Chapter 139 – Lily’s Weakness

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1301 words
Editor(s): Fire

—Urania’s POV

My lover Lily is awfully strong. It’s the case for her magic itself, but her acute judgment and her very resilient strength of will cements this fact. Unfortunately, she ended up losing against the Sage of Leo, Lord White Peer Iglesio; but other than him, Lily likely won’t lose.

My lover Lily is awfully smart. Not only did she master the application of magic and the production of magical tools, but also the etiquette and history lessons as well. At first, I was the one who taught Lily the most, but now Lily is the one teaching me in most cases.

My lover Lily is awfully kind. Even though she grumbles that it’s bothersome, she still created the student council and is going out of her way to reform the academy for Adan’s sake, making an effort she normally wouldn’t. She even said the academy should just get destroyed when she heard about the academy from “Fyne”.

Lately, Lily has been called a perfect superhuman, the ideal lady, and even the 13th Sage by the people. While I’m glad that my lover is being highly valued like so, on the other hand, I don’t quite like the feeling that my Lily is being taken from me.

Still, I know things about Lily that the others from our class don’t. The thought of being the only person to properly know Lily gives me a sense of euphoria similar to a feeling of superiority.

I know Lily’s secrets. Among them are secrets that not only the people of class A want to know about, but the faculty as well.

My lover Lily has several weaknesses.

Mn, uh-nh……」
Nhmm, mhya……Urania…… Nyhehe~

Weakness number one, Lily is weak with mornings.

It’ll be about an hour since I’ve begun staring at Lily’s face, but there’s absolutely no sign of her waking up at all. The way she occasionally calls my name and smiles is unfair. I wonder what kind of dream she’s having? I’m a bit curious about what dreams a Nightmare like Lily would see.

Naturally, she doesn’t always sleep this much. She wakes up on time on days we have classes, and Lily’s sleeping habits are on the better side in my opinion. Still, on days like these when there’s nothing to do, she usually sleeps until the sun is high above. In most cases, the spirit Arytte would slap Lily awake, but she’s not here today.

Arytte generally listens to Lily’s request to keep herself hidden from other people. Lily has given her permission to become visible as long as it’s only in this room, so most of the time she materializes and eats pastries. Even so, after yesterday’s incident, Arytte only said there’s something bothering her before leaving for somewhere. According to Lily, she seems to have been already gone when we were heading to the dragon’s nest.

Because of the mess yesterday, Lily decided to rest for the whole day and canceled all her plans for today. Because of that, Lily has a much deeper sleep than usual, but it’ll be a bit boring if she doesn’t wake up soon.

Nn-…… Chu~
Mhn, chu~…………!?!?!?!?

Weakness number two, Lily is weak against sudden kisses.

Lily’s lips seemed so delicious in her sleep, so I couldn’t help but have a taste, but it’s Lily’s fault for staying asleep.

Ever since we stayed in the same room at Gateskeep, the frequency of our kisses has increased. Usually, I would wait for Lily to kiss me, but I was surprised to see how red and flustered Lily becomes when I initiate the kiss.

Despite the fact that we’ve already kissed so much, Lily doesn’t seem to get used to it at all and always shows a novel expression, so I can’t help but play around with her. This is also her fault for being cute.

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Mn~, Urania, what time is it?」
Nn, just a bit before noon.」
「I see.」

It seems like while Lily has woken up, she doesn’t seem to want to get off the bed yet. We don’t really have anywhere to go today and I also like relaxing on the bed, so it’s not a problem. We spent sweet time only kissing, giggling over small nothings, holding hands, and touching shoulders.

Suddenly, I notice that this sweet mood has slightly changed. The time I kiss with Lily has increased, as well as the time we touch each other. Our clothes slowly slipped off, and the way I, and Lily, touched each other has changed.


I couldn’t help but let out my voice, and I’m gradually getting into the mood. Lily’s touch is gentle, as though she’s handling a fragile breakable. Even though I want Lily to touch me more, she can’t quite go any further. While it’s frustratingly vexing, I understand that this is because Lily cares about me, so I don’t intend to complain.

Weakness number three, Lily is actually a scaredy-cat.

The reason why Lily treats me like I’m fragile seems to be because I nearly died because of her mistake. I don’t have clear memories about what happened, so I really don’t think Lily needs to worry about it too much, but she’s still bothered by it even now.

「Lily? We can’t?」

Today, Lily stops in the middle of it once again. She says that it isn’t that she doesn’t want to do it, but she’s scared to go until the end.

Lily can’t seem to ignore other people being hurt or killed as well. Despite being ruthless against monsters, Lily goes out of her way to capture the bandits and adventurer hooligans that attacked us alive, pretty thorough. She would even go as far as hurt herself to keep other people alive, so my worries never end.

Lily is weird. Despite not being afraid of getting hurt, she’s afraid of other people getting hurt. While this applies to people that she doesn’t know, it’s much worse when someone she knows could get hurt. Yesterday, I was really afraid that Lily would kill that tiny dragon out of anger.

Lily managed to cool her head down that time, but I knew that she was actually still very angry. Lily seemed as if she was calm but if looks could kill, the glare she had at Glen as he was asleep was sharp enough to kill a person. The last time I saw Lily make a face like that was during that incident at the manor at Gateskeep.

And Lily’s final weakness, is surely me.

I’m the one closest to Lily, while not being as strong as her. Rather, I’m a failure even among the beast-kin. I’m certain that the reason why Lily treats me like I’m fragile and why she doesn’t go all the way with me is because I’m weak.

Lily has given so much to me and I barely have anything I can give to her. About all I can do is give her life essence when we kiss. Sometimes I wonder if I’m even allowed to stay by her side as I am. I don’t have familial status like Sola or Hermie, nor do I have strength like Arytte does. Even Est worked hard to gain her place as an attendant.

I… have nothing.

I want to be stronger. I have to be stronger. So I don’t drag Lily down, so I can proudly stand beside her.

「Lily, I’ll try doing all I can!」
「I see, do your best.」

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Lily gave her support without prying about the details. As I was happy about this fact, I renewed my resolve.


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