Chapter 147 – Sibling Fight?

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1037 words
Editor(s): Fire


As to be expected, encasing a thousand things in ice is back-breaking even with my magic. Since I cast “Freeze” with area specification, overflow prevention, effect increasing, and much more in it, I’m nearly out of magic power. It’s not enough to make me faint like last time, but I don’t have any magic left to cast large magic. I can probably only cast “Burn” four or five times at most.

There’s a lot I want to ask Selena but before that, there’s something I need to say first.

「You little! Mischievous brat!」

As Selena was sitting down on the floor after being attacked by her own goblins, I smacked my fist on top of her head. Ignoring the ropers… well, those were actually enough of a reason already, but a thousand goblins? What was she thinking? Alone, goblins are weak monsters. However, these monsters are also so dangerous that there’s an anecdote of a goblin king and its army of 1000 goblins destroying a country in the past.

While we haven’t had any contact up until now, as Selena summoned these monsters without careful consideration, I have to teach her a lesson as her family. She does seem a bit too careless in general, so some scolding is necessary.

「Listen now, I don’t know what the heck your ability is, but power always comes with responsibility. 1
Oww…… Big sis hit me……」
「And that responsibility is…… ha?」
「Big sis hit me!! Waaaaa!!

However, I couldn’t do any scolding towards my little sister, as Selena suddenly began to cry.

Waaaa!!! Big sis hit me!」
「Eh? Ha? W-was it that painful?」
「Big sis you idiot-!! You hannya-!2
「What do you mean hannya!?」

Even as she bawls, Selena began insulting me nonstop. I can understand stupid, idiot, or demon, but hannya? Is there even a hannya in this world? There actually might be…… this is that pig god’s world after all.

「You demon-!」
Ow, ow!」

While insulting me, Selena started throwing nearby pebbles and rocks at me. I’m glad that it’s not magic, but pebbles and rocks are still painful.

Selena was acting way younger than she appeared. She does whatever she pleases, pouts when things don’t go her way, and cries when she can’t do anything about it. She’s acting like a child between preschool and lower primary level. However, in hindsight, this might be natural.

If Selena and I are sisters, then we should have been born at about the same time. In other words, not even a full year ago. In my case, I kept not only the knowledge from my past life but also my memory and personality. Because of that, despite being less than one year old, I can act with some level of maturity.

On the other hand, what about Selena? It’d be a different story if Selena was reincarnated but from her actions up until now, that’s probably not the case. She seems to have past life knowledge considering her use of hannya and other difficult words, but she doesn’t seem to know their usual usage, so I suppose she only knows them as pure information?

Ah, geez, I get it, I get it already……」
Uugh….. sniffle…… Hugs……」
Ah, okay, sure.」

After seeing her childish selfishness, I couldn’t even muster the energy to be angry anymore. With Selena having her arms outstretched, I embraced her. In addition, when I pat her on the back to comfort her, [Ehehe~] she immediately cheered back up. I’m guessing that her frequent change of emotions is also due to her youth.

For a while, I sat down on the grass, embracing Selena and soothing her. It seems like I’ll have to think of my words if I want to have a conversation with Selena.

「Selena, what was with those monsters?」
「Nya~go and Kuuchan?」
「I guess those two as well, but no. I’m asking about those ropers and goblins.」
Mn? I made them~」

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According to her, her [One that Produces] can produce any monsters of this world. Creating monsters requires mana and life essence, she can produce monsters with the mana in the surroundings and a small quantity of the life essence she has inside of her.

「You’re almost like a dungeon.」
Hmm, that might not be wrong. I’m practically like something like a dungeon after all.」
「What do you mean by that?」

She says that there’s a lot in common between her and dungeons. Certainly, being able to produce monsters, store monsters inside her body, and make them grow with the surrounding mana, they do share similarities. The difference is, if I had to say, that life essence is required on top of mana because of her nature as a nightmare.

Ah, let me introduce you! This is Nya~go and Kuuchan!」

Perhaps satisfied with the hug, Selena suddenly let go and cheerfully summoned her two monsters. One was a fly-cat, a monster that looks like a cat with wings, and the other was a little poison, a small spider monster. She seems to adore them enough to even give them names, and it appears that she hasn’t created any other monster of the same species as these two.

「Why did you have so many goblins and ropers?」
Mm, ropers are perfect for dealing with annoying men. And I guess I made goblins because they’re the easiest to make?」

According to what she said, those ropers were once bandits and robbers that attacked her in the past when she was still wandering around. Similar to the roper at the sacred mountain, these ropers were probably adults that grew after parasitizing people from the inside. While those people did attack her, it’s still a nasty way of counterattacking.

「I heard that you turned goblins into ice, so I wanted to see it.」
「You still made too much regardless……」

Don’t put the world in danger just because you wanted to see my magic……3


  1. Lyly: Never forget the words of everybody’s Uncle. The one that always dies.
  2. Lyly:
  3. Lyly: World level threat: Little sister
    Silva: Did someone call for Robin?

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