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Episode 30 The Dreams About the Future

「Un, it might be impossible for this dragon to return home alone」

「Right. He won’t be able to even cross the forest. Especially at night, it would be suicidal」

I and Gon were of the same opinion. I could understand his feelings, but considering his skills and circumstances, it was close to impossible.

The child dragon is groaning, somehow, I can understand him.

「It’s dark already. Let’s think about this tomorrow. Let’s have dinner. I’m Rinos, the barrier master. If it is okay with you, will you go with us? 」


「Sorry for my previous behavior. My name is Lars, he says」

I hugged Lars, put Gon on my back and left the headquarters. Then, I arrived at the Versam mansion.

I unlocked the barrier around the mansion and let Lars and Gon in. Irimo hesitated and didn’t wish to enter. Having no other choice, I created a simple stable with earth magic right outside the gate. She was delighted when I brought her some water and carrots. Seeing her like that, I got relieved.

I returned inside and headed for the kitchen. It seems that Lars and Gon are talking about something. [1]

Well then, what should I make? There are plenty of potatoes inside my infinite storage. Let’s use them and make the croquettes.

I put the water and potatoes in the pot, then, and a pinch of salt. I also want to store some for the future, so let’s make a lot. For now, let’s chop the onions. I fried them and added the salt and pepper. With this, the inner part should be ready. [2]

The potatoes are about to be done. I increased the temperature with fire magic. With this temperature, they should be done rather nicely. I crushed them with a big fork and added the salt and pepper.

I used water and wind magic to cool them down. Meanwhile, I put the oil on fire, break the eggs and mold them into the oval shape. One after another. I created the breadcrumbs and bathed them in the eggs, adding the wheat into the mix.

Then, I put them in the oil. Very fragrant smell. While croquettes were frying, I brought up the vegetables intending to make a salad. [3]

After a while, a big amount of croquettes was finally ready. Together with the salad and bread, it should make for a nice dinner.

Gon and Lars were eating with a relish. Lars ate just a while ago, but he didn’t hold back. Apparently, they found it quite delicious. I tried some myself, those are indeed some delicious croquettes. Together with bread, their taste was further amplified.

I used the zenzai as a dessert. With this, it was all gone. I need to make it again.

All right, now, let’s talk about our plans. Lars said that he definitely wants to return to his comrades. I and Gon are in support of his idea. We don’t have anything urgent to do, there is also the boring empty capital. Such are our present circumstances. While hunting on the way, let’s escort Lars home. If it ends up being a bad idea, let’s think about it then. The capital is pretty much destroyed, but there are other cities in the Juka Kingdom. It should be fine going there. Depending on the circumstances, I can also cross the mountains and go to the Hideta Empire. Let’s think about it when we reach the Juka Mountain.

I shared my thoughts with Gon.

「Let’s see. I agree with your proposal. I will tell Lars right away」

Gugugugu and kyukyu, Gon talked with Lars. I wondered if those cries would work, but apparently, they did. Lars nodded. While shedding tears, Lars flapped in my direction. Such a crybaby.


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「Make sweet stuff again, he says」

All right, all right. I have a lot of things with me, let’s make something new next time. Wait, when did I become their personal cook?

Before I noticed, Lars was already sleeping. His sleeping face is rather cute. No wonder, he just escaped from the cage, it might be the first time he was able to sleep peacefully.


…..He is sleep talking. When I asked Gon

「……Mama, mama, he says」

I hugged Lars for a while. I wonder how my mother from the previous life is right now. It is nice to be you, you have a mother. I decided to definitely return this dragon home.

All rooms with proper beds are no more, so we have to sleep in the dining room. I put a sheet on the table and laid on it. I piled up multiple sheets for some comfort. Gon slept on the pillow on the sofa. This is an expensive thing, you know? Such a prodigious fellow.

I slept with Lars in my embrace. Because I didn’t want to get hurt by the scales, I put a barrier around myself and entered the dreamland.

… That night I had a dream.

Versam family, my usual bed. Oh, it seems I overslept a little. I changed into my usual butler clothes.

I need to swiftly wash my face and greet the Master.

I left the room and a maid said「Hurry up, Rinos」while I was passing by. Yes, I understand, sorry. Then, I got downstairs.

When I entered the hall, Elsa-sama and Eril stood there side by side. Master, my lady, good morning. You are pretty early today, my lady. Did something happen?

Following that, the door to the hall opened and Falco showed up. My grumpy teacher was in a good mood for some reason. How rare. To my surprise, his highness and marquis Versam followed after him. Mm? Do we have some kind of party today?


Suddenly, I heard Elsa-sama’s voice.

「Yes, Master」

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「Good work. I thought of saying the words of gratitude. Truly, a good work」

I’m not worthy. I thought that I didn’t deserve it and lowered my head.

「I never expected for you to become this strong. As expected of my disciple」

「He will be fine as he is right now. You have done enough. I’m grateful, Rinos-dono」

「As the head of the Versam family, I’m grateful from the depths of my heart. Thank you」

What’s wrong, everyone? If I remember correctly….Karugi, kingdom’s army, dragon…..? What?

「Rinos, you can live as you want from now on」

It can’t be, Master.


I heard Eril’s voice.

「Thank you for putting up with my whims. I’m glad I met you」

Eril stood there, full of smiles. Oi, Eril, don’t make such a face. Narrow your eyes and talk to me like usual!

「Time is up. It is about the time for us to depart」

Everyone goes outside. Maids followed after them. Aren’t you going to take me with you?

Suddenly, Eril turned back and

「Do not forget about me. Because I will never forget about you」

Eril disappeared inside the light. When I looked outside, there was no one there. Where did they go? Master! Marquis! Teacher! Your highness! Lady!….Eril!!

I woke up. It was still dark outside.

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I got up and wobbled to the kitchen. I prepared a large pot and started making the zenzai. With my whole heart.

Very soon, it was finished. Delicious. Truly delicious. A masterpiece.

As if hugging the whole pot, I went out with it. It seems that Irimo is still sleeping.

The steam rose into the sky. I looked towards it and put my hands together.

「My lady, this is the zenzai you wanted to taste. Please eat your fill. Master, marquis, teacher, your highness, please join. I won’t forget about you. Thank you for everything you did for me. And Eril, I will never forget about you」

A surprisingly beautiful sunrise lit up the surroundings.


  1. We are reading JP Novel, of course, we need to cook. 
  2. I’m not sure about the last sentences. 
  3. I officially proclaim, cooking is the hardest part to translate, such a mystery. Maybe it is because I am not related to cooking in reality, I have no idea what I just wrote. 

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