Chapter 5 – Heading for Town

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

Since the Empire’s on the eastern side and the Kingdom’s on the western side, for now, I’m heading west. How do I say this, isn’t it a common case for the Empire to be doing some suspicious things in secret? Eh? I’ve been reading too many fantasy novels? No, well, this world is fantasy itself you know…

In the meantime, the bandits gladly gave me some food, money, and other things. Yup, as thanks I’ll let you see some good dreams. Lewd Dreams though. It does feel so good that you’d die. Ah, but I did hold back. For now, I don’t feel like killing people you see. They might be criminals, but they didn’t really do anything to m… they did huh. I should’ve just killed… Hm, well, nevermind.

「Ugh… Bear… Wait, isn’t that too damn big!?」

Walking in the forest for a while after leaving the bandit’s hut, I encountered a bear. A 5-meter tall bear, which is almost two times bigger than the ones on earth. Is it because this bear is from another world? Or is it a monster!? The moment it noticed me, it growled and started to attack.

Naturally, if I get hit by that kind of thing even once, I’d get ripped apart and die. Just when I’ve been granted a new chance in life, dying here would too much of a waste right? For now, since 【Lewd Dream】 won’t work on animals, let’s go with 【Magic】 here then. The problem is what magic should I use huh….

Since there’s an Adventurer Guildm that means they’d probably buy these sorts of things. Having too much money won’t be any problem. Rather, the problem is I don’t have any. So I want to kill without damaging it as much as possible. I don’t know about the meat, but the fur would probably sell, right? And since I can carry it using 【Dream Storage】, the best thing to do would be….

「”Shock” then “Needle”…」

Shock is a magic that paralyzes the enemy. It’s not like I zapped the bear to the point it burned so there’s no damage to the meat’s quality. Well, I don’t know if it’s edible or not but just in case. Though Shock stunned the bear, it can’t really kill it, that’s where Needle comes in. As the name implies, it’s a magic that can create needles. From as small as a pin to as big as a stake, as long as it’s long and pointed, anything goes. There might be some use for the eyeballs so I stab the needle through its ear and destroy its brain.

Yup, this is for me to live on. I feel sorry for you, but I’ll have you be a stepping stone for my second life. Honestly speaking, I do want to smack that Pig God. But there’s a part of me that feels happy to have a body. And of course, me being flung to another world too. I mean, becoming a beautiful girl or adventuring in another world, isn’t that a man’s dream? Isn’t that a child’s romance?

In the first place, if nothing happens at that time, I would’ve died just as a young doujinshi artist you know. The fact that I received a second life, moreover, as a beautiful girl with cheat-level ability in another world, I can’t really not enjoy this you know.

And with that, I put the huge bear in my 【Dream Storage】 and head west once again. In the meantime, since it seems like you can see the main road upon leaving the forest, let’s just take it slowly.

Or so I thought, I just kept walking but… aren’t there too many things attacking me? Since then, I’ve been attacked by three bears, seven wolves, and four puppy-sized spiders. These ones didn’t attack me, but there are also those horned-rabbits and slime-like creatures roaming around in large numbers. It’s not a problem for me, but those bandits huh, they did well staying alive in this forest. I’m a bit impressed.

I turned the tables on those that attacked me and put them away in my 【Dream Storage】. Thankfully there was no need to touch the target to store them in the 【Dream Storage】, since I was a bit reluctant to touch the spiders. No, I mean, it’s a huge spider you know? It was pretty hairy and twitching around you see…. And because it suddenly came down from above, I reflexively screamed 「Hyaa!?」 in a cute voice you know…. Well, since I am cute girl now, it’s not really a problem but….

Putting various things away while moving forward, I can finally see the main road. After this, if I just follow the road west, I’ll finally reach Motsi huh. For now, once I reach the town, I should go and register at the Adventurer’s guild. Also, it’ll be nice if there’s some kind of school too….


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