Chapter 2 – I Tried to Remember

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

Um, well, breaking out of the ropes was relatively easy. Magic’s pretty handy, huh.
Right, I can use magic now. Still, it really isn’t Earth huh….. Damn Pig God… You seriously summoned me into another world…. Since I already died it’s more like a reincarnation, right? And of all things, a genderswap reincarnation. Where do you even find any demand for my genderswap…

Anyways, why did I become a succubus and why did I get sent here in another world, is something that needs to be told.


「Yes! Finally! It’s done!!」

I roared in my apartment room. One the day before needing to submit and print the books for the twice a year festival, my thin book to be sold this summer is finally done.

It might sound arrogant coming from my own mouth, but I’m a popular doujinshi artist. At first, I was just at a small lonely corner, but now there are so many people lining up on my space, they even block off the road. I also sell digital copies which, frankly speaking, had covered all living expenses even without the physical sales.

Yup, 『had』in past tense. Roaring in my room, the moment I stretched out my right arm, my vision blacked out. The last thing I saw was my PC monitor that displayed the front cover of my work, 『Succubus and the Secret Live-in Sex Life』’s heroine, Lily….


When I woke up, I was in a white room. It’s the hospital huh… I thought at first, but no matter how you look at it, it was odd. First of all, if this was a hospital, there should be windows. But there aren’t any. Then, the room’s door is also nowhere to be found…

『Th-th-th-that’s, co-co-correct. Th-th-th-this is heaven.』

And then right in front of me is an absurdly obese fat-ⓐⓢⓢ. And next to that fat-ⓐⓢⓢ is a white girl with a look of disgust in her eyes. Are the wings real? Also, that expression’s really nice… the next work should be like…

『I’m a real angel. Also I can read your thoughts, so please stop defiling me.』

I seem like my thoughts are being leaked to the other party. And you! Stop getting pleased when I call you a fat-ⓐⓢⓢ…an M huh…. No, stop writhing, it’s gross.

『Haa… Since Lord Pig God is like this, I’ll explain it to you.』
「Th, thank you.」
『First of all, you’ve died. It was a breakdown due to overwork. Five sleepless nights is too much, don’t you think?』

Ahh, that I vaguely remember. The moment I finished writing, there was a feeling of something important leaving my body. I see… I died huh.

『And originally, your memories and everything should have been erased, and you would be, well, reincarnated as a new being, but… That Pig God…. Haa… Is a big fan of your work and, by all means, wants to invite you to his world…』
『Yo-yo-yo-your works ha-ha-ha-had left a de-de-de-deep impression on me!! Th-th-th-that’s why my world has lot’s demi-humans, you see!』

Hm? Well, sure my work had elves, dwarfs, fairies, cat-eared, dog-eared, rabbit-eared, bear-eared, feathered girls, cyclops, dragon girls, devil girls, angel girls, and a lot of those kinds of characters. But his world? It’s not Earth?

『Ah, yes. This Pig God is not a god of the universe where your birthplace, the Earth, resides. I’m the same too. He is a god of which you call another world, the world of Rannelshia. There are others as well but… Well, he is, by some joke of fate, its Creator God you see.』

This angel’s, how do I say this, pretty harsh. I mean, isn’t that bad? The Creator God is, in other words, your boss, right?

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『It’s fine. He’s already been saying things like 『That scornful gaze feels so good!』 or 『Why don’t you just start whipping me right now?』 to me you know… And it’s already been going for about 1000 years. I’ve already given up….』

How do I say this um… My condolences…. Uh, well… thankfully it wasn’t me.

『And now you have died, but by Lord Pig God‘s request, you will be reincarnated to our world, Rannelshia. Well, there are demi-humans and there’s also magic so I don’t think you would be bored. Ah, also, you have no right to refuse.』

How do I say this um… isn’t that pretty… rough? Also, it’s that, right? I get some cheat ability, right?

『There isn’t anything particular we can really give, you know… And even without that, you’re already at cheat-level…』

Hm? What do you mean by that?

『Well, how do I say this… In Rannelshia there is something like the so-called Level Up thing. It doesn’t express your status in a numerical value or anything, but you’ll get experience points by defeating something either directly or indirectly. Now, you are to be reincarnated, but it seems like the doujinshis you’ve released and the number of times they have been used, is accepted as experience points that you have earned.』

The number of times the doujinshis I released have been used…? Number of times used, what does that…? Eh? Seriously?

『Seriously. Well, things like this happen too, huh… Moreover, that Pig God uses it at least twice a week too, so… that included. Isn’t that great? In some sense, you are a god’s kin you know.』

Nonono! It’s not great you know…? Um, it’s not great, right…?

『I understand your confusion, but well, just give it up. Also, one last thing.』

And as she says so, she hands me hand mirror. I obediently receive it, and took a look at my face. I can’t say that I was handsome by any standard… rather I was ugly, but since I had so much exp stacked up then there should be some kind of face correction! I pray as I peek at the mirror, but…….

「Wha, what the heeeeelllllllll!!」


The end. Recollection finished. Eh? What happened to me? I became my last work’s heroine, Lily the Succubus! Don’t make me say that out loud, it’s embarrassing!! The next time I see that damn Pig God, I’m gonna punch that ⓑⓐⓢⓣⓐⓡⓓ!

After that, the angel taught me various things and at the end『I-i-i-if you lo-lo-lose your ch-ch-chastity, I-I-I-I might destroy the world you know!!』that damn Pig God gave that blackmail like a declaration. And then, when I came to my senses, I’m in this hut.

Haa… It’s great that the world didn’t end up destroyed because I lost my virginity while asleep….
Also, there’s also the fact that damn Pig God and the disgusted angel left me completely naked in the middle of the forest, seriously…?


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