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Episode 29 Desire to Live, Stronger than that of a Sprout


Cried the baby dragon in a weak voice. Looking closely, its body was covered in wounds, with some of them even spurting blood. Its situation is pretty bad. If I go away, it will die on its own.

「Is it the「Kukulkan」? You can’t see them often. It is a tribe that is said to be able to manipulate weather and uses wind magic. Its feathers are soft and warm, its meat is a delicacy. This dragon is a wonderful legendary ingredient」

It is a common sense in this world that the dragon’s meat is a delicacy. However, even amongst them, its meat stands out as one of the best. It is said, that it can even heal all sorts of sicknesses.

Its body is covered in green scales, but it will shed them with age. When it sheds its scales, its body becomes red and it grows the soft feathers. It is considered very intelligent amongst the dragon species. A dragon with immense potential. I see, he tried to raise this dragon to become his own power. As expected of the general Karugi, he thought of a frightening thing. Did he get the dragon’s egg from the Juka Mountain Range? I wonder how many soldiers were sacrificed for it to succeed.

「What should we do with this dragon? It is still small, but its meat should still be delicious. It is already good to eat」

As expected, I couldn’t bring myself to just kill and eat it. I do not feel the evil intent from this little dragon. For now, I ill check his status.

Lars (Kukulkan, 6 years old) LV8 Serious Injury
HP: 3/112
MP: 5/81
Wind Magic LV1
Body Strengthening LV1
Flight LV1

He properly has a name. As expected of a child, he didn’t have much in terms of the skills, but it was probably still difficult to obtain him. Still, he barely has any HP and MP. How did he end up in this state?…..While I was thinking that, his HP dropped to 2. He has a serious injury, so his HP will drop with time.

I do not see him as an evil existence, so let’s heal him for now. As a precaution, let’s also create a barrier around me and Gon. With his status, I will be able to instantly kill him if a need arises. I cast the extra heal on the dragon. He was enveloped in the white light and his wounds swiftly recovered.


「He wants water, he says. He is also starving」

I brought out the water right away. I brought out a big pot from the infinite storage and the dragon plunged his neck inside. The next one is food. Usually, dragons can eat most of the things. For now, I took out some bread, fruits, and zenzai. Eat well.

「Gah, gaaaaaa. Gah, guruaaa」

「I’m saved, I thought I’m gonna die, he says」

He breathed out, and, before we noticed, he flapped his wings and floated in the air.

「Gau, guruaaaa」

「Who are you? I will never listen to your orders, is says」

「No, we are the enemies of your enemies. We defeated the enemies and found you. Because you were seriously injured, I fixed you. We aren’t hostile to you. Just, if you are going to hurt the other unrelated people, I will be forced to deal with you」

After Gon’s translation, he relaxed and landed on the ground. Looking closely he is really small. Baby-sized.

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Apparently, the kingdom’s army coincidentally trespassed onto the dragon’s territory. It wouldn’t have been a problem if they left right away, but they kept going deeper. There, they were detected by the dragons, including this one who nearby. The invaders were surprisingly strong and the dragons called for the reinforcements. Using that opening, the army concentrated the attacks on him and shot him down then retreated. Then, he was brought to the army’s headquarters. Still, they invaded the dragon’s territory, caught one and managed to safely retreat. Karugi’s forces are quite something.

He might be a child, but he is still a member of the dragon family. Apparently, he fiercely resisted. Without any food or water, in the state of exhaustion, he stubbornly resisted the orders. By the way, he was ordered to turn around and show his belly. Every day, the soldiers brought a young wyvern to demonstrate the pose. The wyvern received the water and food. They showed it to him for a whole week.

For the last two days, no one came and he was about to reach his limit. Sensing his impending doom, he tried breaking out of the cage. However, he was repelled by the barrier and it wasted all of his power, then, I came.

「You are amazing. I’m impressed. As expected of a dragon」

I honestly praised the dragon. At this point, he cried as if the dam was broken.

I hugged the dragon and went outside, the sun had set already. Irimo is safe. When she saw the dragon, she was scared for a moment, but quickly overcame it. She is a smart horse.

I asked the child dragon about his plans and he said

that he will return to his family in the Juka Mountain Range. [1]


  1. For now, since there were almost no hints about its gender, I hereby declare it as “he”, until further elaboration. 

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