[Vol. 2] Chapter 1 – Though you said I became a hero, why did you weaken me?!

“So, why are we proceeding through the mountains?”

 The bustling I heard when I departed the kingdom was replaced with the silence only interrupted by the singing of birds.

“Tomorrow at noon, the kingdom’s army is supposed to intercept the Demon Lord’s army on the flat lands. Meanwhile, we will take a detour through these mountains and launch a surprise attack on the place Figueroa is at, as its defence should have become lower.”

“A surprise attack is rather unfair.”

 That’s what I, a demon, is saying……

 Eh, at my present words Bertra’s expression distorted, do you also not like this crooked strategy?

“As a knight, I don’t like it either, but it can’t be helped. If we don’t do this we won’t be able to fight with just this number of people and Figueroa’s unique magic is too powerful so we have to defeat him in a single blow.”

Well, that certainly is an effective strategy against an opponent like Figueroa. On flat land his unique magic is rather weak, however, in the mountains surrounded by rock he can make the most use of it and that battle maniac’s habit is to only fight in advantageous places~. A coward that loves to fight…… That’s my evaluation of that guy.

“Hey~ Hey~ There’s something I’ve been wondering about since forever. What kind of person is Figueroa? Also, what’s unique magic?”

“You don’t even know that? One of the four Demonic Heavenly Kings, “Red Stone Figueroa”, a giant with four yes and four arms. Unique magic is something only those rarely born with it can use. Figueroa’s unique magic is that he can freely control the hardness of stone. He can make it as soft as clay or as hard as Orichalcum.”

 The origin of the name Red Stone comes from the fact that the stones that get influenced by his magical power shine red, so I arbitrarily called him that. Thanks to that guy, it was fairly easy to make the current Demon Lord’s Castle. If we didn’t have that power then it might still be under construction.

“Oh~ I see~ Certainly, I don’t know how to use that magic“

 That lass hit her hand with her fist apparently having understood something, but this time I raised a question.

“How do you know how to use magic and sorcery in the first place? Why don’t you know about Unique Magic?”

 Erin tilted her head having a puzzled expression. Is doing that while thinking her habit?

“That’s right, why is that…… Hm~~~m……I don’t really know!”

“You don’t really know, you say?! Don’t end it like that!”

“But, when I think about this the inside of my head gets~ all messed up~ and I’ll get a really painful headache.”

 It’s no use, in various ways.

“I’m more curious about why you know so much about Figueroa. What’s more, compared to an average person, you have more than basic magical power and your muscles seem as tempered as a soldier’s……”

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 Crap, she was talking like a river! I have to somehow deceive her.

“A-about that~…..Uhm….. That’s it! I’m a Four Demonic Heavenly Kings enthusiast, I know quite a bit from rumours I heard from travellers. Since magical power is inherent, it couldn’t be helped! And about my body~~~~S-see, I told you that my body is weak, right? I thought I should train a little! I trained in secret!”

 How’s that?! Was I able to deceive her now?!

“Haah, I see……”

 Can I leave it at that?…… It doesn’t look like it, Bertra’s eyes still look doubtful. Isn’t there anything else?…… Something–

“–!? Dale! From above!”

“He? Guka! Guhe!!”

 As Erin rammed my body while I was lost in thoughts the place I was previously exploded. Normally I’d think Erin saved me, but she landed a critical hit on my solar plexus, pushed me off the horse and made me hit my head on something like a stone. I don’t know if one can call that saving.

“Are that humans over there?”1

 Was it those two low-class demons who attacked us?! You~ What makes you attack me even though you are just low ranks– Right, I should use this battle to tell them about my situation!

“Is it this area’s patrol?!”

 Crap, that Bertra seems eager.

“Wait! Leave it to me!”

 If you fight I might not be able to tell them about me!

“It’s my turn!”

 You, too–!!

“N-no, I’d like to test out my own power once, since I was chosen by the Angel’s Sword after much hardship.”


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“No, no, if it’s the current Dale……”

 Those two look at me as if I’m completely weak. It can’t be helped as that’s what I conveyed with my words and actions, but I have to do this now!

“Shut up! Here I goooooo! Oriyaaaa!!”

 I adjusted the angle of the sword so that I could get as close as possible to them…….


Alright, I successfully got close to him. Now I’ll speak in a low voice so that those two won’t be able to hear.

“Oi, listen to what I have to say”


“I may look like this, but I’m Dalewatts! Didn’t you hear anything from Alfred or Annanet?!”

“What are you saying?! Dalewatts-sama is in the Demon Lord’s Castle! I can’t forgive a human like you to utter Dalewatts-sama’s name!”

 As I thought, there’s another me, huh? What are Alfred and Annanet doing?

“****!! Huh, Uoooh, I’m getting overpowered more than I expected. If it’s like this then, Fire Ball!”

 Eh? There’s only a small flame on my fingertip? Why?

“Fire Ball!”

 As I thought, there’s only a small flame coming out…… Weird, normally I should be able to let out a much bigger Fire Ball!?

“Hyahahahaha! What’s with this?! That’s how a Fireball is supposed to be! — Fire Ball!”

“Uooooh!? Dangeroooous!”

 Though I was able to avoid it, if it hit me I would have died!

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 Huh, the other one is preparing to shoot magic as well!? This is bad, I can’t avoid that!

“What are you playing around for? Haah!”

“Wha!? Gyaa!”

“You *******! Uge!”

Bertra cut down those two instantly. I unconsciously thought she was cool, even if she’s a human…….

 Compared to her I’m unsightly. What an unsightly form I exposed.

“Oh~ Bell, amazing~”2

“This much is normal, rather……”

 Uuh, it hurts, Bertra’s gaze hurts a lot more than the scratch I received just now!

“Don’t look at me like that, in the first place, didn’t I have more than enough magical power?!! Why can I only do this now……”

 That flame is only useful for lighting a campfire.

“Isn’t it natural, because I absorbed the magical power? Unless I send you magical power Dale is just a normal human~”

“Though you said I became a hero, why did you weaken me?!”

 Is this really not just a cursed sword?!


  1. The things the Demons say are written in katakana, so they sound different from humans, but I didn’t really know how to convey that sooo, yeah
  2. Erin calls Bertra (Berutora) Beru = Bell

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