Chapter 140 – Life at the Start of the Week

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1145 words
Editor(s): Fire

As the weekend passes, a new week begins. We return to our daily lives and, on the surface, the academy is in peace, but in this class A, one person has disappeared.

Glen’s punishment is a month of house arrest in addition to being dropped to class A’s lowest position, the 20th place. While this punishment is light in comparison to what he did, as the only clear evidence against him are the fact that he stole the dragon’s egg and his possession of the mantle of concealment, which is forbidden on grounds, there’s no helping it.

I myself know that Glen holds clear malice and murderous intent, but I have no way of proving it. If we had Milt or Herman’s testimony then it’d be a different story, but they are of the same first prince faction as Glen is. There’s no way that they would cooperate with us.

In addition, even if I do have a way to prove Glen’s murderous intent, him receiving the appropriate punishment will be nearly impossible. Since Glen, as a sorcerer like us, is required to learn about magic in this academy, expulsion is out of the question. How about just locking him up in isolation then, you ask? That’s also out of the question. To begin with, a prison that can keep a sorcerer locked in doesn’t exist.

In most cases, sorcerers that have committed crimes would just be levied with a fine. Depending on the case, it might come with some scolding from the authorities, but the only plausible punishment greater than that would be a death sentence. And we can’t afford to go that far with a squabble between students… is the academy and the country’s standing on this case.

For me, it’s not my intention to cause a person’s death to settle an incident that ended just as an attempt. If I had the choice, I’d rather have them give a somewhat heftier punishment, but it’s not like I’d go as far as exacting private punishment. Well yeah, I’ve already done it though. Not physically, but mentally.

The ones bothered by Glen’s treatment seem to be only me, Urania, and the students of the first prince faction. The members of group B and C are still clearly restless from the excitement of defeating monsters. The children of nobility in particular are already looking forward to the end of the week, despite the fact that this week just started.

For that reason, today’s lesson could barely serve its purpose. After all, everybody in the class realized that the training sessions I hold are more effective in improving magic power manipulation and preservation in comparison to Professor Herman’s lessons. Even the members of the first prince faction, who didn’t join our training session, are now skeptical of Professor Herman’s lectures.

I do feel a bit bad about it, but he absolutely intended to play favoritism with students that are of the same faction as he is to begin with, so it should serve as the perfect punishment. If Professor Herman has a change of heart in the future, then I wouldn’t mind passing my training methods to him.

Since it’s now known that my training methods are effective with other sorcerers and mages, I intend to teach this to the professors and have them conduct these with all the students. Whether Professor Herman will be the first I choose is still up in the air. The way he’s looking at Urania and me is really suspicious, you know?

Oh? Miss Lily?」
「Miss Hermie, is there a problem?」

The morning class had ended and while Urania and I were having lunch at the student council room, Hermie came. Since she came to this room then she should have some business with us, but she seemed surprised seeing me here.

Ah, no but… weren’t you in the cafeteria just now……?」
「No? I was always here?」

According to Hermie, it appears that she saw me eating with a boy at the cafeteria. And not only that, I seemed unusually intimate with him, so she hurriedly came to the student council room looking for Urania.1

「If that’s the case, then it might have been my imagination.」
「Strangers do sometimes share coincidental resemblances after all. Incidentally, have you already taken your lunch Miss Hermie?2
「Not yet, I caught sight of the said individual when I went to the cafeteria for a meal, you see?」
「In that case, would you mind joining me for lunch?」

Today’s lunch is a variety of sandwiches filled with different ingredients. Ham sandwich, egg sandwich, cutlet sandwich, and more. There’s also fried meat and salad sandwich, which I’m a bit proud of.

「Would that be alright?」
「Of course, I made slightly too much, you see?」

This is partly true, but also partly false. I’ve prepared enough to satisfy both me and Urania, but since Urania eats a light meal following the afternoon training and before dinner, I made enough extra for that. Urania won’t have any left for snacks, but since I do have various other meals prepared in my Dream Storage, it’s not a problem.

Oh, this is delicious……! The meat is so soft, I could practically eat a ton!」
「I know right?」

Hermie took a bit of the cutlet sandwich and showered it with praise. The meat I used is a type of monster meat, which has a gaminess when eaten without any preparation, but after some processing with oil, its gaminess was removed and only the good flavor remained. And so that it’ll stay delicious even when the outer breading goes cold, I made it a soft coating soaked in sauce beforehand instead of a crispy outer crust.

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「You have an excellent chef.」
Ah, no, I made these myself. I’m glad that it fits your taste.」
「You made this yourself!?」

It seems like the daughters of nobility in this world don’t cook so much. While Hermie can at least make cookies, she said that she had the chef make the dough and only handled it during the molding and the baking phase. Could this still be called cooking at that point? It’s a bit of a mystery, but certainly, if she can only cook that much, then it’s understandable for her to be so surprised.

After that, we had fun talking about whose magic improved in our classes, who have a peculiar way to use magic, and more other trivial stuff, and our enjoyable lunchtime ended before we knew it.


  1. Lyly: Lol, it’s pretty much obvious that you two have a relationship that people immediately report signs of apparent cheating
  2. Silva: I don’t think it’s wise to ignore this, someone might be impersonating you to spoil your reputation.

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