Chapter 79 – Angel’s Name

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2936 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1393 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Are you stupid?」

Just as I thought I heard a voice, my surroundings were suddenly wrapped in silence. Nobody made any noise at all, not Adan who’s been staring at me for the whole time, nor old man Kent who can’t hide the surprise on his face, and neither was Urania who’s excited with anticipation.

More than that, their expressions are stiff and they don’t even look like they’re breathing at all. I hurriedly attempted to use “Heal” when I realized that but even the magic power inside me has halted its movement as well.1

Ahh, geez! Please stop moving!」

I once again hear the figureless voice. There are only three people in front of me and this voice didn’t come from any of them. I think I heard this voice somewhere before, who could it be?

「Oh? Have you already forgotten about me? Well, I don’t mind if you do, but it’ll be troublesome if you forgot my warning.」

A somewhat displeased voice replied back. Rather, I’m not even talkin- 「I can tell even without you talking.2

Don’t read my mind!

「It’s not like I’m reading it because I want to. I simply can hear it so there’s no helping it, you know? Besides, in your case, you just spill out everything.」

Saying so, the angel (temp) serving that pig god came right in front of me.

「It’s not (temp). I’m currently an honest to god angel.」

Aren’t you the goddess that beat up the orc calling itself a god?

「T-that wasn’t my fault! It’s that pig god’s fault for saying nonsense like 『I want to see elves ***’d by orcs』 in the first place!」

Ahh, umm, yup, it’s definitely the pig god’s fault. I’ve written just one of those before, but it honestly just didn’t click with me, you know? Pure love is really the best. Cuddly lovemaking is supreme.

「While I agree with your opinion on pure love, please don’t defile people. Yes, even in your mind.」

A delusion ban, isn’t that too much?

「It’s your fault for letting it spill out in the first place…… Especially since you now have the power to, at worst, make it possible……3

Hm? What was that?

I heard her criticizing me, but she talked so quietly and so fast in the second half that I could only catch parts of it. What do I have now?

「No need to concern yourself over that. What just happened now is more important.」

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Hmm? Ah, that. Sorry, I honestly didn’t think that it would undo like this.

“Perfect Regeneration”, which I used earlier, is a magic that heals the target’s body to a perfect state. It isn’t just limited to wounds, it can even get rid of harmful conditions such as burns, poison, cold, and curses, healing people back to perfect condition.

Now here’s the question. What exactly is my, Lily’s, perfect state?4

That’s right, of all things, not only did this magic heal my lost arm, it also judged the seal of the goddess (calling herself an angel) to be harmful and was about to get rid of it as well. So that’s why it used a lot of magic power. If it was only my right arm, it would’ve been less than 30%.

「Good grief. If you simply limited the target to be your right arm at that point, then this wouldn’t have turned into a problem…」

But, well, who would have known that a god’s seal could be removed by magic?

「I’ve already told you before, you have received experience points from a god. You can be considered as a god’s vassal.」

That wasn’t a joke or something!?

「It’s obviously impossible for a regular human to undo a god’s seal, you know?」


「Seriously serious. It would be best if you simply accept it already.」

This exchange made me want to wrack my head, but even that isn’t possible for me. I can’t move my body after all.

By the way, this is?

「I stopped time.5 It was necessary to stop your magic as soon as possible.」

Ahh, so it really was that. Hm? Then, since time is stopped, why am I consciously thinking? Is this the grace of being a divine vassal or something?

「No, it’s a side effect of your entrance to the flow of time. A world that only beings that went against the flow of time can perceive, that is what this stopped world is. Even among gods, there are only a few that can perceive this world of time, you know?」

What the heck? I don’t even know this flow of time, much less do I remember entering it.6 What are you talking about?

「Back to the topic. Right now your magic is currently paused along with the time of this world. As it’s a race against time, I did this so that I can secure enough time to tamper with your magic.」

That’s pretty extreme.

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「It is not. The seal of your eyes have been already undone.」

Ahh… So that was what that cracking meant. Still, I don’t really feel any different though…?

「The effects of the magic are still ongoing, there won’t be any obvious changes until it finishes. While it’s already too late for your eyes since their seal is already undone, the other seals can still be saved in time.」

What do you mean?

「Even if you desire to release all of the seals, now is still not the right time. If you don’t want to lose the people you love most, then accept the seals.」

Like a goddess admonishing and guiding the people, the angel declared so with a serious expression. The seals are for large-scale magic and my physical capabilities, was it? Now I realize that the angel probably wasn’t joking when she said that a disaster will occur if the seals are undone.


「Very well then. Oh, I’ll be interfering with your magic, so it may be somewhat unpleasant alright?」

Tampering my magic without any effort, this angel is definitely more than just a being serving the gods. While she was tampering with it, I tried to probe into the angel’s magic power, but it was like I was gazing at the bottomless ocean.7

Hey, isn’t it weird to be called an angel all the time?

「Is that so? I’m the only angel you’re acquainted with, so there shouldn’t be any issues in my opinion.」

Hm? There are others? Then all the more reason for me to have something to call you.

I somewhat imagined that this may be the case, but it looks like she really isn’t the only angel around. I’m a bit curious about that, but the tampering with my magic will be ending soon. If I expand on this topic, we might steer away from the main issue.

So, what can I call you?

「In that case, call me Toria. In regards to the other angels, we can talk about it if we have the chance. There, now it’s done.」

Okay, Toria. Thank you.

「Haah, good grief. Remember this alright? The seals will naturally release when the time comes. Until then, people don’t undo them yourself. If possible, I hope that I’ll never have to descend like this ever again.」

Saying so, Toria prepared to leave. After spreading her wings and flying away, several feathers were left behind.

Immediately after, time starts moving once again. Toria probably dispelled her magic. My “Perfect Regeneration” simultaneously continued as that happened. However, no other seals were undone and my right arm finished regenerating.

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Fuu, that managed to work out somehow.」

Geez, I unexpectedly caused a problem somehow. Still, with this I’m finally back to perfect shape. With that said,

Nh, what?」
「I leave the rest to you.」

I fell unconscious from the lack of magic power.


  1. Lyly: ZA WARUDO!
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  7. Lyly: That’s pretty dangerous depending on the person, lol
  8. Lyly: Eh?
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