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Episode 28 Don’t Avert Your Eyes from the Smelly Things

I obtained a unicorn pegasus. No, perhaps I should say that we became comrades. Without further ado, let’s check her status. In the process, I checked my own status. My profession changed back to the「Barrier Master」, I’m so glad.

Irimo (Unicorn Pegasus, 4 years old, 12 years old by human standards) LV19
HP: 89
MP: 1003
Barrier Magic LV1
MP Recovery LV1
Presence Detection LV3
Mana Detection LV3
Body Strengthening LV3
Evasion LV1
Liberal Arts LV1
Paralysis Resistance LV3
Poison Resistance LV3
Flight LV2

Ou! MP is nothing to scoff at. She excels in detection abilities, so she is more of a scout. Having no other means of attack, she attacks with her horn, taking advantage of her strong body. If she appears before the opponent, he will probably die. Still, it will be more effective for her to scout the surroundings. Truly a horse for a general.

While I was at it, I also checked Gon’s skills. They were like something like that.

Gon (white fox, 213 years old) LV39
HP: 159
MP: 879
Barrier Magic LV3
Fire Magic LV3
Recovery Magic LV4
Life Magic LV1
Chanting LV3
Appraisal Magic LV4
MP Recovery LV1
Presence Detection LV3
Mana Detection LV3
Liberal Arts LV5
Paralysis Resistance LV2
Poison Resistance LV2
Mental Resistance LV3
Divine Protection LV4
Human Transformation LV2
Covert Action LV5

Did she learn secretly? I guess having covert action is a matter of course in her line of work. Her recovery magic is also high, she would be a nice strategist.

All right, I finally became an ordinary boy from the Great Demon King. There, I decided to return to the capital once. When I brought up this idea, Gon said.

「If we are going to return to the capital, I very much want to visit the army’s headquarters」

Apparently, there is a room in the basement of the headquarters that Karugi used for his hobby, 「monster training」. He seemed to expand the scale recently, and his method of raising them from the hatching could result in a potential disaster. Apparently, if they hatch and escape that place, there might be casualties amongst the people. Having trained a considerable number of wyverns, he succeeded in occupying the royal palace. What if he still had some in store? What is they are even stronger? If you put it this way, it is better to destroy it for good.

For now, I will investigate the map……There it is! One monster reaction. It seems to be still in the basement.

「I investigated, there is one monster in the basement indeed. We should probably deal with it」

「I couldn’t detect it myself. As expected from you」

Ufufu, you are trying to see something you couldn’t possibly see, Gon-kun.

I mounted Irimo. The wings got in the way, but, apparently, they could be folded to the extent that it would be very difficult to discern. I admired their functionality and headed for the capital. Gon was riding on my back with her head on my shoulder. Riding Irimo felt really great. Her body is small, but her speed is impressive. There was also no need to use the reins. If I want her to go right, she goes right, if I want her to go left, she goes left. Truly an excellent horse.

「I want to compliment you on your riding skills. It feels really comfortable」

So that means that the skills taught by Eril aren’t wasted. I was worried whether I was putting the unnecessary burden on Irimo, but it seems that Eril’s teachings weren’t wrong.

I moved for quite some time once I entered the forest, but with Irimo, I got out in about an hour.

I entered the castle through the north gate. The sun was already setting. I need to hurry. The appearance of the Great Demon King yesterday created quite a commotion, so the castle was empty. This is lucky. If Karugi’s monster is strong, we will be able to deal with it without implicating the buildings and the citizens.

We reached the army’s headquarters. The door to the headquarters wasn’t locked, but Karugi’s office was, so I melted it with fire magic. On the other side of the room, there was a hidden staircase leading to the basement. The whole basement was protected by a barrier. It was even enchanted in a way that prevented the detection abilities. The barrier master should be quite skilled, but it should have cost him a lot of mana. Most likely, it is the work of the royal barrier master.

However, it was easy for me to dispel it. Honoring the royal barrier master, I left the concealing function intact and only created a passage inside. Like that, I stepped inside. The monster seems to be on the second level of the basement.

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The first level is a space that was supposed to confine the monsters. A lot of cages were lined up in this frighteningly wide space. For some reason, it was bright here, maybe it was an effect of the barrier. Most likely, he kept his wyverns here. Surprisingly, there was another door here that lead to a prison. Those who committed sins or were simply purged were kept here to become the wyvern’s food.

Finally, I reached the second level. This place stored all kinds of eggs. When I thought of all of them hatching, it gave me the creeps. I incinerated them all.

The monster was in the next room. The door wasn’t locked and I was able to easily enter inside.

I saw a giant cage. For some reason, it wasn’t lit. There was even a barrier around the cage, I touched it and felt a strong electric flow. Just how dangerous is this thing? For now, let’s dispel the barrier.

It’s dim, I can’t see far. I tried creating「Light」to brighten the surroundings. Following that, a heard a voice from deep inside the cage.


I approached and saw a creature that I never expected to see. A baby dragon.

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