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Chapter 77 – Adan’s Test

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2499 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1185 words
Editor(s): Fire

The next day, I headed to the underground training area after finishing breakfast. Naturally, Adan and Urania followed and as usual, old man Kent tagged along behind us as well.

During Adan’s magic training, old man Kent always comes along to watch.1 While there are times when he leaves after a few minutes, there are also times when he stays from beginning to end. He says it’s because the magic training I conduct is interesting or something, but if I had to say, he’s probably just concerned about his granddaughter.

「Okay, let’s get this started with.」
「Teacher, you’re talking normally today?」
Oh? My, how truly diligent of you Miss Adan. If you insist then, shall we put good effort today as well?」
「S-stop that!」

Since Adan said that needless quip, I teased her a bit. While this is how I normally am, if Adan asks for it, as her teacher, I’m by no means reluctant to cooperate. But despite this fact, Adan just flushed red as she shakes her head in refusal. Geez, really rude.2

「Well anyway. We’re going to start the test now, so let’s see… why don’t we start with “Burn” first then.」
Eh? But, you only taught me about “Light Ball” though?」
「While I haven’t taught you that, it’s not like you can’t use it, right? Don’t worry, you’ve already learned magic power control and conservation, you should be able to do it properly.」

It is true that other than magic items, “Light Ball” was the only magic we used during training. However, since I thoroughly drilled into her the basics of magic, how to use magic power, she should be able to use any magic much better than before.

「If you say so…… “Burn”… eh?」

Though half in doubt, Adan cast “Burn”. I suppose she did it as she usually does, using the same amount of magic power and controlling it the same way as she did in the past. Without taking into account the fruits of her training.3

As a result, the flame Adan created on her right hand flared high up, almost reaching the ceiling of this large training area. Of course it would.4 Since the training I had her do wasn’t only for teaching her how to control magic power, but also for making her wasteful use of magic power efficient as well, if she uses magic as she did up until now, it’s only natural for this to be the result.

「Calm down, “Water”」

Just as before, I produced water and put out Adan’s “Burn”. This is because she was panicking and was about to flail her flaming hand. The water ended up slightly drenching her head but I couldn’t help it. It was inevitable.5

「Things aren’t the same as before. Properly consider the magic power you need for magic and carefully control it. I’ll overlook it this time, so do it properly now.」
「G-got it.」

I can’t tell if it’s because the flame in front of her is gone now or if the water just cooled her head, but it seems like she finally calmed down. Geez, with her tripping up with the very first one, it’s going to be worrying from here on out.

Fuu~…… Alright! “Burn”!」

After relaxing herself with a deep breath, she psyched herself up and cast another magic. This time, she’s regulating the magic power that she’s using for the magic. Yup, she has great control over magic power. In this case, there shouldn’t be any problems.

On her right hand, a beautiful orange flame has been lit. Since “Burn” is combustion magic, while it’s possible to directly burn a specific target, by just burning air like this, it can also be used like a torch. Though since “Light Ball” is much more user friendly, there aren’t many opportunities to use it like this.

「Good, you can put it out now.」
Ah, right.」

Adan stared silently at the flame she created for a short while and upon hearing my words, she came to her senses and extinguished it. It seems like she was able to control it properly, as her termination of the magic was done smoothly as well.

「You cleared the first test. Let’s keep this pace.」
「Eh? There’s more?」
「10 all in all. We don’t have much time, so let’s finish this quick.」

The magic I’ll have her use today are the four fundamental attribute’s “Burn”, “Water”, ”Cut”, “Wall” and the standard weather manipulation magics “Blizzard”, “Tornado”, and “Thunder”, as well the basic healing magic “Heal” and the one last, which is a surprise for later.6

Following my instructions, Adan casts one magic after the other. With “Water”, she still used too much magic power, causing a somewhat large amount of water to come out but, well, it’s passable. As for “Cut”, there were no problems. In contrast, “Wall” came out small, but it was much sturdier than what she’s made before and if she makes another one, she should be able to make it as she wants to.

As for the three weather magics, I messed with her a bit and had her use them all at the same time.7 Naturally, I set up a barrier around me, Urania, and old man Kent.

As for the result, she simultaneously casted them without any issues. Using three magics is fundamentally the same as using two of them, so I did expect her to be able to do it, but I honestly expected her to fail at least once. To think that she’d succeed at her first try.

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Ohh, amazing. So you can do it if you actually try.」
「What is it?」
「It’s amazing! Even though I’m using the three of them at the same time, I still have a ton of magic power left!」

If this was before Adan did my training, she would have probably run out of magic power before she could even use them. Thanks to her magic power conservation plainly increasing her total magic power and her magic power control preventing excess waste, Adan’s total usable magic power should have considerably increased. Her still having a ton left is only natural.

She also managed to use “Heal” without any problems. I made a small wound on my left arm with “Cut” and had Adan heal it, but then she overacted and ended up healing even my hangnails.「Anyone would react like that if someone suddenly cuts their only good arm right in front of them!」she says. It’s not like I was going to cut it off though.8

Haa… Teacher, I’m begging you, please stop doing these sort of crap.」
「Well, sure… is what I’d like to say, but I’m sorry to tell you, that’s a bit impossible.」
Haah!? Why!?
「This is your final test. Adan, use “Corona Burn”」
「… Eh?

For her next and final test, the magic to end this will be the same magic that took my arm and became the trigger to Adan’s apprenticeship under me.


  1. Lyly: Cheer granpa
  2. Lyly: Someone’s really unaware of how her charms just fly through the air
  3. Lyly: Well that’s a dilemma, lol
  4. Lyly: Of fricking course
  5. Lyly: Was it really?
  6. Lyly: muffled mickey mouse noises
  7. Lyly: Meanie
  8. Lyly: Yeah, definitely your fault

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