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Chapter 14 – Refrained being a Courtesan, Registered as a Mage

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

「Eh~ what’s wrong with that? That’s like being elegant and refined or something, right? Isn’t that cool? Hmm? But a Job? Is it like a Muse or something?」
「No, it’s surely like a Mage powerful enough to enter the royal court, don’t you think? Since Lily can use powerful Magecraft with ease, after all.」

Well, luckily these two idiots don’t understand what being a courtesan means. Well, that’s normal. I mean, nobody would expect that when they get their Job Aptitude checked at the Adventurer’s Guild, their most suitable Job would be a Prostitute. Ah, but Petra knew, huh. As expected of the guild’s staff, I guess?

「W-well then, your registration as a Mage has been approved. If you have any Spell Tendencies or Specialties, they can be published on the occasion of Party Recruitment and the likes.」

「Spell Tendencies? Specialties?」
「Eh… Umm… You are a Mage… Right?」

Specifically, what I’m using is Magic, but since the resulting phenomenon is practically the same with Magecraft, it’s probably right to call myself a Mage. By the way, I have about three hundred kinds of magic I can use. One that magically closes locks [Lock], one that magically restraints the target [Bind], one that paralyzes the target [Shock], one that physically pierces the target [Needle], one that freezes a wide area [Freeze], and so are the ones that I’ve already used, but other than that there’s also one which searches for things in the surroundings [Search], one that burns the target to ashes [Burn], one that allows you to float in the air [Levitation] and so on, with the varying effects covering a lot of subjects.

I don’t really have any kind of Magic List, it’s just that I somehow know that I can use them. It’s like Math, you memorize the formulas, right? And when you try to solve a problem, you think of using this formula for this problem. It’s that kind of feeling. When I think of using magic, I get that 「Ah, this should do it.」 kind of feeling when it’s usable.

There’s really a lot of them that I haven’t used yet, but strangely I don’t feel like I can fail at using Magic at all. It may sound conceited of me, but nobody ever feel that they’d possibly fail when they breathe, right? It’s kind of similar to that. Is it because of a cheat, or is it because of me being a succubus, that I don’t really know.

「Yup, I’m a Mage, I can use Magecraft after all. But even if you ask about inclinations and stuff, I can use different kinds so I don’t really understand how that’s different.」
「Hmm~ That’s a bit troubling…. For Mages that can use Offensive Magecraft, the starting rank is about E-D Rank but…Do you have some time after this? Since you’re here, we may as well try out some things.」

Without replying immediately, I glance to the people behind me. I don’t really need to ask for Grimhart and the other’s opinion, but having them accompany me this far, I need to have a bit of consideration for them, you know? Also, I’d really like to eat as soon as possible.

「Hmm, we don’t really mind. Rather, we haven’t encountered any monsters on the way back, so we didn’t have much opportunity to see Lily’s Magecraft.」
「If it’s just Magecraft, then haven’t you seen a lot mine already!?」
「You call that Magecraft!? You just go BOOM! and send every damn thing flying! The fur’s all burned up too, dammit!!」
「Ah, it seems like it’s fine.」

I was an idiot for expecting them to notice. It can’t be helped, I’ll just have to endure my hunger for just a bit more.


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