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Chapter 76 – Manner Lesson

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2606 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1236 words
Editor(s): Fire

While the intrusion caused a commotion, after just several days, the Iglesio household once again has an air of peace. It seems that Adan, the target of the intrusion herself, wasn’t informed about it, but there’s really no need to teach children about ugly adult stuff right now.

Speaking of the adults, while it looks like it’s uncommon for intruders to come to the manor, it’s not as if there are zero cases of this happening before, so the people calmly dealt with it. Nonetheless, with an incident happening in the absence of the current family head of White Peer Iglesio, the Sage of Leo, the servants turned a bit pale in the face, particularly those in charge of the security, but I decided to just ignore it.

Well, I’ll stop with the unpleasant talk here. As for who the intruders are, what’s going to happen to them, and all the other stuff, old man Kent and the currently absent White Peer Iglesio will probably deal with it themselves once he comes home. Besides, we already handed the perpetrators over, so the situation was already beyond me.

「H-hey, teacher. Do you think father will praise me…」

After hearing about the news from old man Kent this morning, Adan has been restless ever since.

That’s right. It seems like Adan’s itinerant1 father, White Peer Iglesio, is coming home for the first time in several months.2 Originally he was supposed to be back a month ago, just some time before we came to the manor, but he suddenly got some business to attend to, so he wasn’t able to come home.

As it’s been a while since she saw her father, Adan has been in high spirits ever since. She couldn’t even seem to concentrate on her lessons for today, which ended up with her tutor throwing the towel and turning the class into a self-study period instead.

Other than my magic training, Adan has also started attending her other lessons, the ones to educate her as the daughter of nobility. While she will only attend the lessons under the condition that I accompany her, this was already far better when compared to the times she actively avoided and chased out the tutor.

「That isn’t good, Miss Adan. Your tone is in disarray.」
Ugh… hearing ‘Miss Adan’ with teacher’s voice…」

Although her tutor did give up, we’re still in the middle of class. As Adan’s teacher, I must absolutely act as her role model, even if we’re only in self-study right now and I’m required to talk in a way that doesn’t suit me at all.

Since I was given the opportunity of attending Adan’s class, I decided to take the chance to learn the lessons together with Adan myself. Urania is with us as well. As one would expect from a tutor hired by the Iglesio White Peer Household, the lessons are wide-ranging and its contents are quite high level as well. Manner, history, geography, arithmetic, language, dance, and so on.

It’s all unnecessary for a sorcerer. That’s what Adan said3, but for me, being both an adventurer and a sorcerer, I’d say that history and geography are absolutely necessary. Language and arithmetic are naturally used even when simply reading requests and shopping in town. As for manner and dance, while they see pretty limited use, there are situations when you’ll need to meet nobles for requests, such as our current situation, I won’t say that they’re absolutely unnecessary.

Well, since I’m going to need to enroll in the noble packed academy after this, I wanted to learn about manners to some extent, so this was really a blessing.

「Miss Adan?」
「…… Pardon my rudeness, Lady Lily.」

Since the cheeky little Adan almost seemed like she was about to burst into laughter, I sharpened my glare and called her again to shut her up. I know full well that it doesn’t suit me. Especially considering how I usually am.

「Adan, rude.」
「My? Miss Urania, your speech is also lapsing as well, you know? As the eldest, would you be a model figure for us?」
「! S-stop…… Please. L-… Miss Lily. If you approach me with that tone and that face… I’m…4

Urania seems to have difficulty in learning and correcting her speech as well, as she messes up like this pretty regularly. I tell her about it every time it happens, but each time Urania turned away from me like this, casting her eyes down to avoid eye contact as she apologizes and corrects her speech.5

Is the way I talk really that weird? Is it so funny that she just can’t help but hide her flushed face? I’m getting a bit, just a bit, worried now.6

Haah. It is just as Miss Lily said. Miss Adan, Miss Urania. While I certainly did state that today’s class will be a self-study period, I’ve never implied that it’s fine to not study for today. Self-study, as it implies, is about learning by your own pace. Please remember our lessons up until now, and speak in a way adequate of a lady.」

Hearing Adan’s prolonged reply, the tutor’s eyebrow twitched but it seems like she overlooked it this time since she sees Adan not running away from class or trying to drive her out as a progress, I guess.

「Besides, Miss Adan. I’m certain that White Peer Iglesio7 will be delighted once he learns that you not only did your best with magic but with your other studies as well. You are already quite good with your geography and arithmetic. So let’s do our best at language and manners studies as well.」
「Will he praises me…?」
「Of course, I’m sure that he’ll praise you plenty.」

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As I assured her, Adan showed a happy smile and giggled. In truth, since she’s been whimsical and self-indulgent up until some time ago, she couldn’t quite learn proper manners and language. On the other hand, her marks in arithmetic and geography are considerably high. While I, forged by modern Japanese education, would never lose to the likes of basic arithmetic, regarding geography, Adan might be even more well-informed than Urania, much less me.8

I’m told that every time her father departs for a job, she takes a map and looks for where the place is, so I suppose it’s only natural that she’s well-informed.9

「That’s right. To help Miss Adan focus on her lessons, why don’t hold a test?」
「A test?」
「Yes. Your magic training is shaping up quite well lately, so this is important to finish things up, you see?」

Adan’s magic training has been proceeding smoothly. I practically can’t hijack her magic anymore, and in one out of ten times, she’s able to hit me with a light ball during our sparring now. The request period is approaching the end as well, so this is also important for checking how much Adan has grown ever since.

「There is no need to worry about it Miss Adan. As long as you can put what we’ve regularly learned in practice, there won’t be any issues at all.」
「I-I understand! I’ll do my best!」

Adan pumped her fist before her modest chest as she expressed her enthusiasm. Our work in this town is almost near its end.


  1. Silva:
  2. Lyly: Finally
  3. Lyly: That’s what people usually say. Don’t ask my opinion, I’m also people
  4. Lyly: Looks like someone’s become surprisingly hotter than she thinks.
  5. Lyly: Cute flustered doggo
  6. Lyly: You seem to forget that you’re a succubus mate
    Silva: Lyly, stop thinking with that lewd mind of yours. Maybe Urania is just stifling a laughter.
  7. Lyly: Lol, giving up
  8. Silva: moreso?
  9. Lyly: Okay, that’s cute

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