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[Vol. 2] Chapter 2 – Tis is Darryl Bold

After I departed the Kingdom on this [Journey full of hardships] I had to fight with my brethren and the next hardship appeared just after half a day……


 Erin’s face was as distorted as if she ate a bug and I probably had the same expression has her.
 It looks sweet but it was actually sour and when one might think it would taste salty it was actually bitter. How does one create such a taste? I have never eaten such a soup even in the Demon Realm.
 Rather is it even fine to call this a soup? When one puts their spoon in this it has some elasticity to it and when one scoops it up it draws a string from the plate…… Why is it like this?

 The soup made by those fellows in the castle was good, so I thought every human would be unrivalled in the field of cooking, but I found out that there were individual differences in ability like there were in our race.

“Eh? Is that so?”

 Bertra, who is the culprit behind this, looked puzzled as if saying “This soup?” and drank that thing calmly…… Just looking at that made me feel nauseous–Uppu.

“……? It’s not particularly weird. You two have to eat properly”

 She was the one who made the soup after all. What kind of sense of taste did she have to make this?
 Eei, don’t push it over here!

“Ah~ Uh~……Ha! Ri-right, Bell! There’s something I was curious about in that last battle, may I ask about it?!”

 Ah, that lass tries to avoid this by changing the topic.

“What is it?”

“Why did you use just one sword back then when you have two? Don’t you dual wield?”

“Now that I thought about it, you just used that Short Sword in the fight just now.”

 A chance! I was curious about that and I could also change the topic naturally.

“This sword? They are both magic swords. Because I don’t have the ability to use both of them at the same time I use them depending on the situation.”

 I see, magic swords that use one’s magical power and add effects to the blade…… Thinking carefully, wouldn’t the Angel’s Sword also belong to the class of magic swords?

“Then why do you have two? Isn’t it troublesome to use them like that?”

 Troublesome, you say…… Though the proper use is important, it also expands the number of strategies one can use.

“This is a keepsake from my father and grandfather.”

“This is my grandfather’s magic sword [Zankoutou 1]. It looks like a Short Sword but the more magic power is supplied to it, its hardness and sharpness increases. If I don’t supply it with magical power it’s only a dull blade.”

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 Such a magic sword exists?! If I had that in my original body then…… No, if I held that small magic sword in my original body it would look rather bad, wouldn’t it? Appearance is important, yep.

“And this is my father’s magic sword [Evenral]. At first glance, it looks like a rapier, but–”
Hah? What appeared after she unsheathed it was a needle-like, thin sword. Can you fight with something like that?

“Though the blade is thin you can create it’s blade out of inanimate objects. I should probably show you. Then please look at the fire carefully.”

 She thrust the sword into the fire, but what should happen–


 That thin blade turned into a longsword coated in flames!?

“Like this it turns into a blade with attributes. Besides this, water, earth and air are also possible. It’s restricted to only inanimate things. Moreover, it has to be something that exist somewhere around me and as it requires magical power, the inexperienced me can’t maintain it for long. So I’m mainly using this Zankoutou”

 I see, being able to freely change attributes is indeed strong. Compared to that, this thing’s…

“Ah! Dale! You compared Bell’s magic sword with Absohaze just now, didn’t you?!”

 Tch, she’s sharp.

“Absohaze’s abilities are strong! It’s just that Dale can’t use them!”

“What did you say, you *******! Don’t point your finger towards me! More importantly, it’s impossible to use this cursed sword!”

“It’s not a cursed sword! Absohaze is a holy sword made by the Angels!”

“What do you know?! It could’ve been made by demons!? Gufu!!”

 Erin charged into my solar plexus with her head again…….

“Hey, please calm down you two!”

 I can’t calm down and just ignore–.


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 This…… What? Just when I thought that I saw a low ranking demon flying towards this place, he hit the pot and had his head covered in that soup. For his head to be covered in that, how pitiful.

“Gyaaa! Hooooot! What the hell is thiiis?!”

“Gyaaa! My soup!!”

 Bertra who seemed to have received quite the shock looked pitiful, but how lucky-!
I rather stay hungry than eat that stuff…… Erin pumped her fist. You should do that more secretly.

“Good grief, I was finally able to chase it down…… Hm?”

 Who’s that old man that came out of the mountain’s forest?
 His white hair and beard made him seem like an old man at first glance but he was taller than the current me at about 180cm and that tempered body…… He wouldn’t have such a body if he lived a normal life.

“Could it be, Darryl-sama?”


 Who’s that? He seems to be an acquaintance of Bertra, though.

“Ooh, it was Bertra after all. Long time no see, you have…… not grown any bigger, huh.”

“Where are you looking while saying that?! –Huh? What’s wrong with you two?”

“”Well, who is that?””

 As I thought, he seems to be Bertra’s acquaintance, but neither I nor Erin knows who he is.

“Eeh–!? Are you two serious?! This is Darryl Bold! He was the former king’s bodyguard. My grandfather “Master Swordsman Edgar” and him “Master Fighter Darryl” are known as “Alumgam’s Strongest Pair”, you know?!”

“Ou, nice to meet you”

“”Yes, nice to meet you””

 Even if she emphasizes it like that, I don’t know how I should react.

“Uhm…… Do you really not know him?”

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“”We don’t know him””


 Bertra sat down and grabbed her head……However, I don’t know what I don’t know, so it can’t be helped.

“You don’t know Alumgam’s Strongest Pair, huh? Looks like we’re still not there yet~ Dahahahaha”

“That’s not a laughing matter! It’s only those two who are weird!”

“Oi, oi, don’t talk about people as if they are stupid. Erin aside, I’m a perfect existence, you know?”

“Dale, you don’t have to pick a fight, you know? It takes more to provoke– Rather, don’t ignore me~!”

 I’m curious about that old man’s identity, but…… Seeing that low ranking demon collapsed with a pot on his head, I can’t help but be curious.
I was wondering whether it was the damaged caused by having been sent flying or the damage caused by the soup that made his eyes roll back into his head and made his mouth foam……? If it’s the latter……


Alright! Let’s not think about it. Yeah, let’s do that!


  1. The translation would be Razor Blade of Decapitation or something along those lines, but I’ll keep using Zankoutou
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