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Chapter 15 – An Extremely Gifted Girl

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

My name is Philip Morv Roland. As the third son of the Purple Peer Roland’s household, I was unable to inherit the peerage. However, due to that my parents made sure that I received a good education. Thanks to that, I was able to learn the depths of Magecraft’s abyss in the most prestigious school in this country, Aureitas Royal Magecraft Academy. Currently, here at the great city of Motsi, I even hold the position of Magecraft Advisor in the local Adventurer’s Guild.

Being a Magecraft Advisor of the Adventurer’s Guild is not something that any ordinary Mage can easily achieve. Generally, when an adventurer with a good track record retires, he will be requested from the guild’s side. The reason I was attached to that position in this city is because of Aureitas Royal Magecraft Academy’s, no, even claiming that it is due to the Twelve Sage’s influence may be no exaggeration at all.

In the Magecraft Academy, I have had the firsthand experience of directly studying the Magic of the Twelve Sages in person. Yes, it’s not Magecraft but Magic. Magecraft and Magic result in identical outcomes, so they are widely considered to be generally similar. However, even if both results in causing a fire, can you consider the act of using a match and rubbing a wooden stick on a plank as generally similar? As a result, fire is ignited. However, the effort exhausted upon causing the fire has quite the difference, don’t you say?

As explained, the phenomenon occurring due to Magic and the phenomenon occurring due to Magecraft has a great difference between them. Furthermore, you can say that Magic is a blessing, a Gift and that Magecraft is a discipline. Many of the populace are unable to use Magic. However, no matter how low your Magic Power is, you can use Magecraft as long as you study. In that aspect, Magic is different. Even with great effort or pure talent, it isn’t enough to barely reach the abyss called Magic. And even with both great effort and talent, it’s still doubtful whether or not you can take a peek at its edge. Magic is that difficult of a path.

However, it is true that there are people who can freely command that blessing. Just like the Heroes of ancient times. They are the country’s greatest Mages, our treasured Warlocks, the Twelve Sages of Aureitas.

I begged for their teachings, had my talent recognized, and took a glimpse at the edge of the abyss. That experience itself was comparable to a few hundred adventures, I can even brag that my Magecraft won’t lose to some random A-Rank adventurer. In terms of Magecraft knowledge, I have confidence that excluding the great sages, I am one of the top ten.

I had the confidence, I should have but……

「E-excuse me, but could you show that to me one more time?」
「Eh? Again? It’s already the fourth time, you know?」
「Can you somehow…… Please! Just one more time!!」

I have already entreated the young girl before me, that seems to look like she has yet to come of age, three times in this way. She shakes her head in resignation and once again heads to the Spellcaster’s Circle. Standing fifty meters away from her are five straw dolls to be used as targets, and this room’s walls may look this way but they are engraved with an anti-magical defense spell equation.

This room is a Magecraft Testing Room. This room is used by Mages that have learned new Magecraft or Mages teaching their students Magecraft, and there are also times that it is used to judge a rookie Mage’s ability, like so.

The girl enters the circle, took one deep breath, and points at the target with only her index and middle fingers thrust out. And from that state, she did not particularly knead Magic Power, nor did she take out a Magical Catalyst, nor did she draw a Magic Circle. She only spoke words.


Those words should have been only imitative sounds. However, it is true that Magic Power was shot out and the five targets’ vitals are pierced with a hole. Three of them on the head, two on the heart’s location. Furthermore, the second and third target was shot nearly at the same time. It is none other than her having modified the Magecraft’s conditions for invocation.

To think that someone of this much outstanding talent was still hiding in this city. Then she should be reported to the academy, and by all means possible, be shown the abyss of Magic, am I right? Thinking so, I immediately move into action.

「Why is someone of your caliber here in a place like this!? Right now, you should immediately enroll to the Magecraft Academy!!」

I do feel like I am being a bit impatient, but it can’t be helped. For someone as young as her, then maybe I can still make it in time. She should be enrolled right now, immediately!!


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