Chapter 1 – What the hell is this?!

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

「It’s an unfamiliar ceiling.」

For some reason I muttered something similar to one of the top three lines I’ve wanted to say. Well, in reality, the ceiling I’m looking at is really something I’ve never seen before in my life. Though, since the beams are visible it may be better to call it an attic rather than a ceiling.

It seem like I’m lying on some kind of bed, so I tried getting up but it feels like my body’s caught on something and I can’t move. Rather, I’m, tied up…?
Since I seem to be able to move my neck, I tried looking around, but it seems like my limbs are tied down by a rope. Since it feels itchy and prickly, it’s probably not of good quality.

「Wait…naked…? Um, rather, I’m supposed to be male, right…?」

While looking around, I took a peek at my body’s condition, but um…, on my chest are two splendid buns and on its top are two little cherries, but again…, er… what?
I tried my best remembering what happened, but before I remember properly, the room’s door opened. Also, the other side looks like it’s indoors, but it feels more like a hut than a house, I think?

「Oh, hehe, about damn time you woke up.」
「Umm…, who might it be?」

Dirty clothes and messily grown stubble, no matter how you look at it, he’s a bandit. Thank you very much. …Hey! Wait! What’s with that lewd look on your face?!

「Me? I’m the prince who took care you, who was unconscious in the forest. Really, rather than unnoticed and asleep, a virgin’s best enjoyed when awake, don’tcha think?」

So it’s really that, huh!? Wait, virgin!? You checked!? My!? There!?

「Haa? Isn’t that obvious? Hehe… It’s been long since I’ve had a woman, ya’know? I already started jerking…no, Image training for today’s activity ya’know?」

I’m starting to pity you a bit, but well, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to service you, you know? In the middle of the conversation, some of my memories already came back. About how this place not being Japan, rather, it’s not even Earth, it’s another world. And also the fact that Butagami turned me into a woman too….

「Haa…. Geez, just when I needed to punch that damn Pig God…. Don’t bother me small fry….」

The bandit gradually approaches while moving his hands in a lewd fashion, and in the next instant, tumbled down, collapsed with his body twitching. This is my, or more specifically my species’, the Succubus’ ability 【Lewd Dream】.

「Ugh… Everything’s just leaking out… gross…. And stinky…. Ahh, it would’ve been great if I’ve had the ropes untied….」

With my strength, it’s impossible to tear off the ropes by force. Whelp, what to do?


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