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Chapter 13 – The Adventurer’s Guild!!

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Author: Kashiwagi Masato Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: LylyLovesBDSM English Source: WNovel

「It’s really huge…」

For the nth time since I arrived in this city, I’m once again astonished. Shocked by the gate, shocked by the soldier, shocked by the people, shocked by the Breut Company, and now shocked by the Adventurer’s Guild.

「Hehe, even though you can use that amazing Magecraft, that part of you is just how you look, huh.」
「Hey, Grim, can’t we just keep her?」
「As I said earlier, we can’t okay? You’re going to be banned just going near her, you know?」

Ha! As I unintentionally look up at the guild, Girmhart and the others look at me with pleasant smiles. I can’t help it, you know? Anyone would be surprised if they saw a medium-sized brick building towering over the area. Moreover, there are three of those buildings and all of them are parts of the guild, so me being surprised is natural. Probably.

By the way, the Adventurer’s Guild is located near the western gate. The reason it’s not on the eastern gate side facing the Empire is that the gate is always crowded with merchants exiting the country and the travelers coming from the Empire, so it’s not fit for habitual use. On the other hand, since the western gate is near a large forest and you can even easily access the mountain range in the south, it’s really convenient for the guild.

「Hey, Lily, shall we go in?」
「Ah, yeah.」

Saying so, Lysha placed her hands on my shoulders and gently urged me inside. She usually follows up on me at time I get dazed thinking about things. My first impression of her is that of a person panicking from her lover getting injured, but it seems that she’s normally like this, supporting her teammates and being the party’s mother-like figure. Is it her overflowing motherhood, or is it just her composure? As for me, I can only envy Grey for having this attentive, beautiful woman as his lover.

Entering inside through the sliding entrance door, I was once again about to drop my jaw, so I hurriedly covered it with my hands. But it seems like Arisa noticed that and tries to sidle up to me while smiling, but Grimhart chops her on the head, and she holds down her head with teary eyes.

Inside the guild, you can really feel the fantasy aspect of the world. There are five notice boards where the requests are probably posted. It seems like the C-G Rank requests are the ones posted on it. Even now, people wearing the guild’s uniform (it looks like a dirndl and a maid outfit combined) are posting up requests.

On the right-hand side along the wall are six reception desks, and right now three of them are entertaining adventurer-ish people. It seems like in the early morning and late evening, all of the six desks are filled with adventurers lined up. By the way, right now it’s just past noon, and since I haven’t eaten lunch yet, I’m a bit hungry.

Just like earlier in town, the adventurers at the reception and the ones inside the guild consisted of various races. Particularly, the one that really took my attention is the mature lady with horns. With a cord-like tail with fluffy hair on the end like that of a cow, that lady is clad in the notoriously famed Bikini Armor. Moreover, she has ultra-huge breasts. Proudly displaying those large breasts I’ve only seen in foreign adult videos, there’s no mistaking that she’s certainly a Boob Cow-kin!

「Hey, it’s this way.」

While I was thinking about something stupid, Grimhart grabbed my head and led me to a free reception desk. Wait! I’m really curious about that docile dragon-like thing and that collared two-headed dog too, you know!?

「Ah, Grimhart. Welcome back, how was it?」
「Yo, Petra. Here’s the certificate of completion. There was a bit of trouble on the way.」

It seems like they know each other. Grimhart reported the details of the incident on the main road.

「And this is our benefactor, Lily.」
glug Hi, I’m Lily」

Since they were taking so long, I was drinking something that Arisa bought from the shop inside the guild when Grimhart suddenly introduced me.

「Nice to meet you, I’m Petra. …Umm, excuse me but she’s…?」
「Well, it’s natural that you don’t believe it, but it’s the truth. For the time being, we’ve collected the ears as proof of subjugation, but the corpses were left as is. It would be best to send out an investigation team just in case.」
「Yes, of course.」

Saying so, Petra receives the cloth bag Grimhart hands to her, and along with some documents, she hands it over to a different staff while giving some instructions. It’s probably about the arrangements for the investigation team.

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「So, Lily wants to become a member of the guild, is that right?」
「Yes, please.」
「Can you write? If so, then please fill the entries in this document.」

As she says, she takes out a sheet of paper, a quill, and a bottle of ink. Honestly, I’m not used to it, so I can’t write skillfully, though I can write the letters itself without a problem…… But what do I do with my drink? Or so I thought but then Arisa said she’d keep hold of it. With that being the case, I stretch my back a bit and started to fill in the documents. Name, Age, Sex, Job, Vanguard or Rearguard, Track Record, et cetera… I thought for a bit and decided to fill my age as fifteen years old. Since Lily’s age setting is three hundred fifteen. And that’s a bit problematic, after all.

By the way, starting from the Job entry, I left the others empty. It’s also because I don’t know that much about it, but in the first place, I’m still too inexperienced in battle, so it’s more proper to say that I can’t really decide.

「Would you like to measure out your job aptitude?」
「Eh? You can measure that?」
「Yes, it does sting a bit, though.」

And saying so, Petra brought out a crystal ball and a needle. Ah, it’s the one where they need your blood for it or something. I don’t really like pain but I’m curious about it.

「The way to use it is simple. Prick both your thumbs with the needle, touch the crystal ball with both of your hands in a way that your blood touches it. With that, the job most suitable for you will appear on it.」
「It really is simple.」
「Isn’t it? Of course, it only shows the job suitable for you, so it’s not mandatory for you to choose it.」

Well, that makes sense. Sometimes jobs suitable for you doesn’t necessarily coincide with what you want to do. Then what would it be for me? It’s probably something like 『The Great Warlock』 or something, right? Thinking so, unable to resist my curiosity, I prick my thumbs with the needle and touch the crystal.

Then, the blood from my thumbs flow into the crystal while drawing a spiral almost like the DNA diagram I saw in my past life, and it continues to grow longer.

「That’s amazing. The longer the spiral string is, the more jobs the user has an aptitude for. And the spiral’s clarity also represents your suitability to that job. Having your spiral this long and this distinct likely means that no matter what job Lily chooses, you can still achieve amazing results.」
「Mine and Grey’s had only about two twists on it, right?」
「That’s right. Ah, Lysha’s had about seven twists on it if I remember. But, in Arisa’s case…」
「Shut up, I’m sorry for just having one twist on mine, okay? But mine was the most distinct of us, you know!」

Petra explained to me a bit excitedly since I didn’t understand what it meant. Grimhart started talking about the time when they took their aptitude test. Jarvis1 is also nodding in agreement, but I still haven’t heard your voice even once, you know? Aren’t you a bit too silent…?2

「Ah, it seems like it’s about to be done.」
「Hmm, it seems to be changing into something.」

While I was listening to them, the spiral stopped growing, came apart, and turned into a red mist. It seems like I can finally know the job most suitable for me. We all pay close attention to the crystal. The mist starts forming a proper shape and before long, words rise to the surface.

「What’s that job…」
「Courtesan… Courtesan… Ah…」

I finally remembered what that unfamiliar job is. Ah, yup, well it’s true that it would be the most suitable for me.

「Ah, umm, what will you choose, Lily?」
「……Please fill it in as Mage.」
「…I see. Ah, but, isn’t it at the highest rank?」
「That doesn’t make me happy at all.」

A courtesan is, in other words, a prostitute. An elegant peerless beauty engaged with rich high-class men. Umm, well, I am a Succubus, so yeah……


  1. Silva: RIP Jarvis, he never had any dialog and the most I know about him at this point is that he’s “the exhausted guy over there”.
  2. Silva: I completely agree with you Lyly, there’s no point in his existence.

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