Chapter 138 – Dragon’s Nest

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 918 words
Editor(s): Fire

The interior of the cave was like an ant’s burrow, with many paths and many small divisions of rooms. According to Serra’s explanation, each of the rooms have different functions, furthermore, each dragon also has their own private room. Naturally, even though I described these as small, each of these are large enough to fit a tiny dragon. It seems that this cave was a natural formation, but it has been expanded to this size by the tiny dragons, including them, generation after generation.

They inherited the nest through the generations, and even modified it to make it easier to live in… I’ve heard that dragons are intelligent magic beasts, but I never expected this. Serra’s speech still consists of grunts and growls, but I can feel not only intelligence but also hospitality from her tone.

As we continue following Serra’s lead, we catch a glimpse of the lives of the dragons. Some of them glare and even occasionally growl at Urania as they see her carrying the egg, but these dragons are quickly shushed by Serra’s growl. The growling dragons behave and lower their heads after being reprimanded by Serra, so perhaps Serra has a higher standing among them than I thought.

The sizes of the dragons vary, but most of them are a size or two smaller than Serra. While the dragons guarding the entrance are roughly that size, the dragon that argued with Serra is roughly the same size as her, so he(?) might be of a higher standing as well.

Hm? Already?」

As I was observing the dragons while we continued further into the large ant burrow-like cave, we halted at a certain room and Serra informed us that we had arrived. Serra cries into the room with a slightly loud voice and after a while, a cry echoed back in reply.


Hearing that cry, Serra told us to come with her, so we entered the room after her and there was a ton of baby dragons inside the room.

「Lily, this is…..」
「Seems to be some sort of nursery.」

It sounds like I was right, as Serra delightedly cried in reply. Unlike the rooms before this, this room is slightly warm, is that because these baby dragons can’t properly manage their body temperature yet?

There are five baby dragons in total and one dragon of the same size as Serra, who’s probably an egg keeper like her too. Underneath the dragon’s belly are two eggs that are yet to hatch.

「Urania, hand them the egg.」
Nn, got it.」

Urania gently changes how she carries the egg and approaches the dragon, who seemed to be observing her closely. While I don’t know if Urania is aware of that, she drew near the dragon without showing any sign of vigilance and gently returned the egg.

Seeing that, the dragon nodded in satisfaction and embraced the three eggs with affection. It seems like the dragon recognizes that we don’t have hostility and ill will against them. Considering how Serra seems somewhat relieved right now, she was probably feeling anxious as well.

「Sorry for having you come along with us, Serra.」
「Haha, you had full trust in us? You’re flattering me.」
Gura! Guuuu!
「Wai-, what!?」

Serra playfully ordered the baby dragons 「It’s an intruder! Go~!」 and the baby dragons watching from afar, probably because they sensed the serious mood earlier, quickly ran towards us. With their still toothless mouths, they bite me and jump towards me. While I called them baby dragons, each of them are still about as big as a medium-sized dog and being attacked by three of them, I was effortlessly pushed to the ground.

In contrast, Urania perfectly evades the baby dragon who pounced on her. The baby dragon lands on the ground instead of Urania and tilts its head in confusion. And after looking around and finding Urania, it once again pounced on her and became confused as Urania evaded it yet again.

Seemingly fascinated by Urania’s swift movements, the hyperactive baby dragons gradually left me behind and went to Urania. Even as four baby dragons continuously attacked her nonstop, Urania is still composed and seems to be enjoying the chase.

「Hm? What is it?」

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And so there was only one baby dragon left together with me. It seems like this dragon would rather be pampered than run around, as it rubbed its head against me, so I stroked and petted the dragon’s snout and under its jaw, causing the baby dragon to narrow its eyes in happiness.

「Does this feel good?」
「I see~, how about here then?」
「Hm? You want some too? Alright, come here!」

And as I pampered the dragon, another baby dragon drew near me. This one’s energetic, biting and trying to grab the hand I caressed it with, it’s like I’m playing with a cat or dog. It was a bit overenthusiastic, so I covered my arm with a “Barrier”, which it seemed to be happy with, as it started playing more roughly.

Looking at Serra, she seems to be discussing something with the egg keeper dragon. Perhaps they’re discussing the succession of her job? Well, a lot of things happened today, relaxing with these baby dragons doesn’t sound bad at all. With that, Urania and I had a pleasantly peaceful time.


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