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Chapter 80 – Date Day

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2393 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1087 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Hey? Am I, supposed to wear this?1
「Naturally. While it is still unofficial as of now, it will be problematic for those under the wing of the White Peer’s household to dress in such garbs.」

Today, two days after my arm healed since I had one more day of rest just to be sure, is the day I have the long delayed date with Urania. Personally, I just planned on a normal date but then old man Kent, who was there when I made that promise, told grandma Fiona about it, which ended up being spread to the maids of the mansion.

I was somewhat concerned on how same-sex romance is accepted in this world, so I overly asked about it but nobody at the mansion, at the very least, seemed to be strongly against homosexuality. If anything, I heard that one of the sages is also attracted to the same sex, moreover, it’s been going on from generation to generation.2

Reina, the servant that told me about it and usually works as Adan’s personal maid, is currently choosing clothes for me with glee.

I originally intended on going with my usual tube top, denim hotpants, and black cloak look, but then Reina dragged me to the dressing room.

To show that I’m connected to the White Peer, I’ll need to wear white clothing while avoiding black since it contrasts with white, she says. So then, I went ahead and made a white tube top with 【Dream Fabrication】 but it was so indecent that Reina snapped.

It was hella scary. She even said 「Miss Urania was immensely excited about today. Miss Lily, do you intend on betraying her expectations by spending this day as if it was just as usual?」 on top of that. When you say it like that, I really can’t argue with anything. Even I know what Urania really wants from me.3 She’s not the one I’ve spent most time with in this world for nothing.

These days, Urania and I frequently exchange kisses like greetings several times in a day.4 If asked about our relationship, I’d confidently say that our relationship is closer to that of lovers before saying that we’re just two people in the same party. I absolutely love Urania and I’m sure that Urania shares the same feelings as well.

But the truth is, I still haven’t put it in actual words yet, I still haven’t told her that I love her.5 Honestly, I’m scared. I, my power, might end up hurting her.6

A date is no problem, a kiss is fine. However, if I take that one step forward, if I grant what Urania desires, I’m not confident that I can stop myself this time.

Will I be able to stay rational before her bare, open arms? Will that angel stop me again this time? Can I really leave something this important to somebody else? Then, do I have enough self-control?

The same questions just endlessly come to mind, making me hesitate on taking that one step. Luckily, we had a lot of things that needed to be done, and simple kisses were enough to cancel out my desires, so I was able to delay this issue.7

「Miss Lily, while I have not an inkling of what you are hesitating for, Miss Urania seems to be very much prepared to accept you even with that in consideration, am I wrong?」
「That’s… I know, but…」
「If so, then please at least give her an answer. Whatever it may be, even if it is the spineless and cowardly choice of simply maintaining the status quo8, I’m sure that Miss Urania would accept it.」

T-this maid really doesn’t mince her words, damn. Awfully different from when you were attending Adan, aren’t you? But, well, she is right. I’m undoubtedly being spineless right now.

「With that said, this clearly is the right choice.9
「Eh? This?
「Please strip down your clothes.」
「… Yes.」

As so, while receiving verbal hits from this maid with a wicked tongue, I try on the clothes to wear for today’s date.


In the end, I was suited into a white blouse and pink fishtail skirt, similar to my hair. Reina-san set my hair in a half-updo10. I’m honestly thankful for it, since I definitely can’t do it myself.

Looking in the mirror, the thought 「Ooh, as I thought, Lily’s body really looks great in anything11」 went through my mind but when Urania, who was also dressed up by a maid, arrived, that thought was blown completely off my head.12

As she smiled nervously13 while dressed in a light blue one-piece and a white bolero, I honestly almost mistook Urania for some noble’s daughter. Her usually easy to move in, updone hair was currently left flowing down, giving her a different vibe from the usual.

「Ah, sorry. You were just so cute that I couldn’t stop staring.14

After I unconsciously said those words, Urania turned bright red and turned her gaze downwards. After all, I really don’t say these kinds of things a lot, huh… Wait, you servants! Don’t just peek there all sneakily! Go serve someone! Work!16

「… U-Urania, then, let’s go?」

While it might have been somewhat clumsy, I held out my hand to Urania to escort her.17 In this regard, thanks to the manner lessons, I shouldn’t have any issues. With that, we embarked on the carriage parked in front of the mansion.

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That’s right, for today’s date, the planning was done by grandma Fiona while I’m acting as the escort. Moreover, it’s not just a normal date, but a noble-style date. All the expenses are covered by the Iglesio family, literally leaving nothing left to be desired. Umm… I’ve earned enough to pay for the date myself but… Well, as long as it makes Urania happy.18


  1. Lyly: Wait, wha?
  2. Lyly: Generational….
  3. Lyly: What?
  4. Lyly: Sweet
    Fire: Like honey
  5. Lyly: Wait, what?
  6. Lyly: Oh, understandable
  7. Lyly: Luckily
  8. Lyly: Oof
  9. Lyly: Kek, back to reality
  10. Lyly:
  11. Lyly: Kek, praising your own OC
    Fire: Who wouldn’t do that?
  12. Lyly: As seeing Urania would to any mortal
  13. Lyly: Cute
  14. Lyly: Smooth, or blank brain
  15. Lyly: Cute
  16. Lyly: Kek, you were there
  17. Lyly: CUTE
  18. Lyly: Also, they’re pretty young, it’s like children (teenagers) acting like adults from an outsider’s perspective, making it a hundred times cuter, imo
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