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Chapter 78 – Final Test

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3466 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1531 words
Editor(s): Fire

「Wait! I’ve heard nothing of this!」
「I haven’t told you after all.1

Old man Kent who was watching over us shouted out in a flustered tone. True, when I told old man Kent about the contents of the test, the tenth magic was a different one. It was because I already expected him to get concerned and because I imagined that I wouldn’t be given the permission if I said it from the start.

「Don’t think that I’ll allow this!」
「It’ll be fine, even if things come to worst, I still have one arm left.」
「That isn’t the issue here! Moreover, there’s no assurance that things will go as well the second time around!」

Certainly, I just barely suppressed the berserk “Corona Burn” when we first arrived here and it’s not an exaggeration to say that it was just a fluke. That was when I was in perfect condition, so it’s only natural to be concerned since I only have one arm and have a hard time keeping balance in my current state.

Still, Adan wasn’t the only one that grew these past few weeks. While monitoring her training, I myself improved as well. I can now use simultaneous operation as well as composite magic. With my current magic power control, even if Adan fails and causes the magic to rampage, I should be able to stop it without losing another arm.

「T-teacher… I…」

As the old man and I continued arguing, Adan’s hushed anxious voice reached my ears.2 It seems like I was so heated up in convincing the guardian that I ended up ignoring the person in question. I need to reflect on this as her teacher, really.

「Adan, calm down. First take a deep breath.」
「O-okay. Fuu~…… Haa~……

Adan obediently followed, making deep breaths to compose herself. It seems like in Adan’s mind, “Corona Burn” is a magic her father uses, something she aspires to use, while at the same time, the thing that stole my arm, a trauma for her.3

I’ve noticed the trend as we were training. During the training, she has never pestered me to teach her any sort of magic, including “Corona Burn”. Considering her personality, she would have done so from the time that she started training under me.

Exactly because of that, it’s necessary to wipe away that trauma for Adan’s sake. I can’t just let the fear of one magic kill her future.4

「Adan, if you call yourself my apprentice, then show me that you can at least do this much. I’m not asking for perfection here. You don’t even need to control its heatwaves. Just cast it. One second is enough. 」

Even I’m not expecting Adan to have complete control of “Corona Burn” at her current level. In the first place, it’s a magic that I can only control for three seconds. If she can completely control that, then I’ll completely lose face as her teacher.

「But, what if, again……」
「It’ll be alright. I’ve already said this earlier but even if you fail, I still have one arm left. If I lose this one, then I’ll stop it with my feet next. You only need to believe in me and concentrate on your magic. Or what? You don’t have any trust in your teacher?5

Since Adan hasn’t resolved herself, I gave her some encouragement. Cleaning up when the apprentice fails is always the job of the teacher. They shouldn’t blame the failure on the apprentice. No matter how many times she fails, I’ll help her every time.

「Teacher……… I understand.」

I guess she understood my thoughts, as while she’s still somewhat hesitant, Adan found her resolve. The fussy guardian is currently being held back by Urania.6 Now is our chance.

「Adan, concentrate first. Refine the magic power inside of you.」
「Got it!」

She focuses her mind. Gradually, bit by bit, the magic power scattered all over her body gathers on her right arm.

「Don’t forcefully suppress the gathered magic power! Feel the flow and only give it a direction.」
「Got it!」

The magic power in her arm begins to swirl like a spiral. Adan has given the magic power a direction. A lot of effort is necessary to suppress magic power in one area. With that being the case, only giving it movement will make controlling this power easier.

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「Pay the utmost attention when it manifests! The moment when magic power is granted meaning is the most dangerous of all. As long as you can clear this, there’s no need to worry at all.」
「Got it!」

Last time Adan failed in this step. The three steps to cast magic is to gather magic power, give it meaning, and make it manifest. Without being given any meaning, magic power is nothing but power. When its meaning is incorrect, this power can easily run amok.

And this step, when a great amount of magic power is lost from the body, it’s possible for one to fall ill. Last time, it was so intense that Adan immediately fell unconscious, so as a result she couldn’t control the magic and it went berserk.

This time, there’s no need to worry about that. Adan has plenty of magic power left in her body. At this rate, it should manifest without any issues.

「”Corona Burn”」

Adan calmly chants the name of the magic. As she did, the enormous lump of magic power separated from her right hand, was given meaning, and brought forth a violently hot and bright artificial sun.

「You did it.7

Perhaps because of how smoothly it went, Adan’s face was painted with surprise and it seems like she still can’t believe her eyes. Still, I guess the reason why she’s not losing control of the magic could be either thanks to her daily training or due to a sort of pride to not make the same mistake again.

Adan stared at its brilliance for a full five seconds before slowly dispelling the magic. While it’s also necessary to be careful when dispelling magic as well, it’s not as bad as when it manifests. It seems like she was in a bit of a rush, but she managed to do it with no issues.

Rather, she sustained it much longer than I can, didn’t she? I’ve absolutely lost face as her teacher though? So this is the talent of the direct descendant…?

「……… Teacher!」
「……… Teacher!!」
「You did it.」

Even after getting rid of the magic, Adan was in a daze for a while but finally restarted after I called out to her. As she called for me, I suppose reality finally sunk in as she then embraced me while shedding tears of joy.

After somehow managing to catch her rocket-like tackle, I pat her head. The apprentice answered to her teacher’s unreasonable demands and safely succeeded. As the teacher, it’s my duty to praise her. Even if she showed better results than I did instead.

「Good job, Adan. Now I can heal my arm without any worries.」
「Ah, you should watch closely too. I can’t teach this to you, but there are things you can learn from watching as well.」

Saying so, I took a step away from Adan and started casting the magic. I imagine my own perfect form. My flawless, complete state. With 90% of my total magic power, I spread it evenly in my body, using it to revitalize my whole body, I also allotted magic power at where my lost left arm should be. This acts as a guideline for regaining my arm.

「Alright, “Perfect Regeneration”」

As I imagine my complete state, I chanted the magic. Including my right arm, I took this chance to heal my small scratches, frays, and everything similar in between. My body would probably look like it’s engulfed in light. But since old man Kent, Adan, and Urania, who just started having magic training, should be able to see magic power, they should see what’s happening no problem.

My lost right arm began to turn hot and before I noticed it, a new arm grew in place. My frays and insect bites all heal as well. And it seems like my skin was awful from the lack of sleep lately, as acne and pimples start to disappear. With this magic, doesn’t that mean I’ll never need to apply lotions? Just as I thought of that, I hear a loud crack and my eyes started burning with heat.10

「Ah, crap…?11

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I reflexively muttered so, but stopping an ongoing magic is next to impossible. It’s not that it’s impossible, but since I’ll need more magic power than what I used for the magic, it’s practically impossible for me right now. And it’s impossible for old man Kent, Adan, and of course Urania as well.

Well… I guess there’s no choice but to let things take its course… Not only my eyes, but my whole body started heating up as well so I had no other choice but to give up and ignore reality.


  1. Lyly: Excuse me
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  3. Lyly: Well yeah, she’s a bit cheeky
  4. Lyly: Shock therapy?
  5. Lyly: Well that just sounds more traumatic, doesn’t it now
  6. Lyly: Urania being best girl even if it’s not her time to shine
  7. Lyly: Cue dora the explorer
  8. Lyly: Wipe your nose
  9. Lyly: Eh?
  10. Lyly: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  11. Lyly: Kek
    Silva: now that sounds ominous, I wondered what happened… did she revert to succubus form?

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