Chapter 4 – Bandit Suppression

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

「Oi! The woman’s escaped!!」
「That damned Henther, can’t even entertain one woman huh!!」
「And we even let him go first since he still hasn’t had his first time yet…」

The moment I closed the door, voices resound from the other side. Ahh… This guy’s a virgin huh. That’s too bad. Since he’s experienced my 【Lewd Dream】, he can’t be satisfied by ordinary women anymore.
By the way, there being other people was unexpected. I felt like I was talking a bit loudly with the angel, but they didn’t hear that? Hm, well, nevermind.

「In the meantime, let me just “Lock” this and…」

I lock the door with magic. This Lock Magic is pretty useful. It magically locks objects, so even without the target’s key, you can still use it. At first glance, it just looks normal, but when you try concentrating, you can somehow feel dense magic power around the doorknob.

With this, I can probably hold out for a while. Even though I say it’s locked, the door itself isn’t any sturdier so, they can still break it open. And since I gained some time, I need to decide on my plans for now.
The fact that I can still hear them trying to kick the door down is pretty scary. The last time this happened was when the delinquent next door knew that I had some money, and then he and his friend came banging at my doorstep. That time I couldn’t be more grateful for the police, but do they have some of those over here too? The police I mean.

The easiest thing to do would be to use 【Lewd Dream】 on those guys and incapacitate them. Still, this is a good chance, so I’d like some information. I don’t know anything about this world. If possible, I’d really like to have an extremely long lecture with a cute girl, but if they can answer my questions, some filthy old men would do.

Then it’s probably fine to just use 【Lewd Dream】 on the other two, I think. I can use it just by looking at them, so it’s quite easy to use. I used it earlier so you probably noticed, but the target doesn’t really need to be asleep for it to work. Even if they’re awake, they’d instantly fall asleep and start twitching as shown earlier. However, this seems to only work on targets that have a certain level of intellect and reason. Creatures that act on instinct like animals and such won’t be affected by it.

So what to do with the last one? I only have four Skills;【Lewd Dream】,【Dream Fabrication】,【Dream Storage】, and【Magic】. Though 【Lewd Dream】 can be regulated, it can only disable the targets, so it’s not really good for interrogation. And even if I make a weapon with 【Dream Manifestation】, I’m still pretty much useless with it. 【Dream Storage】 is only for putting away things. So, there’s really no other choice but to use magic.

Like in most cases, it seems this world’s 【Magic】 is influenced by the user’s imagination. In other words, the magic I’m about to use will, to some extent, work the way I want it to. And depending on how I use it, I can probably get most of my answers as long as there’s someone to ask. Those bandits don’t seem to have the insight to handle magic. Me? I’m insightful you know? Super insightful.

While thinking that, the door made a noticeably loud noise and broke down. It lasted quite long for being made of wood. This whole hut is pretty worn-out after all.

And then with the skinhead at the lead, the bandits noisily stormed inside the room. Hm, well, skinhead looks like a muscle-brain after all, the ones that I can probably ask is either one of the other two. I immediately glared at skinhead, activated 【Lewd Dream】 and disabled him.

「Wha!? Hargeld」
「H-he collapsed!? You ⓑⓘⓣⓒⓗ! What did you do!!」

Seeing skinhead suddenly falling forward and start twitching on the floor, the other bandits drew close to me in panic. Ahh, smells like unwashed laundry. Come to think of it, are there… bathtubs here…?
While thinking about those unnecessary thoughts, I use magic. Somehow I end up choosing both of them as targets, but there doesn’t seem to be any problem.

「Yeah, yeah “Bind”, and… “Bind”.」
「Chantless Spells!?」
「Why’s a mythical-cla-mnh!?」

I plugged their mouths since they’re too noisy. Bind, as the name implies, is magic used for restraining. A bright magic circle-like thing binds their limbs. It looks like a certain magical girl’s that or something. By the way, I can also make it colorless and transparent, but visually being able to see it makes it easier to imagine it, so I kept it as it is.

Wait, if I imagine tentacles restraining them, then maybe I can do some real tentacle play!? Such thoughts came to my mind, but who’s going to benefit from seeing tentacles play with these filthy bums. Hm, On me? Well, that kind of solo play is a bit….

「With two people’s worth I feel like vomiting so let’s change rooms.」

This room’s chock full of two people’s worth of that stench, so it’s really unbearable. I cancel skinhead’s 【Lewd Dream】, and changed rooms with the restrained bandits. In this room there’s a table, a fireplace, and a stove, so it’s probably their living room.

「Now then, mister bandit. There are some things I’d like to ask about…」

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To my words, the two bandits readily nod their heads. Un, well, their man just collapsed in front of them, and then they got restrained. They probably don’t feel like being rebellious after what happened.

And so, it seems like they really are bandits. If I hand them over to the soldiers, I’d probably get some cash reward, but well, it’s too much work, to be honest. Wait, isn’t it better to have some cash on me…?

It seems like I’m on a mountain located between the Aureitas Kingdom and Sinelria Empire. The nearest town from here takes about 3 days to travel on foot. It’s a town called Motsi that’s affiliated with the Kingdom, and is considerably developed due to the foreign trade with Empire. Yup, that looks like the best place to start with.

Then, to enter a town you either need a Certificate of Residency, or an Adventurer or Commerce Guild registration card. If that you don’t have any of those, you can buy a Simple Certificate of Residency when you either enter or exit a town, but it seems like it’s unreasonably expensive in that case. Luckily, they say that they’ll kindly lend me enough money to buy one, so I thankfully obliged. They told me that it’s fine to return it the next time we meet. Well, that’s if I have money on that occasion.


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