Chapter 149 – Est’s Morning

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1379 words
Editor(s): Fire

— Est’s Perspective1

It was morning. Despite it getting considerably warm these days, I reprimanded my limbs that were resisting to leave the mattress and managed to get off my bed. I retrieved water from the magical tool, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and dressed myself before starting today’s work.

Leaving the room too large to be given to an attendant, I headed to the living room and saw my senior, Mr. Hans, waiting there with tea prepared.

「Good morning, Mr. Hans.」
「Good day, Est. I’m doing fine here, so please head to our ladies.」

Helping our ladies get dressed in the morning is my job. Naturally, me being female is part of it but Lady Lily and Lady Urania are, by all means, actually capable of dressing themselves. Because of this, at first, Mr. Hans was to be the one to inform them that the breakfast preparations are ready but……

「You can come in.」
「Good morning.」

With a knock, I received Lady Urania’s permission and entered the room. Lady Urania seems to be already awake as she’s sat up on their bed, but it appears that Lady Lily is still asleep as usual.

「Tea is already ready, so how shall it be today?」
Nn, I’ll make breakfast. Please handle Lily.」
「Understood. In that case, please excuse me.」

I approached their bed, took my shoes off, and went on the bed. After that, I gently dislodged the sleeping Lady Lily’s arms embracing Lady Urania tight and helped her up. Incidentally, both Lady Urania and Lady Lily are not the types to wear proper nightgowns, as they seem to prefer wearing light underclothes on top and shorts on the bottom.

In the past, as Mr. Hans came to call them for breakfast, Lady Urania was troubled by how Lady Lily clung tightly to her and gave Mr. Hans permission to enter, resulting in him seeing this sight up close. From then on, only in this time period have I been assigned to handle everything.

In truth, even I was awfully troubled on where to lay my eyes in the beginning despite being of the same sex. Lady Urania’s bountiful articles are by no means concealable under such thin clothing and while the sleepy Lady Lily is quite adorable as she is embraced by Lady Urania, as she is only clad in transparent thin clothing and a pair of shorts, her appearance gives a strange sense of immorality.

Even I, being of the same sex, am greatly shaken by this, so it’s only natural that a man such as Mr. Hans to have been greatly flustered.

As Lady Urania successfully slipped out of Lady Lily’s embrace, she immediately started changing by herself. At first, I was bewildered by this, but as it’s a daily occurrence, I’m long used to it. In general, Lady Urania would turn down our assistance and seems to prefer to do as much as she can by herself.

「Well, do your best.」

And as Lady Urania was to prepare breakfast, she left us and headed to the kitchen. Both Mr. Hans and I can only cook simple dishes. There has been previous discussion about hiring an exclusive chef, but Lady Lily declined saying that it would be better if they cooked instead of pointlessly employing more people. Due to this, either Lady Lily or Lady Urania would cook all the food, including ours.

As I do feel conflicted as an attendant, I have asked to be taught cooking during my free time, but I still can only cook simple dishes. Rather than me, Mr. Hans seems to be more promising, so this might end up being Mr. Hans’ duty in the future. I-If it’s simply assisting, then I can do it as well!

「Lady Lily, it is time to change.」
Mn…… Nn……」

Hearing Lady Lily’s enchanting breaths, I couldn’t help but feel a shock. I consciously tried to maintain my composure as much as possible. Lady Urania appears to feel guilty about making me handle this, as I have been given a pardon for minor accidents, but if I do end up laying my hands on Lady Lily, I would risk receiving punishment as before and dragging Lady Lily into it.

Yesterday’s punishment was already quite intense, so if another was to follow directly the day after, then might it be punishment so extreme that Lady Lily would be unable to stand on her own legs? Ah, rather, it’s more of a reward at that point even. With Lady Lily here, why don’t I just…… Ah, I shouldn’t. I was nearly swayed by such unsavory thoughts.

「Now please raise your hands.」
Mnn…… Est?」
「Yes, that’s right. It’s morning, Lady Lily.」

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Taking Lady Lily’s hands, I had her raise her arms, and first stripped her top. Being currently half-asleep, Lady Lily clung to me while being half-naked. She then held her cheeks against mine and began nudging against my face. This is something that Lady Urania enjoys doing and I’ve been told before that Lady Lily has seemingly picked this habit up.

Being embraced by Lady Lily is greatly pleasant, so I would love to stay like this if possible, but there’s an issue. I attempted to push Lady Lily aside, but in part of last night’s happenings, it seems like I was too late today.2

Mmn~…… Soft~」
Nha~…… L-lady Lily~」

Please pardon my reflexive moan. Lady Lily pressed herself against me and began moving her hands as she continued rubbing against my cheeks.

Mhn…… AhaHAa~…… Hyau…」

Starting with a large kneading, she eventually traces a circle around mine, and lastly flicks them with her fingers. It’s only natural for me to be unable to control my voice. While I turn completely red from the shame of letting my voice leak out, this still isn’t the end of it.

Lady Lily then enveloped the hands she’s touching me with a thin veil of magic power and each time this magic power comes in contact with my body, electrifying waves of sweet pleasure surge through my spine. As I resist this unbearable pleasure, I scold my trembling legs, help Lady Lily up, and wipe her body down with a moist towel.

Even during this, the still half-asleep Lady Lily would relentlessly snuggle against me and touch me with those magic power clad hands of hers, so I cannot let my guard down. No, if I can’t keep myself fully focused, I would be engulfed by these surging waves of pleasure.

「There, done.」
Mn, huh? Est?」
「Good morning, Lady Lily. All that’s left are these.」

As I said so, I presented Lady Lily her white blouse. Lady Lily silently put her arms through its sleeves and, after wearing the skirt I similarly presented to her, Lady Lily has transformed to her usual self. While I like how dignified Lady Lily appears in her tube top and hotpants, my opinion is that her appearance as a lady comparable to a flower’s beauty is what personifies her the best.

「Lady Urania is preparing breakfast.」
「Got it.」
「Will lunch be as usual?」
「We’ll need a bit more this time, so I’ll leave the rest to you. I’ll prepare it in advance, so please bring it to the student council room at the usual time.」

Now completely in her usual state, Lady Lily left and headed to the living room. Tidying the room after the morning preparations is my Job, so this is also the usual course of events.

After confirming Lady Lily’s departure, I sink down into the bed. I somehow managed to keep myself composed before Lady Lily today as well. Those hands of hers, the pleasure that touched my body, has completely seized me captive.

While embracing my own body, while basking and quivering in the lingering pleasure, I thoroughly take in my ladies’ scents lingering on their bed.3

Despite knowing that it’s wrong, I enjoy this situation for a brief moment while hoping that the sigh exiting my lips doesn’t reach the ears of my ladies in the living room.


  1. Lyly: Est time~
  2. Lyly: Okay, it’s showtime
  3. Lyly: Lewd

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