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Chapter 75 – Noble from a Certain Place

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1775 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 948 words
Editor(s): Fire

(Different POV)

「Failure? Were the preparations not thorough enough?」
「M-my apologies!」

Sitting on the seat of his study, a man hearing his subordinate’s report without lifting his gaze from the documents in front of him, upon hearing the word ’Failure’, finally directed his line of sight from the documents to the reporting subordinate. Faced with the piercing eyes brimming with unconcealed displeasure, the subordinate could say nothing but words of apology.

It’s only natural. After all, the abduction plan executed after multiple elaborate preparations and even an intentional sacrifice of a distant research facility has just failed.1

「Enough, I didn’t ask for your apology. What happened to the pawns? Have they been retrieved or disposed of yet?」

For this man, the post-incident report was more important than this subordinate’s insubstantial apology. Having his and his subordinates’ participation disclosed by the ones used in this plan must be avoided at all costs. However, from the fact that the word ‘dispose of’ left his mouth, his words were not out of kindness. At worst, his subordinates and even this key individual reporting right in front of him will be easily discarded in the case that they cause him inconvenience.

「I was informed that all of them were captured. As retrieval is impossible, in accordance with the contract sigil, their memories and ego have been purged.2 After that, they will simply die on their own.」
「I see.」
「If only that man wasn’t returning yet, retrieval might have been feasible…」
「Enough, those are disposable tools at most anyways. We don’t have much use for those even after retrieval.」

The slaves employed in this plan are individuals that won’t cause issues even if they disappear. These individuals would have originally become either crime slaves or monster feed at this point.

Considering that these were provided food, clothing, meaning, and shelter, in this man’s mind, they should even be grateful to him instead.
They were supposed to die anyway, having their lives extended even several hours longer is more than enough.

「Send the next ones in.」
「But that’s!」
「I won’t accept getting no result in exchange for a whole facility.3 If abduction is impossible, then taking her life is good enough.4

The man orders his subordinate to resume the plan. The facility was for carrying out a certain research under the veil of secrecy. Although the fruits of the said research have already been transferred to a different location, a facility they have constantly concealed up until now has been sacrificed. If risks to himself and danger were the only thing he earned from this sacrifice, then it would have been too much of a waste.

「… There’s a limit to how long we can hold that man down.」
「The limit is likely about two weeks at most. Until then, do one more attempt. I’ll leave the personnel selection to you.」

While the results have been moved to a different location, as an empty husk won’t be able to deceive that man, the man has left behind a number of personnel and some of the contents of the research.5 Naturally, there is nothing among these that can be traced back to them but even so, the man predicts that the said individual would spend plenty of time examining what’s left.

「Certainly. Then I want to ask for the permission to borrow one of that.」
「Hm, that eh? Is it usable?」
「It should be. Some time will be necessary for tuning, but this should make it in time.」
「You have my permission. Use it as you like.」
「Thank you for your words. Also, I would like to request for the permission to bring out a prototype.」
「Very well.」

Among the cards they currently have, the subordinate decided to use the cards that will show them a chance of victory. It’s barely plausible within the two week time limit, but since the preliminary preparations have long since been completed, it should make it in time.

The subordinate bowed to the man and swiftly left the study. If by any chance his own negligence would cause him to run out of time, who knows what kind of end he’ll even meet.

「Hmph. It seems like rumors can’t be trusted upon. This could have been my chance to get a hold of an egg of a user of all creation, or so I thought but…」

The man once again casts his eyes down to the documents in hand. In contrast to his stern gaze, the corners on his lips are curved in a smile.

「Still, this only makes it interesting.」

For this man, one girl’s fate is inconsequential. The only things he takes interest in are the ripples resulting from the stone he had cast.

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The man put away his paperwork and headed to the bedroom. Midway, he passed by his daughter and wife, but they spoke not even a simple greeting. Their relationship might seem cold and distant, but to begin with, it’s nothing more than a political marriage of convenience arranged by their families anyway. While he had slept with his wife once only for the sake of continuing his bloodline, after that it was no longer his concern. It’s even doubtful if the daughter truly inherited his blood, but for this man, even this was none of his concern.6


  1. Lyly: Sudden info drop, I like that
  2. Lyly: Just kill me if this ever happens
  3. Silva: Nothing in exchange for a whole what?
  4. Lyly: Welp, another home invasion it is then
  5. Lyly: Smart
  6. Lyly: Oof, really man?
    Silva: He’s impotence.

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