Chapter 3 – Things that should be confirmed

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

For now, I check my current condition.

「Aaah~~… aah~~ ahh~~」

I’ve noticed it while talking to the bandit guy earlier, but my voice really is a lot higher now. I tried intentionally lowering down and roughing up my voice, but even so, no matter how you listen to it, it’s a girl’s characteristic cute, high-pitched voice.

「And next…」

Now that I’ve finished checking my voice, I take out a full-length mirror and took a look at my body. Where did I get the mirror from you ask? It’s something I made from my dreams using the Succubus Skill 【Dream Fabrication】. Speaking of dreams, the Succubi are beings classified as Nightmares, and their existence seems to reside half in the dream world and half in reality.

Moreover, since I seem to have been reincarnated as quite a high-ranked Nightmare, I can practically make anything I can imagine, she said. Well, I can’t really make things I don’t know, and living things are, you know, really complicated, so that’s pretty much impossible. That’s why structurally simple things like mirrors and such are OK. I can also make food, but it’s just a dream after all, no matter how much you eat you can’t get full.

The one reflected on the mirror is a beautiful girl no matter how you look at it. Also, I’m naked but a doujinshi artist like me won’t get embarrassed just by looking at naked women in the first place. But, you know… I’m a bit curious how touching there feels like… And I slowly reach my hands there but……

『Ah, there’s something I forgot to say.』

The angel’s voice resounded in my head. I raised my stretched arms right above my head. I-I wasn’t going to do lewd things you know!?

『What were you about to do then? Well, that’s fine, it’s already your body after all. I forgot to say it, but right now your form is the same as that of a human’s. It’s a type of seal. To be frank, even if you just move normally right now, a cataclysm-class disaster would occur. So until you get used to handling that body, you’re still sealed up.』

「Ha? Sealed? But I can normally use my skills though…?」

『Even though I said you’re sealed, it’s not like everything’s sealed off. If that was the case, you wouldn’t get used to your body at all. It’s mainly to limit the use of your physical abilities and large-scale magic you see.』

It seems my full power is seriously a cheat. How do I say this, it’s a more or less some form of consideration(?) for me, right? Still, leaving me naked in the forest….

『Ah, that’s Lord Pig God’s fetish. You can interpret it as him hoping for a『In the forest without knowing when people might see your naked body, moving forward flushed with shame, and finally, unable to endure that hot burning sensation, you instinctively touch yourself』kind of situation.』
「Who’d ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓘⓝⓖ do that!!?」

It seems like the reasons for me to absolutely punch that damn Pig God has increased. I need to somehow go there one more time and hit him hard….

『On that, I’m rooting for you. And in that case, I would recommend you to first get used to your body, and release the seal that shackles you.』
「…… By the way, specifically, how do I get used to it?」
『Just by living day to day is fine too, but it would be faster for you to have combat. Ah, going in dungeons might be good too. Those are made to be god’s trials after all.』

So there really are dungeons huh… Another world, Genderswap reincarnation, Magic, and then Dungeons. Hm, there also seems to be monsters too, and there are also those bandits. And then cheat-level ability. Yup, as clichéd as you can get!

『Well then, since I’ve finished my business, let me…』
「Ah, wait a minute. Do I have a way to contact you from here?」
『There is, but let’s see… The fastest way would be to offer a prayer to a god’s statue, I think?』
「Ah, so it’s really like that huh…」
『Also, since I’d be occasionally taking a look on your private life, you could just randomly call out to me, and depending on the timing, I’d pick up from this side.』
「So I can just literally call you!? Wait, what about my privacy!?!?」

Ignoring that Pig God, I want to have a good relationship with this angel. Still, having someone peek on my private life is a bit… Well, I am a woman now too, and if she’s going to watch me, that could be fine too…?

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『Didn’t I tell you to stop defil… Haa. Well then, let me excuse myself.』
「Yep, sorry for keeping you too long.」
『Also, whenever I watch you that means Pig God is watching you too.』

Ugh… I didn’t want to hear that… Since the voice in my head disappeared, the angel has probably(?) left. Somehow, I need to think of some way to protect my privacy…. Anyways, the first thing to do is to get used to my body huh….

Once again, I take a look at the mirror to confirm my appearance. My hair’s the color of cherry blossoms and long enough to reach my hips. Hm, Lily’s hairstyle’s half-upswept, but since I don’t know how to do that, I’ll just tie in a ponytail later.
With a beautiful pair of golden eyes, small light pink colored lips, and pure white skin. The size of the breasts are so-so, but has a pretty nice shape and texture. Long, slender limbs and the slightly wide hips make it look a bit unbalanced, but the way it shows the growth of a child to an adult is quite captivating.

The height’s about 150-160, I think? I don’t have any comparison so I can’t be sure, but from the looks of it, the guy twitching behind me doesn’t feel like a large guy. Un, this really is the Lily I designed myself. On the other hand, being this much perfect makes it feel really gross.

After returning the mirror to return it to the dream world using another Nightmare ability 【Dream Storage】, I turned around. The guy’s still twitching, probably still continuously being squeezed dry in his dreams. Still, at this rate he’d probably die, so I cancel 【Lewd Dream】 and leave him as he is. No, well, I don’t even want touch a guy stinking of that. Also, when he wakes up in about three hours, he can just deal with it himself.

After that, I made some clothes (tube top and hot pants with a cloak might be a pretty suggestive look, but that’s Lily’s main outfit so it can’t be helped), and opened the door to leave the room.
And on the other side of the door, two lackey-like bandits are having a fun time playing cards. One of the bandit is a muscular skinhead with a lack of teeth, and the other one is tall and skinny, so for now, I close the door.

「Ah, sorry~」


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