urania then teased me that day until I was dead exhausted. We were together not only during dinner, but also at the bath and bed as well. Since I’ve replenished enough life essence, I’ve recovered the magic I used up today but even more than that, I was mentally exhausted, so I immediately fell asleep.


  1. Lyly: Uh-oh
  2. Lyly: Specifically, her actions here are a bit Ill, like the kanji for ill they use in Yandere
  3. Lyly: Muffled hurry
  4. Lyly: Urania being dominant as usual

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